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  • Give me please composition of any world steel or alloy.
  • I need information on properties of a product of any world steel grade.
  • Which world steel grade has properties values I need?
  • Please help me to find a grade designation by known chemical composition.
  • Who in CIS produces steel or metal products I need?

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16.01.2018 Chemical compositon and physical properties of m5n7?
16.01.2018 What are the physical and chemical properties of JSC440W
05.01.2018 1.Chemical Composition of Q235, Q235B, Q345B
2.Equivalent material of Q235, Q235B, Q345B in indian standard
02.01.2018 Please let us know Equavalent ASTM grade or any other material for BS 970 Gr. EN11 C
21.12.2017 For Russian 100/200 MW Turbines, specifications for Flat Springs 1.5 mm, are material XH35BT, as per Russian Gost. The availability and procurement of this material is very difficult. We want to know if flat Springs manufactured out of Nimonic 90, sheet duly Heat Treated shall work in its place. We have gone through specifications of Nimonic 90, and have checked the Steam Turbines of other makes, which specify Nimonic 90 for the application.
21.12.2017 - looking for make up of these materials S45S2, S40L2
- Equivalent to S45S2, S40L2
08.12.2017 I am looking for following GOST equivalent Grades in ASTM/ASME/IS:
4.AMg6 PK18428
07.12.2017 looking for BS equivalent to C6241BF ( japanese )
06.12.2017 I am looking for a equivalent steel grade to substitue for steel casting BS3100 gr A2. it is a bearing housing component and needs immediate replacement.
05.12.2017 DENSITY OF B4B33A STEEL
04.12.2017 what is the ASTM equivalent material to 15121.5
29.11.2017 Steel Grade 45 x 1, GOST B10230-75 and its equivalent / alternate steel in may please be intimated.28.10.2017
23.11.2017 Could you check regarding pipe and pipe fittings material X10CrMoVNb 9-10 must be equivalent to material P91. P91 is a specification according to ASME. I expect to sign an order for pipes and pipe fittings from P91 for local Thermal Power Station. In Europe specification is X10CrMoVNb 9-10. I will order pipes and pipe fittings from China where they work according to ASME specification (P91).
I expect your comments URGENTLY
20.11.2017 I am looking for the EN standards equivalent to ROLDAMAX- ACX-339 AISI 316L
18.11.2017 I need a indian grades as well as DIN standard grade for SPPS38-M1 and SM20C-M1 materials.
15.11.2017 AISI equivalent for BSS J110 (H0U0126600)
08.11.2017 What is the Chinese equivalent material grade to Russian steel grade K52
07.11.2017 945M38 steel equivalent
07.11.2017 what is the equivalent indian standard material for DIN17162
31.10.2017 We want to know Coversion of GOST Standards into Indian Standards like EN8, EN9 and also we want to know GOST Standards Chemical Composition
31.10.2017 lease do you know what is Russian analog steel grade for S420 G2 steel grade
27.10.2017 hat is the chemical composition of russian steels AB2, D40S and 10XSND and its AISI equivalance ?
25.10.2017 What is the difference between EN9 and 10.9 Grade steel.
19.10.2017 Please could you let me know what the modern equivalent of BS 592 Grades A & B are.
I think it may be BS3100 Grades A1 & A2.
Is this correct, please?
19.10.2017 GOST B 10230-75
19.10.2017 CAN 12L14 BE USED IN PLACE OF BRITISH STEEL BS 970 220 MO7 ?
12.10.2017 Can you help me with approximate Chromium content in 9HS74 steel? I tried searching and came up with two different compositions. I guess this being propitiatory alloy, chemical composition is not freely available. I need this information to categorize this steel under BISRA tables. Is it a low alloy steel (alloying elements excluding C < 4%) or high alloy steel (alloying elements excluding C > 4%)?
10.10.2017 Equivalent of S45S2 and S40L2
10.10.2017 What is different between 20MnCr5 & 21MnCr5 Alloy Steel.What are its application?Both Alloy steel have same properties?What are its equivalent grade? send me both alloy steel complete details. Thanks
06.10.2017 What is the ASTM or EN equivalent to ГОСТ 14637-89 and ГОСТ 22727 and ГОСТ 1577-93?
05.10.2017 11SMnPb30+c material composition ? and what is the india name of this material?
for this i got the answer is En1AL is that right or wrong?

ETG 88 material composition of this grade and what is the indian name of this grade /

