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WinSteel - International Translator of Steel Grades
WinAlloy - International Translator of Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys
WinPlant.BLACK - Automated Directory of Steel Plants
WinPlant.RED - Automated Directory of Non-Ferrous Plants

    If you want to get more information on our software and databases we are glad to offer you the following opportunities:

    • To order trial operation with all our products for 1 month. The cost of the trial subscription is EUR20 per a product only. If you wish to purchase our software after the trial we'll discount you for the amount you paid. So the trial subscription is a good chance for you to taste our databases before you make a decision on the software purchasing.

    • To download Powered Demos of the program(s) you are interesting in (available for WinSteel and WinAlloy only for the time being). Powered Demos are base software versions but with reduced databases.

    • To use our Question Service. If you need information on limited number of grades or products you can use our question service. Notice that we answer to three first questions FREE of charge.


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