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  Up-to-date information on steel products manufactured by CIS mills

WinPlant. BLACK
Automated Directory of Steel Plants

The most full source of information on Russian and Ukrainian steel mills

WinPlant. BLACK includes:
  • The largest database covering more than 560 plants in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.
  • Great search system, which enables to find manufactures of steel products you need in seconds.

WinPlant. BLACK will help you:
  • to get detailed information on CIS steel plants and ranges of their products;
  • to find mills, which produce steel products you need;
  • to get inquiry information on Russian steel grades and Russian standards.

Manufacturers Database

WinPlant. BLACK database includes information on more than 560 plants and managing companies of CIS and neighbouring countries, which produce:

  • cast and steelmaking iron,
  • steel ingots and concast billets,
  • flat products,
  • rolled and extruded long products,
  • tubes and pipes,
  • wire,
  • roll-formed profiles,
  • forgings,
  • wheels, tyres, rings.
List of plants included in WinPlant. BLACK database, covers mills, which are situated in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Baltic States as well as mills of some foreign countries. You'll find full list of the mills here.

Information on each plant includes:
  • address, contact phones and faxes of main departments, E-mail addresses, Web-site;
  • list of main plant product traders and their contact data;
  • list of main process equipment;
  • detailed information on products with references to standards on assortment and specifications, with indication of steel grades and main dimensions.

WinPlant. BLACK database is updated quarterly. Every quarter we add new plants in the database and update information on equipment, ranges of products as well as on contact data of plants included in the database earlier. All our users have possibility to update the software online.

Do you wish to know about the last WinPlant. BLACK data update? If yes, click here.

If you don't need such detailed information on CIS steel mills please draw your attention to our cheaper product CIS Steel and Non-Ferrous Producers Directory

Manufacturers Search System

Software Features:

  • Ability to find mills manufacturing steel products you need.
  • Additional information on any mill: address, contact phones, faxes, list of installed equipment.
  • Ability to get detailed information on products manufactured by any mill.
  • Reference information on Russian steel grades and present-time standards.

Your Benefits:

  • You save your time as searching for manufactures of steel products you need, will take seconds;
  • You can be ensure that the most complete and up-to-date database of CIS steel plants, is in your PC;
  • You can print results of your search namely information on mills and their ranges of products as well as to save these data in TXT, XLS or HTML files to use in other applications.

The ways of search:

The search for information on manufactures of steel products is performed by following parameters:
  • type of product,
  • standard (GOST's, TU or foreign) on assortment and specifications,
  • steel grades,
  • base dimensions of the product.
The search will be carried out among all plants included in the database, among the plants situated at the chosen region or among the plants selected by User.

Three ways to taste WinPlant. BLACK software and database:


Since 1996 we have more than 880 WinPlant. BLACK users in Russia and other CIS countries, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Turkey, Slovak Republic, Estonia, Korea, Iran, Latvia, Poland and other countries.

List of some our users and their comments you'll find here.

On which PCs WinPlant. BLACK works?

It is possible to operate with WinPlant. BLACK:
  • on all type PCs and under terminal service,
  • under all Windows versions including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,
    Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well as under Linux (Wine).
You'll easily install WinPlant. BLACK on your PC yourself using our Manual.

"We really appreciate very much your software, since same is of very good help for us and wish you further success in your work"

Georgi Georgiev,
Unicorn Industries Pte. Ltd., Singapore

WinPlant. BLACK Supply

With your WinPlant. BLACK software purchase you receive:

  • Unlimited license to use the software on your PC or in your network.
  • Comprehensive printed Manual.
  • Our technical and information support during the warrannty period of 12 months.
  • New software data updates every quarter during the warrannty period.
  • Ability to keep our support and to receive the software data updates for 2nd and next years by subscription
    to our Annual Support Service.
  • Discounts for purchasing of other products of our company.
The delivery set includes CD-ROM with the software, printed Manual and USB Security Device, which is used for illegal copy protection. The software is delivered worldwide by courier mail (UPS). Cost of the delivery is included in the price.

It is possible to subscribe for the software for limited time. Click here to see details and costs of the subscription

How much it costs:

 For Single PC 
 2 - 5 users 
 6 - 10 users 
WinPlant. BLACK, ver. 4.0
includes 3 additionla quarter data updates
and our support during 1st year
€390 / $530
€590 / $795
€790 / $1060

Click here to know
  • costs of subscription for Annual Support Service for 2nd and next years;
  • costs of upgrade from old software versions to the current ones;
  • costs of postal delivery of the quarter data updates.

  • If you wish to have full and up-to-date database of CIS steel manufacturers and their products on your PC
  • If you don't want to rummage dozens brochures and catalogues or to spend hours of your time in Internet
  • If you want to find CIS producers of steel products you need in seconds

  • Just click here and order WinPlant. BLACK online!

    If you have any questions you can call +7 495 989 70 21 or e-mail inform@metaldata.info us.

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