Kindly inform us as soon as faster.
04.10.2017 what is Indian Equivalent Raw Material grade for DIN EN 10263 - 2 C 15 C
29.09.2017 What is the Australian equivalent grade for SAPH440 weldable mild steel.
Thank you for your assistance.
28.09.2017 JCS270C (HESC052) material equivalent
22.09.2017 What are the equivalent Indian steel material grade to suit the Caterpillar 1E0065 super heavy steel plates
22.09.2017 Hello Sir,
Will you please support us to Identify the equivalent Indian material grade for 1E0065 ???
15.09.2017 Hi, I'm looking for SSW-Q1 equivalent grade of material. Would appreciate fast replies, thank you
07.09.2017 Hellow every one.
How i convert the Medium carbon steel in to BS1768 ?
BS1768 is a mechanical stander of the material?
Please help me on this question thanks
06.09.2017 Please advice the equivalent round bar to use for VRN400 plate.
I need to turn a camshaft for a Guillotine and the material used is VRN400 plate. It is to exspensive to order a full sheet of which I will only use .600x.600mm.
06.09.2017 I can’t find a match for the following composition. ±Cu 65% Pb 0.62, Zn 11% Fe 1.7% Ni 10% & Al 9% Si 0.6%. Material may be called “Minox”. It might be used for glass bottle mouldings?
01.09.2017 What is the European equivalent to 15V24
31.08.2017 hi
Please tell me what is the ideal electrode for welding with GS-20Mn5shaped piece?
25.08.2017 I am looking for following GOST standard equivalent in India or ASME standard
16 GOST 4784-74
Baize/Cloth GOST 29298-92
10 GOST 8240-89
St.3 GOST 380-94
10 GOST 8240-89
8 GOST 8240-89
St.3 GOST 380-94
Sheet St3. GOST 380-94
20 GOST 8733-74
Sheet St3. GOST 380-94
20 GOST 1050-88
20 GOST 8733-87
20 GOST 8733-87
St.3 GOST 535-88
Sheet St3. GOST 380-94
GOST 8733-87
20 GOST 1050-88
St.3 GOST 14637-79
St.3 GOST 380-71
St.3 GOST 14637-79
Bronze GOST 493-79
St.3 GOST 380-71
Steel 45 GOST 1050-74
Sheet 20 GOST 1050-74
Round 20 GOST 1050-74
Bronze GOST 493-54
looking forward for your quick response please.
22.08.2017 We need the equivalent SAe, AiSi, Din For JIS S40VC, his chemical composition and mechanical propertyes
21.08.2017 I wanted to buy the Plate with Grade AISI 4110 to make the Cutter Dredger but the Seller offer me China Grade S275JR , its same Grade ? or what is your recommendation for Tell to make the Dredger Cutter
21.08.2017 a48m3s steel equivalent number and new designation
14.08.2017 For the demolition of a old bridge we need to know the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the old steel qualities QMC37SM and QMC37 (weldable). Do you have info about these qualities?
10.08.2017 We need EN equivalent of SWCH 10A or a close substitute.
Chemical composition(%)
C 0.08-0.13
Si ≤0.10
Mn 0.30-0.60
P ≤0.030
S ≤0.035
Al ≥0.02
10.08.2017 What is the JIS equivalent to SPS60?
08.08.2017 What is material wit name Alfr. AF41n and Alfr. AF41n Monel ?
03.08.2017 which grade AISI indian standard quivalent to 65mn spring steel wire chineese standard
31.07.2017 Hello,Im looking for a steel what name is 80crnimo8 + QT
Thanks for help!
31.07.2017 can we use EN8D material (round bar) instead of aisi4140 in hot forging operation to make 8.8 grade bolts???
27.07.2017 What does mean SP120 steel?
26.07.2017 - What are the specification of CT3cn-20 Steel Billets ?
- What is the difference between 3SP/PS and 4SP/PS grade of Billets?
17.07.2017 Please send the Chemical, Mechanical & Physical properties as per GOST TY 14-1-2139-77 & Material Code 18X13H3.
14.07.2017 What is CME 9 symbol 7 steel?
12.07.2017 Difference between St3sp and St3sp-5 steel grades?
10.07.2017 HI,
I would like to ask about the weld ability of materials.
GS-20Mn5 DIN17182, 1.1120 what kind of welding wire is recommended to prevent the center cracking of the welding beam
07.07.2017 EMS 55 EQUIVALENT
06.07.2017 ASTM flatness standard for SCGA 1180 DUB-45?
05.07.2017 Dear Sir,
Good Day !
Is BS4449 B500B equivalent to s275JR or Mild steel - commercial grade ?
05.07.2017 I am looking for some data on the abovementioned steel grade, I did find the BS 1449 – CS2 grade, do you perhaps know if there is something defferent with the SP grade.
03.07.2017 Ref.: Creusabro 4800.
What is the nearest ASTM and/or DIN and/or EN equivalentI need all the parameters for performing ASME Procedure and Weldersqualification, such as P.nr and F.nr.
03.07.2017 I want to get the equivalent material standard in DIN/BS for the foolwing
1.21631-76 sheet AMg6.BM3,sheey AMTsM5,sheet Ts2-0.8,AMTsM-6,AMg6.BM2
2.4784-97 aluminium alloy AMg6
3.TY-48-21-453-79 Foil AMTsM-0.15 ,0.3
4.TY-1-9-1043-85 Sheet Ts2-0.8
5 13843-78 wire rolled II,III AKLP-PT-5E-14
6.18482-79 pipe AMg6M48x3; pipe AMg6M.KP-48x3
7. 17232-99 plate AMg6B-14
8. 13726-97 band AMTsM 0.3
9. 21488-97 Bar AMg6.KP-10
10. 8617-81 profile AMg6 PK 18428
11. 503-81 band 10-M-3-0.5x9
12. 1050-88 steel 20
13.16523-97 steel 10KP
14 5632-72 steel 12x18H10T
15. 4543-71 steel 38XC
28.06.2017 What group does ASTM A656 Grade 80 fall into according to ISO 15608 :2013
28.06.2017 2.30-2.47 ASTM A 506, SAE 8620, CRS

1.40-1.60 , SAE J403, GRADE 1018 AL KILLED, CRS
QTY.: 1
Size: Dia.80 x 500
26.06.2017 I want equivalent material grade of below material grade
26.06.2017 I can you suggest equivalent material to z160cdv12 used in forming TOOL die
23.06.2017 Need specification of material, JSH 270 CN-P
21.06.2017 sir,what is IS 2062 GR 1 material or alternative mat sheet 5 GOST 19903-74/10 kn-TB1-M1-TO GOST 15577-93.AND PLE REFERENCE SUPPLIER NAME ADDREES
20.06.2017 Alternative material for SWCH11A
16.06.2017 What is the thermal conductivity of EN30B steels at 100 degrees Celsius
15.06.2017 What is Nominal duty cycle to European rules EN 0580:75% regarding magnet ?
Thank You
14.06.2017 What is U.S. equivalent to steel grade DC04 to Q / BQB 403
02.06.2017 Hi dear
Please let me know what is the difference between a1008 and A36 and st37?
01.06.2017 What is the UK equivalent of EN25T?
29.05.2017 what is the equivalent material for ST 52
26.05.2017 chemical composition of 40 GOST 977-75
25.05.2017 St530TS equivalent?
25.05.2017 Please reply with the yield strength and tensile strength of alloy
24.05.2017 What is the American Standard equivalent to South African Steel w300?
24.05.2017 We need to do some repairs on a Liebherr excavator, but the only info we get about the steel plates used is an internal Liebherr number(LH 380). Can you provide me with a standard number according to yield strength ,tensile strength and density.
Yield strength > 380 Mpa
Tensile strength 500 - 640 Mpa
Density : 7,84 g/cm3

