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  • Please help me to find foreign equivalents of any world steel or non-ferrous grade.
  • I need to find equivalence between different steel designations in different numbering systems such as UNS, ASTM, AISI and others or find a EN grade by its number.
  • Give me please composition of any world steel or alloy.
  • I need information on properties of a product of any world steel grade.
  • Which world steel grade has properties values I need?
  • Please help me to find a grade designation by known chemical composition.
  • Who in CIS produces steel or metal products I need?

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    We don't place answers to questions on our web-site. So even you have found a required
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24.08.2005 Who in CIS produce steel or metal products. I need to know, in order to contact the for our various requirements.
17.08.2005 Can you please give me the Chinese equivalent to SAE 1144. I am jam and I can use some help.
17.08.2005 What is Stahl 20 and which behavior has it?
17.08.2005 Who in Cis produce seamless steel tube for the production of seamlesse steel gas cylinders. Steel grade 34CrMo4
17.08.2005 gost 20xgchm
17.08.2005 GOST859-2001
29.07.2005 I want to learn KP 02, KP 03, KP 08 about the steel types of Ilyich quality,what its in chemistry composition and world standarts, europian standarts
26.07.2005 Who in CIS produce cabon round billets as SAE 1537v, SAE 1518, SAE 1527 and P110
26.07.2005 Who in china produce stainless steel hollows as SS 316 L, SS 321 , Ss 304 and stainless steel bar
26.07.2005 Who in China produce cabon round billets as SAE 1537v, SAE 1518, SAE 1527 and and alloy steel P110 and CK15
26.07.2005 What is Indian Equivalent of C235,C245,08X 18 H 10T ?
21.07.2005 What is pipe material st09GSF TU 14-1464-87. Is there an ASTM/ASME equivalent?
21.07.2005 I would like to know some information regarding the Russian Piping Material Classification according to GOST.
19.07.2005 Who in CIS produces steel sheets in quality W.Nr. 1.0585 (S355J2G3Cu3).
18.07.2005 Composition of any world steel or alloy grade gost1050-88 08K
08.07.2005 One of my query was regarding Grade 20, not Grade 20x13. Please give its ASTM equivalent. I sahll be oblised if u give me the details of Grade C235, C245 & C345 including chemical composition and specific chareteristics regarding application.
08.07.2005 What is the Indian/ASTM equivalent of the following Russian grade (GOST) steels ? C 235, C 245, C 345, 12X18H10T, 08X13 & 20
01.07.2005 Help me to find European equivalent of Japan steel : S45C
28.06.2005 08kp grade specifications and Indian Equivalent
26.06.2005 Who in the CIS countries manufacture Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel round blooms 220 mm dia of Grades ASTM SA 210 Gr.A1, SA 210 Gr.C, SA 192, SA 209 T1, SA213 T-11 & SA213 T-22.
21.06.2005 Who in CIS produces steel AC14?
20.06.2005 What is Russian analogue of foreign steel 9SMn28 or 9SMn28-Pb?
20.06.2005 Who in CIS produces high speed steel DIN S18-0-1?
20.06.2005 We are looking for reputable manufacturers that can produce (Seamless Cold Drawn Ck15 Steel Tube).Size of this tube must be OD=18.1mm - ID=11 mm or 12 mm
16.06.2005 We would appreciate your cooperation to assist us by advising equivalent of Gost 1050-88, Grade 08 KP Cold Rolled Steel sheets in EN.
07.06.2005 I want to know equivalent E.U. and/or American grades for the Russian Free cutting steel in grade A12 and A40G
23.05.2005 I want information aboit tempering of GOST 5950 (8ch4w2mfs2)
12.05.2005 Who produces bars in accordance with GOST 21449 -75?
11.05.2005 need metal sheet and special square profiles (drawing available for e-mail) for bus bodies production made with high strenght rolled steel according with UNI EN norms specification type S420MC. Material will be used in a plant located in Minsk (BY) Where can I found a possible producer of such products near the point of use? Is there an equivalent steel in Russian norms?
26.04.2005 would it then be possible to receive a profile/dimensions of the R65 rails
21.04.2005 I would like to know Stainless Steel Wire producers in CIS. I know Izhstal has some capacity (5000 tons) but others I do not know.
14.04.2005 I need information about similar steel in ASME for the two type of steel 1. 09G2S GOST 5520 and 2. Steel 3ps GOST 14637
11.04.2005 Equivalent of St 52.3 in Gost, also chemical composition of Gost standard
21.03.2005 what is CIS Iron and steel mills full style?
07.02.2005 Please help to find Russian analogue of 18CrNiMo7-6 steel grade
03.02.2005 I am looking for cold rolled strip of tool and spring steel according to GOST 2283 - 79. Who does it produce?
26.01.2005 Which grade has the following composition: C(%)-.04, Mn-.54, S-< .01, P-.018,Ni-.02, Cr-<.02, Mo- <.01, Cu- .05, Nb- <.01, V-<.01 Ti-<.01, Al-.01
26.01.2005 Who produces steel plates of 16K grade according to GOST 5520-79, thickness 10,12,16, 25 mm
17.01.2005 I am looking for European analogues of 4Ch5MFS and Ch12MF Russian grades

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