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  How it works?
Three easy steps
to find a grade in the database and get information on it and its equivalents

It is very easy to find a grade you need in the database and get information on it and its foreign equivalents.

Step 1
You select a grade typing its designation character-by-character in the locator field under the left list-box of grades.

Step 2
You select a grade you need in the right list-box, which shows all grades of the selected designation with references to countries and standards. At that information on the highlighted grade is displayed in the right bottom part.

Step 3
You click the Equivalents tab to find a list of world equivalents of the grade you need.

At that you can compare the sample grade and its selected equivalent both in table and graphic form.

Do you need more information or wish to test the software yourself?

Just to download WinAlloy 8 Powered Demo, install it on your PC and taste the software.

Notice that WinAlloy 8 Powered Demo is a normal software version with reduced database. At that the full list of grades including in WinAlloy 8 full version you'll find in a separate window.

Operating with WinAlloy 8 Powered Demo you'll have possibility to repeat the three easy steps described above as well as to test other software features. Comprehensive Manual and context Help will help you.

WinAlloy 8 Powered Demo
WinAlloy 8 Manual
Click the diskette to download 


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