Thanks very much to whom can provide me with this information.
Any standard will do, as long as it is an international one
24.05.2017 F127 EQUIVALENT GRADE
19.05.2017 Could you please send me the ASME code equivalence to Q245R Steel plates. Thanks.
19.05.2017 What is the Thermal Conductivity of SAPH400?
18.05.2017 Hello
I am looking for 38NCD4 steel What type is it and how can I get a specification sheet on this item
17.05.2017 can i use 18xrnimo6 material insted of 18crnimo5 to make forging rolls ?
05.05.2017 can P265GH material be replaced by EN8 material? as the quantity is less we are not able to replace it by IS:2002 material which is the direct equivalent.
27.04.2017 what is the SAE/AISI equivalent to 17CrNiMo6?
27.04.2017 dear sir i nead zg32mnmo chemical composition and properties and uses can i thread in a armorer tank buffer bracket body
27.04.2017 I have a material cert that states 304L Stainless Steel (UPM 304L/304/302 LCS). What does the UPM etc. mean? It is followed by a series of different ASM and ASTM specs including ASTM-A-666-10.
26.04.2017 What is MS.50002 Steel. What is MS.50002-IFC280Y380T. Does it have any other equivalent?
26.04.2017 Please Let me know the USA equivalent of C4C material from Europe
26.04.2017 dear sir i nead equal material zg32mnmo or aisi grad means nearest material
24.04.2017 what is the astm equivalent of s235jr+n ?
21.04.2017 Please advise if steels CF8, 316 and 316L are weldable to steel 12X18H10T.
I need your reply URGENTLY.
21.04.2017 What is the difference between A1008 steel and C1008 steel ?
19.04.2017 Can you help me to find out any equivalent material of JSC270CC and S10C.
Also want to know world wide standard for the above 2 material standard.
17.04.2017 aluminium M5N7
12.04.2017 Alternative grade for J-55 Grade
12.04.2017 Alternative grade for k-55 Grade
11.04.2017 What is the micro structure of 09G2S (GOST 5520-79) grade steel? What are the effects of the alloying elements on it's properties?
10.04.2017 low carbon steel specification and mechanical properties and its en difference grades
06.04.2017 we need cross referrance of CHINES GRADES(DB) VS AST.AISI, SAE Under given below.
Hoping for help in this regard.
05.04.2017 i required 39nicrmo3b. It is equivalent to EN24 or not..??? If it is not then what is equivalent grade..??/
03.04.2017 what is the difference between 44w and 300w steel plate
31.03.2017 What steel grade has property values closest to A516, is it A513 or A519?
30.03.2017 What material is BH54M?
24.03.2017 please suggest Russian : 09g2s steel equivalent to Indian material ?
20.03.2017 What equivalent 23MnB4 8.8 to JIS standard?
20.03.2017 I need comparison between DIN and GOST steel sections.
20.03.2017 what is the approx. astm or en equivalent to ThyssenKrupp material xabo 500 Material no. 1.8829 & xabo 500T material no. 1.8839?
17.03.2017 What is material SSW-Q1R equivalent to ASTM, DIN, EN ?
13.03.2017 Dear sir,
Please send me the Equivalent Grade for the following Steels and Manufacturers as well as Distributors address.
1. 30CrNiMo
2. St15
3. St20
4. St30
5. St35
6. St40
7. St45
8. St50
9. C8
10. 90MnCrV8

