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27 Years in Information and Software Market

Quantor Ltd. company was established in April 1991 by the team of metallurgists, forging experts and computer specialists formerly employed in Moscow Steel and Alloy Institute. The main field of company's activity is to provide our users with state-of-the art metal forming simulation software and advanced information software (databases) on steel and metals. The company consisted of two Departments: Department of Forging Simulation and Department of Information Software. In November 2001 the Department of Information Software was reorganized to Quantor-Soft Metal independent company. In December 2010 the Quantor-Soft Metall change d its name to the MetalData.Info
Our main products are:

WinSteel - International Translator of Steel Grades. WinSteel is our first program first version of which was developed at the end of 1991. Now WinSteel, ver. 9.0 is available. Since 1991 the total number of steel grades included in the WinSteel database is increased in more than ten times.

WinPlant - Automated Directory of Steel and Non-Ferrous Plants. The first version of WinPlant, which was issued in January 1996, contained data on 70 CIS steel mills produced flat and long products only. Now WinPlant version 9.0 is available. WinPlant, consists of two parts:
  • WinPlant. BLACK contains data on more than 500 CIS steel works produce iron, steel billets, flat and long products, tubes & pipes, wire, forgings, roll-formed profiles;
  • WinPlant. RED with information on more then 300 CIS manufacturers of non-ferrous products: ingots, pigs and concast billets, flat products, extruded and drawn long products, tubes, wire, roll-formed profiles, forgings.

    WinAlloy - International Translator of Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys. First version of WinAlloy was developed in May 1999. In March 2018 we have issued version 9.0 with extensively updated and extended database.

    Customer service and support has always been given a high priority by MetalData.Info. The software come with comprehensive and clear manuals. We regularly update WinSteel, WinAlloy, WinPlant. BLACK and WinPlant.RED databases and issue new software releases every three months.

    The maintenance includes:

  • new software releases during the warranty period of 12 months quarterly;
  • hot line support;
  • free access to our online solutions during the warranty period.

  • After completion of the warranty period users can subscribe to the Annual Support Service or purchase upgrades on the lowest price.

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