Appreciating to your quick response.
03.03.2017 What are the differences between 12L14 and Q235A steel
02.03.2017 k materiálu Steel coil JS-SPFH590 prosím o ekvivalent čsn
01.03.2017 EN material specification for S123JRG2
27.02.2017 I need information on: CR-340-410-LA-S-GI60/60-U. I am trying to build an IMDS report and don't know how to search it.
Thank you
27.02.2017 Let me know equivalent material standard for 65mn steel.
21.02.2017 Do you have steel in Fe42B with Thickness 1.5mm?
13.02.2017 Can i use wps for 355JR TO 275JR material.If not why?
06.02.2017 we can replacement material ASTM355J2 BY ASTM355JR,and if we can whats the test required and the number of tests.
02.02.2017 Wire 5.2-11-66-20 TY 3-80-80,
Steel 380 C GOST 4543-71
02.02.2017 We are in need of “ЭU612 TУ72-58” grade “XH35BT” 1.5 mm sheet material, please let us know the chemical composition and stockists, suppliers of XH35BT sheet,
We need only 50 or 100 kgs of above sheet, so please let us know any stockists or retail sellers of this material any where in Russia or Ukraine.
We sincerely request you to please help us to source this material in sheet form who can supply in small quantities. Also let us know the complete heat treatment procedure to be done after punching.
01.02.2017 What is the Indian equivalent for Gost 4784 AMn6 alliminum alloy
30.01.2017 What is the equivalent of ASTM A 307 Grade B in GOST
26.01.2017 I need the american steel grade description for:
26.01.2017 May I know what kind of material is PhCu R5190H? Is there a JIS standard equivalent to this one? please advise.
23.01.2017 Must10B21 be hardened to achieve class 8.8, or is it equivalent is supplied?
23.01.2017 What is the Chinese equivalent Grade to Grade S275 for HR Coil Steel?
20.01.2017 I need the european equivalents for ASTM A 992 GRADE 50, ASTM A36, ASTM 572 GRADE 50.
Can you please provide them?
Thank you.
18.01.2017 Is China Q345 steel tube the same as ASTM A500 STEEL.
16.01.2017 ASTM EQUIVALENT FOR EN 10149-2 GRADE 650 (SSAB DOMEX 650)
13.01.2017 steel with composition: 1.7Cr, .95Mn, .46Mo, .44Si
13.01.2017 ASTM equivalent of 5000 /0103 steel plate ( JCB spec)
13.01.2017 Trying to locate an appropriate high tensile steel material that satisfies 2 properties:
Has a Brinell hardness between 350 - 390
Has a tensile strength of 176,000 psi
12.01.2017 we would like to request information for bellow
1. please tell me chemical composition for material SCGA270D
2. what is the equivalent for material SCGA270D in product JFE steel cooperation ?...
11.01.2017 I would like to know if material s235j2 is equivalent to swrch18a ?
11.01.2017 what is the chemistry and united states equivalent of mn17 (a European tool steel spec ??)
11.01.2017 Could you provide the properties of A43 steel? The research I have done suggests that it is essentially unrefined "pig iron" steel. I need to understand particularly the % elongation. The yield strength and any applicable wear properties would also be helpful. Thanks!
10.01.2017 Please describe to me the steel that is required for the following specification. What is it? Thx
Grade CR-340-410-LA-S-GI60/60-U per TM-2011 [Steel] (1.5mm Thickness)
10.01.2017 I have a material cert that states 304L Stainless Steel (UPM 304L/304/302 LCS). What does the UPM etc. mean? It is followed by a series of different ASM and ASTM specs including ASTM-A-666-10.
Thanks for your help.
10.01.2017 what is B8A30N steel, used by General Electric?
10.01.2017 Equivalent indian standared material for F522 steel
09.01.2017 Composition of 27% chrome and designation
06.01.2017 Equivalent grade of USA steel for JIS SS000P?
06.01.2017 I NEED THE Chemistry for 50B35 SKFG STEEL
26.12.2016 is it possbile to cold forge S43C material
22.12.2016 Flower pattern hot rolled metal shhet manufacturer from Turkey?
20.12.2016 What is M44409 material?
12.12.2016 ci casting FG32
09.12.2016 How do A1S14330V compare to Round WHS-130 (4325m) and what are the South African equivalents for these
09.12.2016 I am looking for MS 4361 steel composition or equivilant
07.12.2016 We need details about nitro tech process,and which type furnace used for nitro tech
06.12.2016 steel structure company in Australia for installation
02.12.2016 I would like to know the equivalent Chinese steel standard for ASTM A572 GR. 60 and ASTM A656 GR. 80 steels. Thank you very much in advance for any help.
28.11.2016 AS/NZS 3678 Grade 250 need to know EN grade number and EN 15608 group number?
24.11.2016 What is the equivalent material of B4A8B2
21.11.2016 What is the equivalent material as per IS Standard for 51X ⌀ A asper GOST 14969-79
16.11.2016 Where can I source chemical and mechanical properties of 10CrSiM0V7?
14.11.2016 What are the physical properties and the equivalent american standard for the following steels: P245NB ,P265NB,AND S235JRG2
14.11.2016 Dear Sir,
Wee are looking for the answer of this question :
Can you tell me which is the actual equivalent of the OLD steels BH54M ?
Thank you for your answer.
Best regards
14.11.2016 hi, have to repair some parts (propeller hub) made in aluminium AK-6 ( 15 years old). What can be used instead of AK-6
11.11.2016 I am looking for subzero charpy data on ASTM A1011 Grade 50. Can anyone help?
Thank You.
11.11.2016 Which steel is material type BSS15/61?
09.11.2016 what is equivalent grade (american / BS/france) material to Russian AK6 Aluminium alloy material.
07.11.2016 could you please help me?.
I am looking for an american equivalent properties for P 245 NB steel
04.11.2016 What material is CV18W?
03.11.2016 What is the chemical analysis of bronze alloy with the propitiatory name ALMBZ180.
Thanking you in advance,
27.10.2016 ZG270-500 equivalent material as per Indian standard
26.10.2016 what is the cast equivalent of CME 9 ??
26.10.2016 Your work include NES standard?
23.10.2016 What is EN S275JR equivalent of ASME Section II material?
21.10.2016 SP152-440 bq - equivalent
20.10.2016 Hi, could you please help me?. I am looking for an american equivalent (ANSI, SAE, ASTM, etc.) of SPH440, SPH270C and SAPH44O, I guess they are from japanese standard JIS.
19.10.2016 Could you please help me, I need mechanical properties, chemical composition and equivalent to ANSI, SAE, etc., lf SPH440 and SPH270C steels.
Thanks in advance for your help.
17.10.2016 Hi!
What is Russian GOST analog DIN EH36?
03.10.2016 Indian standard for A2 grade tool steel
29.09.2016 I have a piece of equipment that was purchased from an Italian company in 1992. The drawing says it is made of UNI 7230-73 steel. Please tell me the key aspects (chemical composition, and tensile requirements if any) of the UNI7230-73 specification, and which (currently valid) ASTM grade is most similar.
29.09.2016 Our blueprints call out SAE 1008-1020. Our supplier is saying that SWRCH10A is the same thing, but we have no way to prove that. How can I find a cross-reference sheet to tell me if it is comparable?
28.09.2016 what is the sae equivalent of FEE 340ZNT F 2 S
28.09.2016 Dear , sir
What about if we use 18CrNiMo6-7 by (Din) , but original Steel 18NiCrMo5 by (Uni) , to production set gear pinion 150mm out side * tall 1000mm with weel out side 7500
28.09.2016 Is 4130 Normalized, quenched and tempered equivalent to GS-21Mn5V?
23.09.2016 Dear sir I need information about 38xc steel hardening and tempering temperature
20.09.2016 Does material certified to ASTM A36 also meet the requirements of ASME SA36?
19.09.2016 Can you define the difference between SAE 1008 CRS DQ SK steel NS ASTM A1008 DDS?
15.09.2016 equilant for ghost 4784-74
15.09.2016 what is the Chinese equivalent grade to SAE 1008 CRS DQ SK
what is the American equivalent to Q/BQB 403-2009 DC04 FB D PT.A-PW. A-PF.A
12.09.2016 What is CME 9 Symbol 7 steel or what is the equivalent?
09.09.2016 What is the equavalent of SAEJ2340 420 XF?
08.09.2016 ASTM A 668 Class D, equivalent in GOST norm
06.09.2016 Please give me the ASME material equivalent to CV18W
02.09.2016 Thank you for the information.
However I have a concern………does the material thickness have any effect on the alternative material comparison. I ask because I sent to one of our material suppliers and they responded that ASTM A1018 is applicable to materials in excess of 0.230” (5.84mm).
Can you confirm, please?
01.09.2016 We are trying to find an alternative solution (ASTM, SAE or AISI) for Material Spec JSH270CN-P
01.09.2016 What is the north american steel equivalent of the 9s20K ? I found A12 for 9s20 but I didn't find the equivalent for 9s20K. What does the ''K'' mean ?
01.09.2016 We need to manufacturer studs in class 8.8 , ISO898-1 , Not able to source raw material for same.
Please suggest equivalent grades available in market
31.08.2016 What is the ASTM Ferrous Castings number equivalent to UNS G10450 Carbon Steel?
31.08.2016 06Х15Н6МВФБ martensitic steel made by Zlatoust Steel Plant (ZMZ) in bar form
Is there any similar US or EU grade of steel?
We need in sheet form
31.08.2016 I would like to know which material is better to use for vehicle driveshafts. I have a choice of EN30B or 40cr. Please advise which is stronger or better. I will also harden the material after machining.
30.08.2016 difference between x52 & wphy52 materials
26.08.2016 Please provide me equivalent standards in DIN or BS std. for Spanish steels of grade F-112 , F-114 , F-125 , F-154 , F-522 and chrmoduro material
24.08.2016 What is Steel ES-PM-FW0016
cual seria su equivalencia
24.08.2016 What is the equivalent of A502 material
24.08.2016 What is the thermal property of SPC270C and SCGA270D
23.08.2016 Hi, can you please provide me the Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) and % RA of AB2PK material
23.08.2016 i want to know does GB 223 are equivalent to JIS G 1253
23.08.2016 what is the difference between corten steel and sailma 350hi and is application?
23.08.2016 Is there a Bar stock available that is equal or stronger than ASTM A235-62T Class G, for tensile strength.
22.08.2016 What is the Chinese equivalent grade steel to Australian grade C350LO
22.08.2016 Could I please download your Steel Equivalency chart? I would like to be able to reference different names used by our customers for various alloys in order to standardize our current list of alloys we cast.
22.08.2016 What is the equivalent EN grade for cast steel to BS 3100 Gr A3
17.08.2016 Whether 20Mn Cr5 can be used in place of EN8
17.08.2016 ms 4361 chemical compo
14.08.2016 Does EN36C grade needs any BIS standard certificate for import in india
14.08.2016 Kindly give the equivalent material grades of MS 4361.
Please also mail us the chemical & mechanical properties of MS 4361.
11.08.2016 difference between ss41 and jis 3302
11.08.2016 What kind of steel grade are LH380
09.08.2016 Please help me to find foreign equivalents of any world steel or non-ferrous grade i.e.
JSH270CN-P, JAC270CC etc.
and also wanna to find chemical and material properties i.e. tensile and shear strength..
04.08.2016 Please advise a suitable welding / reclaiming process for FCD450 ductile iron bearing cartridges? I want to build up some worn and damaged surfaces by welding and then machine back to original dimensions.
01.08.2016 what is diffrence between c45 and c45pb
01.08.2016 en 36c mechanical properties and better material than en36c
29.07.2016 What is the equivalent DIN or American grade for GOST 4784-97, AK6. Need British and American Standard to Russian Standard GOST 4784-74 , GOST 18475-82 , GOST 21631-76 , GOST 192096-83 ( All Aluminum Alloys )
27.07.2016 what country is this material specification from and what would be the U.S. equivalent?
MS07.09 Type 1
27.07.2016 What is the difference between Material S355JO +N and S355JOZ15?
27.07.2016 kindly confirm equal lent raw material ESEN-MIA 159-DA STEEL BRINELL 179 MIN.
26.07.2016 Can you tell me which is the actual equivalent of the OLD steels BH54M & BHW51S?
25.07.2016 Dear Sir/Madam,Please let me know the Inidan Equivalent steels for AS/NZS 3678 250, AS/NZS 3678 200, AS/NZS 3678 350, AS/NZS 3679 200, AS/NZS 3679 250, AS/NZS 3679 300, AS/NZS 3679 350 grades.

Thanks in advance
25.07.2016 Dear Sir ,
We required Material Grade Fe42 in aerospace project.
so can we use grade St42 instead of above grade. Or say any equivalent grade.

Thank You
19.07.2016 we need Chemistry of X451 gost standard
18.07.2016 What is the Chinese equivelant to 50 ksi yield strength
18.07.2016 Do Chinese hot dip galvnizers use lead in their processes ?
18.07.2016 Chemistry of gost-B-10230-75
15.07.2016 White bit tool is useful for SA187
11.07.2016 difference in ASTM standard and grade.
11.07.2016 we are looking for cold drawn steel round bar as standard EN 1.0727 46S20 diameter sizes 10mm to up30mm
pls, advise us ?
11.07.2016 We want to know equivalent steel grade or chemical composition of STEEL 45X1, GOST-B-10230-754
08.07.2016 Kindly provide us chemical composition & detailed specifications of following three materials :-

1. B11B4C
2. B4B33A
3. B4B2GI

07.07.2016 We need to determine equivalent material for EN10060. Thank you in advance for assistance.
07.07.2016 Chemical Composition and mechanical properties of grade B11B4c
05.07.2016 pls advise material composition /physical properties and/or equivalent of KSF 60
04.07.2016 equivalent material in indian standard for S355JR
04.07.2016 equivalent material in indian standard for 38NCD4
04.07.2016 equivalent material in indian standard for creusabro
04.07.2016 equivalent material in indian standard for S235JR
30.06.2016 Strength properties for 1.6604.6
29.06.2016 Can you tell me the Material Group of 10CrSiMoV7 NO 1.8075. Regards Dirk
28.06.2016 Need Material Equvalent for E295 in indian market (is it an SS or normal steel).
22.06.2016 The original equipment manufacturer of stacker reclaimer has given bucket with 37Mnsi5 ,wear resistant plate
(1) Question is can i buy a plate and directly weld or do I have to Heat treat to get a hardness of 280 BHN (as measured in the working sample)
(2) Can I use ABREX400 or HARDOX 400 is these are better than 37Mnsi5 material
22.06.2016 What is SAE equivalent steel spec. to Honda - Japan spec # JSH590 ?
21.06.2016 looking for joules of heat input low and high range for 4140 chrome molly.
20.06.2016 Dear sir /madam
our company in order of supply proper material need information about Gost 8560-78 include cost, properties and equivalent standard in AISI or DIN
16.06.2016 we want to know equivalet to 38NCD4 steel
15.06.2016 Please you tell us , about material spesification of YST490 , STKM HT50 , STKM 14B.
Thanks for your attention
14.06.2016 Is SWRCH10A equivalent to SAE1015 Al killed?
14.06.2016 Can i get material comparision list for MS, EN8, EN24 & C45
14.06.2016 What is the different between boiler plate A516 Gr70N and 16Mo3.
13.06.2016 Help me to find the equivalence group number of material s355joz15 as per ASTM
13.06.2016 We want know equivalent material of 2 GHOST :19904:90 in Indian STD available material
10.06.2016 What is the European equivalent for CSA G40.21 44W steel plate?
09.06.2016 we are having requirement of Martensitic stainless steel material Code steel 18x13H3 or applicable code /standard GOST TY 14-1-2139-77 can you please tell me equivalent to this grade and who are manufacturer of this grades also
thanks and regards
06.06.2016 Density and chemical composition of Material B11B4C
01.06.2016 Kindly provide us ASTM Standard of Grade 18X13H3 also give us equivalent Grade
01.06.2016 13CrMo44 scholar plates
01.06.2016 dear sir
please provide us manufacturer of this grade 18X13H3 or equivalent grade to this
31.05.2016 Welding Procedure on Material FCD450/FCD600
30.05.2016 I want to know material code 16mo3 based on astm standard;
27.05.2016 how we will maintain equal /same matl . composition in any non ferrous mainly, Al.-Bronze,Ph.-bronze throught all over the size, and also how mach. test will be satishfy after the ordinary casting
26.05.2016 I want English version of the Russian Specification to GOST 1018-77. Where can I get it..?
26.05.2016 What is an ASTM or other equivalent material for the JIS SWRCH22A material?
25.05.2016 i understand AR400 is abrassive and wear resistant steel. since it is not available can i use C45 steel.
can i get chemical composition of both the above grade steel. what is the hardness of C45.
24.05.2016 COMPARISAN SG42 TO BS3100GRADE A2
24.05.2016 I would like know the equivalent ASTM standard for BS 4449 2005
24.05.2016 what is Equivalent to Gost TU 14-1-2139-77
We require Martensitic Stainless Steel Grade 18X13H3 Bar
23.05.2016 Respected Sir,
I request you to send me the specification / composition of GOST 1018-77 for Brass Sheet or the Indian Equivalent of the GOST 1018-77 for Brass Sheet.
19.05.2016 european equivalent for aisi10b38
18.05.2016 is the material AC66 an austenitic steel ?
17.05.2016 Difference between 17cr3 & 16cr5.
16.05.2016 alloys equivalent to EN36 in strength but light compared to it?
12.05.2016 What is the ASTM or ASME equivalent for Welten 60
11.05.2016 Please help me find technical specification (strength of material, chemical composition...) of STEEL 06X12H3Д.
Thank you
11.05.2016 I am looking for an ASTM equivalent to General Electric material codes as listed below
Hot Rolled Steel per B8A3 or cold rolled steel per B8A4
10.05.2016 What is the equvilent of AK6 or supplier address
10.05.2016 AK6 aluminum alloy European equivalent No
03.05.2016 hallo,
do you have a database of Plate prodducers incl. E Mail adresses for Plant Managers or Quality Managers Worldwide? What would be the price
Thank you for your answer in advance.
02.05.2016 What is the Chemical composition of 13X11H2B2M steel
What is the Equivalent steel of 13X11H2B2M
02.05.2016 Need equalent material grade for E34SS401A
02.05.2016 hws 1k steel specification
27.04.2016 i want to know the equivalent Russian standard for BS S132 steel. Kindly help me
27.04.2016 Dear Sir,
I need equivalent specification # of Chinese Spec. Q295GNH in Spec.
SAE, DIN, JIS, BSS, ASTM. Kindly advise.
Best Regards
26.04.2016 What is the difference between Q235 cool steel vs.304 stainless steel.
The following processes were applied to the Q235 cool steel to have work as a substitute steel for our 304 stainless product. Surface pre-treatment—platting Cu – platting Ni – platting Cr. What is it impact on the steels creep and stress / strain abilities.
26.04.2016 I need equivalent specification # of Chinese Spec. Q295GNH in Spec.
SAE, DIN, JIS, BSS, ASTM. Kindly advise.
22.04.2016 What is SP120 and SP231 equivalents in Canadian or USA steel ASTM or SAE steels?
22.04.2016 I need EN equivalent of F 111,F 114,F 211,F 212,F154,F155 steel
21.04.2016 Can I use ASTM 516 55 test coupon to qualify a welder to weld S275JR
21.04.2016 Dear Sirs
Can you pl suggest the exact equivalent IS grades of steel for following hollow section requirement
-- S235 JR
-- S275 JR
--S355 JR
20.04.2016 Other steel grades equivalents to ASTM A333 Gr.6 Seamless Pipe
Other steel grades equivalents to ASTM A420 Gr.6 Seamless Pipe
Other steel grades equivalents to ASTM A234 WPB Seamless Pipe
Other steel grades equivalents to ASTM A106 Gr.B Seamless Pipe
Other steel grades equivalents to ASTM A106 Gr.C Seamless Pipe
18.04.2016 Dear sirs, I have a object Ibelieve to be a meteorite, after being iinspected by plantatary experts at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.I have been told if the object must not contain any of the following to be a meteorite, No manganese, No chromium and not more than 5% nickel. I am attempting to grind enough off this white shiny hunk of metal with a diamond grinding stone to prevent contamination by other metals. Is their another way to determine if this a meteorite ?
15.04.2016 which are the plants making stainless steel by melting process in ukraine, russia and other cis countires and use high carbon ferro chrome
14.04.2016 what is the material composition of cme 9 sym. 7 steel and its properties
13.04.2016 I have a request for 45 mm Diameter bars for the construction of TIE RODS. The original specification calls for DIN St 52-3 bars. Is SAE/AISI 1024 equivalent (or better) material than DIN St 52-3 ?.
12.04.2016 What is the difference between stainless steel 1.4122 and 1.4122V?
08.04.2016 Im looking for an equivalent material/metal for
DIN; 9SMnPb28K
AISI; 12L14
05.04.2016 Please advise equivalent material for 21crmov5-11v
04.04.2016 What are the forming issues or limitations with RP783-780B Steel for Automotive sheet metal use.
01.04.2016 What id Indian equivalent material grade for 12XH3A
31.03.2016 What is the specific damping capacities of Al and Mg?
29.03.2016 what is the difference between HP295 and HP325
28.03.2016 we want to know differance between physical specification of A36bar.pdf and SA105 grade round bar
28.03.2016 what is the 90MnV8G steel , what is the equivalent standard for JIS or AISI
24.03.2016 SAE J2324 SPH590 - composition and properties ASTM specification
24.03.2016 Can I get a side by side comparison for C1075 Carbon Steel and C6150 Alloy Steel Strip?
23.03.2016 Good day
Can you tell me what the difference is between the following grades of steel
S355J2 and EN16 (605M36)
Towing Eyes within the UK are made of EN16 material while some towing eyes made in Europe are made of S355J2 material
22.03.2016 Japanese jsc440w 's EU What is the corresponding norms
17.03.2016 What are the required mechanical properties for 1.6948 steel forging?
16.03.2016 What are the physical properties and mechanical properties of AB2PK material
16.03.2016 Can you give me the Indian standard equivalent for AB-2 PK GOST 25285-82?
16.03.2016 what type of welding material would I weld AMS 6330 with?
15.03.2016 What is the material table for boiler tube
15.03.2016 I am busy having aluminium windows fitted - quote is for Grade S-4 - 50 to 80 Micron - is this a strong enough material to use on windows or is this what all manufacturers of windows use. I am in South Africa
14.03.2016 SAE 5116 Chemical analysis
09.03.2016 Is steel S235JR EN 10025.2 equivalent to ASTM SA283 Grade C ?
09.03.2016 What do mean letters "CL1" in S235JR-CL1 steel designation ?
08.03.2016 Steel ASTM number for JSH440M
08.03.2016 What is the material composition of 9S28K?
07.03.2016 Amanox 3952
I would like to know if this is available in plate form around 25mm thick, also the equivalent grade. Thank you
07.03.2016 What is the Australian equivalent of ASTM A615, ASTM D7206 and ASTM B117
03.03.2016 What is the chemical composition of AB2PK steel
03.03.2016 What is the difference in properties between ASTM A500 Gr.B and IS 2062
03.03.2016 what is the JIS equivalent for spring steel? Is it possible to use SUS304 and SUS302?
29.02.2016 What is a north American steel equal to D36. We are welding a plate to a existing D36 plate ship structure on a ice class 1A ship.
29.02.2016 how can we decide that two different steel grade is equivalent. Example S45C & EN8D is equivalent grade.
how we decide these are equivalent. is any formula or rule available.
29.02.2016 I'm looking for sa 675 gr 50 1" round stock. What is the chemistry of this steel and its AISI equivalent number
26.02.2016 What is the suitable JIS equivalent for this materials A513 Type 5 DOM Steel Tube and A36 steel?
26.02.2016 Sae 9840 where to purchase and Machiniblity compared to more common alloys
24.02.2016 what are equivalant indian grade for New zealand steel grade 250, 300 & 300plus
As i need to quote for the equipment with above said grade.
19.02.2016 We need pipe OD:610mm, thk:33mm, S460NH Q-ty 2metrs
18.02.2016 Have you got the chemical composition for material - RUT 340
17.02.2016 what is the closest U.S. equivalent material to ETG88 or ETG100
15.02.2016 Whether i can used ST-52 instead of BS EN 10083-1 C22E
15.02.2016 What is the equivalent DIN or American grade for GOST 4784-97, AK6. Need British and American Standard to Russian Standard GOST 4784-74 ( Aluminum Alloy )
15.02.2016 What is the equivalent DIN or American grade for GOST 4784-97, AK6
10.02.2016 Pls provide the alternate material for 30XrCA-3 in IS standard
1. nH-05-GOST-19903-74
2. 30XrCA-rOCT11269-76
3. 15CDV6 of IU-920918
4. 30XPA OST3-98-80
5. 817M40
6. 30XrCA-OCT3-98-80
10.02.2016 What is the GB China standard equivalence for the steel ASTM A 709 grade 50
Many thanks
05.02.2016 Material DATA for K24 FB
05.02.2016 What is the equivalent material of B4A8B2
04.02.2016 A420
NF Correspondance et usage
02.02.2016 I need a equivalent steel reference in IS standards to Gost 1051-73
01.02.2016 I want to know if i can replace St37-2 with ASTM A 36 for structural steel.
01.02.2016 How to decide minimum tempering temperature for alloy steels? For example, how to decide/estimate minimum tempering temperature for EN 24 material? Alloying contents tends to change the austenitizing temperature, hence how to calculate minimum tempering temperature?29.01.2016
28.01.2016 What is the North American Equiv. for C10C EN 10263-2 MAT # 1.0214
26.01.2016 i have question about chemical composition and mechanical properties of "BS 1501-213 Gr 32 A" .
is this material appropriate according with NACE Standards?
25.01.2016 What is 65 MN steel called in India
22.01.2016 What stainless steel wire/ rod would you use to weld Bennox600
19.01.2016 what is chineses standard GB equivalent to SA516Gr70 steel.
14.01.2016 We have a customer who uses your product on projects and our ERP, they wish to report to us the products being issued and manufactured on a project (so we can update the stock and accounting in our ERP). Can we get this or a service for someone to provide an interface ?
06.01.2016 Is 316L stainles steel magnetic ?
04.01.2016 On SA-105-11; What does the 11 stand for
04.01.2016 SWCH45F. I need to know characteristics and equivalent grades in China and Europe
01.01.2016 What PQR can we use in welding of astm 1040 pipe toe ast a572 plate ?
30.12.2015 CBT 40/29 ASTM equivalent
29.12.2015 i want to know the gost eqvivalent grades for alloy steel pipes.
ST 20
29.12.2015 how to prove that astm a572 gr50 is equivalent is 2062 e350
23.12.2015 What is the difference between S355JR and S355J2H - The material is Hollow section
23.12.2015 1. Can you send me a list with the names, production volumes and location of the production sites of the 10 - 15 biggest integrated iron- and steelcompanies in Europe, Asia, China and USA?
2. What was the production rate in 2014 (or 2013) in Europe, Asia, China and USA? And total in the world?
22.12.2015 Can we replace 265GH and P235GH material with EN8?
21.12.2015 Want to know value of 'E' tensile modulus of elasticity & tensile strength of material Zg35. what is the equivalent material in BS & DIN standard
18.12.2015 What is material B4A2A. It is specified for material to be used to make a balance weight. A similar question has been asked before on your web page - 22.10.2015 WHERE205 IN SOUTH AFRICA THAT I CAN GET THIS KIND OF MATERIALS B4A2A OR B5OC?
15.12.2015 Dear Sirs,
I need the exact material equivalence from ASTM to GOST about the following:
1) ASTM A 312 Tp 316
2) ASTM A 182 F 316
3) ASTM A 403 Wp 316
4) ASTM A 240 Tp 316
5) ASTM A 193 Gr B8M
6) ASTM A 194 Gr 8M
7) AISI 316L
8) AISI 304
Thanks in advance for your kind help and reply.
14.12.2015 Please inform me of equivalent Indian grade to Germany steel grade DIN 1543, DIN EN 10060, DIN 10058
14.12.2015 What is the U.S. equivalent for SP220 in coil stock for stamping?
09.12.2015 I am looking for a reliable supplier of non ferrous metal in china I am a bullet mftr. and would like to use an alloy of red copper ,led and yellow copper in a half hard condition in various bar thickness
08.12.2015 Hi victor,
I am looking for equivalent material for ASTM A1008 grade 33 cold rolled carbon steel in Chines and European standards, can you help please. I am not having luck with the software.07.12.2015
07.12.2015 Where to position a standard reinforcement plate on a 9350 Lieberr excavator rear on the boom
07.12.2015 what would be the appropriate weld procedure for joining plate made out of SA612?
03.12.2015 What is grade CME18 steel equivalent to or replaced with?
03.12.2015 equivalent chinese steel for A1011 HR CS is Q235 equal or slightly better?
02.12.2015 Hi~
I need the steel grade information for CYB18A-T and CYB18A ans also need to know which SAE/AISI or other is the equivalent steel? Thanks.30.11.2015
30.11.2015 We are required the chemical composition & Technical properties for the material SA675Gr.70
26.11.2015 what is the equivalent standard IS & EN for ASTM A 668 class D
23.11.2015 what is equalent material grade for swrch45f
20.11.2015 What is the equivalent DIN number for "Steel 15L 20K GOST 977-88"
19.11.2015 I require information for both the grades 11kp & 11YUA and their equivalent Indian standards.
19.11.2015 What is the Chinese equivalent of Australian Grade 350 plate?
18.11.2015 Indian steel grade for Russian steel grade GOST 8851-75
13.11.2015 I am looking for a manufacturer of "Steel, Type 3 per ASTM A867, in .750" x .500" bar.
10.11.2015 what is the material composition of cme 9 sym. 7 steel and its properties
09.11.2015 SCH 822 H are India standard equivalent of material
06.11.2015 please provide me the mechanical properties of RUSSIAN ALUMINIUM SILICON ALLOY, AK-12 A ALLOY TY 1-808-674-84
05.11.2015 Dear Sir
Good morning
I wish you be fine
Please let me know if you are interested to supplying us steel bar ASTM615 gr60 to be delivered to Iraq
05.11.2015 What is the nearest US equivalent steel grade to EN 1.7182?
05.11.2015 who is the supplier for steel grade AE696 ?
05.11.2015 I have a document that lists alternate steel material for four different countries (us, china, Europe and japan).If I send the document to one of your experts can they verify the accuracy of the information and provide certificate for us?
03.11.2015 A part is to be made of EN38 low carbon steel into exact thickness of 22.50 mm with the tolerance of +-50micron m, expecting minimal change jn metallurgy aspects. But only 20mm and 30mm stocks available. Justify if you will select the 30mm stock or post added 20mm stock and later machine to its dimension.
02.11.2015 Could you let me know the UK steel equivalent to ASTM A715 Grade 50
30.10.2015 EN equivalent for the cast steel CSN 422653
29.10.2015 I need to find equivalence between different steel designations in different numbering systems such as UNS, ASTM, AISI and others for this material: ES-PM-FW0015
27.10.2015 What is difference between 070M20 and 070M40
27.10.2015 AISI equivalent to Chinese Q345B please
26.10.2015 At what temperature is AS3678 Gr350Z Mod14 25mm plate impact values in Joules taken?
26.10.2015 Which is the aluminum material equivalent to 40Cr Steel (AISI 4140), used to fit the composite leave spring, as i need to change the material from steel to Aluminum for weight reduction
22.10.2015 I'am looking for the name of steel grade.
I know the requirements for the steel strips that I need.

Size requirements
Strip thickness (in) Strip width (in) Strip length (ft)
1 0,134 4,71 The maximum possible continuous
2 0,156 5,495 The maximum possible continuous
3 0,175 6,28 The maximum possible continuous

Chemical Requirements
The maximum content (mass percent)
Carbon 0,15
Manganese 0,6-1,2
Phosphorus 0,02
Sulfur 0,005
Silicon 0,3-0,5
Chrome 0,4-0,8
Copper 0,35
Nickel 0,2
Molybdenum 0,1-0,23
Aluminium 0,05

Requirements for the final product (tubing) after the heat treatment
Yield strength
Min 552 Mpa
Max 621 Mpa
Tensile strength
Min 607 Mpa
Hardness body and weld
Max 22 HRS

Please, good you help me.
I need to know the International and Russian name of the steel grade which satisfy to the discription above.
Maybe you can tell me the suppliers of this steel strips.
21.10.2015 who is the supplier of following item :-
1). NC Thinner ,
Spec #. DEF-STAN 80-38/1 DEF – 1216 A
2) Bullet tipping paint lacquer, MIL STANDARD:- MIL-P-4812
21.10.2015 i am looking to find who produces cold rolled quenched and tempered steel strips in russia or cis. as i know equivalent standards of gost is 21996-76 & 21997-76
21.10.2015 What is the south african equavelant of grade cme9 steel
21.10.2015 We are searching an optimum material according to content:Ni:%40 min Al:%0.025 min, Cr:%0.40 min or Mo:%0.15 min, C:%0.35 max
21.10.2015 which material should be used for grade 80 and grade 100 chains? Thank you...
20.10.2015 Hi, can I have the chemical composition of ZHS3LS superalloy?
13.10.2015 We are an injection-molder of automotive parts. I am quoting a molded gear with a flat, steel insert molded inside. The material call-out specifies "Carbon steel per SAE J403 Grade 1010" and a flatness spec of ± 0.020 mm. Stamped or fine-blanked steel is the obvious direction to go. Does this SAE specification allow the use of a powder-metal part?
12.10.2015 what is the ANSI equivalent s2541-03 thks
09.10.2015 What is the JIS equivalent to SPS60
09.10.2015 What is the Chinese equivalent for BS4360 Gr 43A steel?
09.10.2015 Looking for closest US equivalent of French grade 12NC12 steel
08.10.2015 What is the US equivalent to the Russian aluminum magnesium alloy AMG-6?
08.10.2015 What is the equivalent grade of 20g steel in India.
06.10.2015 I want to weld A 572 Gr 60 plate using AWS D1.1, which PQR I can use.
I am having API 5L X70 PQR can I use it.
As A 572 Gr 60 not available in market what are the other material I can use for PQR.
05.10.2015 Can you please help me to identify the following cobalt-base alloy:
1.5% carbon
1.11% manganese
1.05% silicon
17.9% chromium
0.29% molybdenum
2.24% nickel
0.62% aluminium
16.2% iron
01.10.2015 elch2 material thermal expansion coefficient
01.10.2015 I am looking for an approved alternative for S1 steel to manufacture some aircraft parts. S1 steel appears to be obsolete or extremely difficult to obtain. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
30.09.2015 Waht is the chemistry of Russian Grade steel AB2 and AB3??
29.09.2015 Hi , I'm looking to find a steel 52110 toughness. would you able to give some data? this is for my uni study.
28.09.2015 WPS for AISI 4130(60K)(flange) to API 5LX52 PSL2 (t<=13mm)?
25.09.2015 Required Chemical composition of 17 CrNiMo4
24.09.2015 We are looking the steel equivalent SP-120 japan norm.
24.09.2015 What is the US equivalent of CuZn31Si?
24.09.2015 I am after Australian Grade equivalents for Q345B and Q235B
23.09.2015 I am looking for the properties of stainless steel EZ3CNDA13-08 as well as a list of any foreign equivalents
23.09.2015 I'm trying to identify a railway standard for bronze (bearing alloy) dating from the 1950s: NF4B Alloy. Any historical references?
22.09.2015 HI,
I would like to ask about the weld ability of materials.
GS-20Mn5 DIN17182, 1.1120 and E355 (EN10305-1), 1.0580
what kind of welding wire is recommended to prevent the center cracking of the welding beam
22.09.2015 Pls send me list of russian suppliers of free cutting steel. Material SAE 12L14
22.09.2015 I am trying to find the chemical composition of steel tube to BS3602-1 grade CDS23
21.09.2015 is 2062 steel
21.09.2015 q235c plate material australian equivalents
21.09.2015 steel sis 142541 03
21.09.2015 aisi 3042b datasheet
18.09.2015 q235c plate material australian equivalents
18.09.2015 aisi 3042b datasheet
18.09.2015 I am quoting a distributor from a foreign country an American bolt and would like to cross reference their standard to a suitable American ASTM standard. His call out is AS/NES 3679.1 Grade 250. Does this compare to A36? F1554 Gr 55? Please advise.
18.09.2015 Is HR ASTM A-36 the same spec as HR M1020 or is it different?
17.09.2015 l6 steel equivalent
17.09.2015 material equivalent fe34 a uni 5334 65
17.09.2015 equivalents to 817m40 steel
17.09.2015 spfh590 material properties
17.09.2015 astm asme a234 04 wpb equivalent din
16.09.2015 4615 steel equivalent grades
16.09.2015 equivalent to uns g10090
16.09.2015 mechanical properties 20 mn mo ni 45 w nr 1.6311
16.09.2015 steel grade 3ps standard 380 2005 dstu 2651 2005
16.09.2015 What material is CSN 2000
15.09.2015 16cr6ni1mo grade equivalent
15.09.2015 21crmov5 11 equivalent
15.09.2015 italian steel specs to ekwivalent sa specs
15.09.2015 jsc440w steel properties
15.09.2015 can we use ASTM A 500 Gr.A / Gr.B instead of EN10025_ 2 S275JR for Hollow section
14.09.2015 steel saph400 equivalent
14.09.2015 duplex 2250 2507 equivalent
14.09.2015 aluminum 99.7 specification
14.09.2015 1.5506 material standard
14.09.2015 L 70*70*7 St52 equivalent material
11.09.2015 nve36 steel equivalent
11.09.2015 aisi 5115 steel equivalent
11.09.2015 european equivalents of grade sk5
11.09.2015 norma eu k werkstoff 1.4329
11.09.2015 equivalent grades of steel a216
10.09.2015 astm a471 caratteristiche
10.09.2015 hc 704 steel equivalent
10.09.2015 substitute of e355mc steel
10.09.2015 Can we use IS2062 plate grade material for UNS J03500 grade material
10.09.2015 Can you tell me what is the Australian equivalent to the American steel grade ASTM A715 Grade-50?
09.09.2015 skd11 material equivalent
09.09.2015 astm equivalent of x46cr13
09.09.2015 сталь 12х18н12мзтл ekvivalent
09.09.2015 65mn steel equivalent
09.09.2015 sa516 grade 60 equivalent
08.09.2015 st52 material equivalent
08.09.2015 steel a36 mechanical properties
08.09.2015 ca6nm equivalent
08.09.2015 steel 1.7707 properties
08.09.2015 42crm04 mechanical properties
07.09.2015 us equivalents for steel conforming to din standards
07.09.2015 4340 equivalent steel
07.09.2015 38nicrmo4 steel equivalent
07.09.2015 comparison with bs 2989 g450 and commercial grade steel

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