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  We collect information on world non-ferrous alloys during 25 years

International Translator of Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys

The best tool to find foreign equivalents of world non-ferrous metals

New WinAlloy 10 Online is available now

WinAlloy includes:
  • The largest grade database covering more than 400,000 non-ferrous metals & alloys produced by more than 18,500 standards worldwide.
  • Great search system, which allows to find grades and their equivalents in seconds.

WinAlloy will help you:
  • to find information of any world non-ferrous metal or alloy;
  • to find foreign equivalents of any grade by other world standards;
  • to find similar grades by composition if exact equivalent doesn't exist;
  • to find alloy specification in any country by known composition.

We are sure that WinAlloy can be useful for:

  • metal producers
    - you'll know about products, which can be manufactured by foreign standards
  • metal traders
    - you'll speak on the same language with your partners abroad
  • metal consumers
    - you'll have possibility to find cheaper substituable materials for your products abroad
  • equipment repaires
    - you'll easily find equivalent domestic materials for foreign equipment parts
  • researchers
    - it will be very easy to compare information you get from different countries
  • designers
    - you'll easily tie your solutions to domestic standards in any country


    WinAlloy database covers more than 400,000 non-ferrous grades of the following countries / standards:

    Armenia - GOST, TU
    Germany - DIN, DIN EN, SEW
    Slovakia - CSN/STN, CSN/STN EN
    Australia - AS
    Hungary - MSZ, MSZ EN
    South Africa - SANS
    Austria - ONORM, ONORM EN
    India - IS
    South Korea - KS
    Azerbaijan - GOST, TU
    Italy - UNI, UNI EN
    Spain - UNE, UNE EN
    Belarus - GOST, TU, TU RB
    Japan - JIS
    Sweden - SS, SS EN
    Belgium - NBN, NBN EN
    Kazakhstan - GOST, TU
    Switzerland - SNV/VSN
    Bulgaria - BDS, BDS EN
    Kyrgyzstan - GOST, TU
    Tadjikistan - GOST, TU
    Canada - CSA
    Turkmenistan - GOST, TU
    China - GB, GB/T, YB, YB/T
    Moldova - GOST, TU
    UK - BS, BS EN
    Czech Republic - CSN/STN EN
    Ukraine - GOST, DSTU, TU, TUU
    Denmark - DS, DS EN
    Norway - NS, NS EN
    Europe - EN
    Poland - PN, PN EN
    Finland - SFS, SFS EN
    Portugal - NP, NP EN
    Uzbekistan - GOST, TU
    France - AFNOR NR, EN
    Romania - STAS, STAS EN
    former Yugoslavia - JUS
    Georgia - GOST, TU
    Russia - GOST, GOST R, TU, TU R
    International - ISO, COPANT, HAYNES

    Besides the database includes commercial grades of world metal companies such as Acciaierie Valbruna, Acos Villares, Aluminium Pechinye, Ampco Metal, Bohler Schwesstechnik, Boliden, Carpenter Specialty Alloys, Deloro Stellite, ESAB, Hitachi, Johnson Metall, KM Europa Metal, Pratt & Whitney, SPS Technologies, Sumitomo and others.

    List of all grades included in WinAlloy software database you'll find here.

    For any grade you'll find the following information:
    • its designations (including alternative);
    • chemical composition;
    • list of standards covered the grade;
    • list of its foreign equivalents.

    WinAlloy database is updated quarterly. Every quarter we add from 100 to 600 new grades in the database.
    Do you wish to know about the last WinAlloy data update? If yes, click here.

    To which questions you'll get answers using WinAlloy?
    See samples of questions to which we have already answered using WinAlloy here.
    You can place your question on that page too.

    Search System

    Software Features:

    • Search for a grade in the database by its designstion, standard or country of standard.
    • Search for an alloy in the database by part of its name; is used if you don't know correct grade designation.
    • Access to information on compositions and foreign equivalents of any non-ferrous grade.
    • Ability to compare an alloy specified in any national standard with its foreign equivalent in chart and graphic form.
    • Search for close grades by comparison of chemical compositions if exact equivalent doesn't exist.
    • Ability to find a grade in the database by known composition.

    Your Benefits:

    • You save your time as searching of data on alloys compositions and equivalents will take seconds;
    • You save your money as there is no need to have all world metal standards in your library;
    • You can be ensure that the most complete and up-to-date information on world non-ferrous grades is in your PC;
    • You can print results of your search namely alloy datasheets, grade equivalent charts.
    • You can save the results of your search on your PC to use them in other applications.

    Three ways to taste WinAlloy software and databases:
  • to see screen shots and to download WinAlloy Powered Demo;
  • to watch record of one of our webinars on the software;
  • to order 1 month trial operation with WinAlloy software.

  • Users:

    Now we have near 1,100 WinAlloy users in more than 30 countries of the world, i.e. USA, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapure, Malaisia, Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republics, Iran, India, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

    World metal producers, traders, consumers, as well as research institutes and companies are among them.
    List of some our users you'll find here.

    On which PCs WinAlloy works?

    It is possible to operate with desktop WinAlloy version:
    • on all type PCs and under terminal service,
    • under all Windows versions supporting by Microsoft company as well as under Linux (Bottles).
    You'll easily install WinAlloy software on your PC yourself using our Manual.

    Web application WinAlloy 10 Online

    Besides of the desktop version of the software, we offer our users web version WinAlloy 10 Online also. You can run WinAlloy 10 Online on not only PC under Windows but on Macs as well as on tablets and smartphones under any operating system including Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS, etc. using any browser (Edge, Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.).

    In distinct from our previous web applications with limited features, the new WinAlloy 10 Online is full function and can be used instead of the desktop version. Subscription costs are the same, so you can select the version do you prefer, when you order the software.

    WinAlloy Supply

    With your WinAlloy software purchase you receive:

    • Annual license to use the software on your device or in your network.
    • Comprehensive Manual.
    • Our technical and information support during the subscription period.
    • New software data updates every quarter.
    • Discounts for purchasing of other products of our company.

    Please see more details on our software WinSteel - International Translator of World Steel Grades covering more than 500,000 steels worldwide.

    How much it costs:

     WinAlloy 10 Grades
     1 or 2 activations  3 to 5 activations  6 to 10 activations
    - initial subscription for 12 months
    €300 / $300
    €450 / $450
    €600 / $600
    - subscription renewal for 12 months
    €270 / $270
    €405 / $405
    €540 / $540
    - subscription renewal for 24 months
    €450 / $450
    €675 / $675
    €900 / $900

  • If you wish to have full and up-to-date database on world non-ferrous grades on your PC
  • If you don't want to rummage dozens books and standards or to spend hours of your time in Internet
  • If you want to get information on world metals and their foreign equivalents in seconds

  • Just click here and order WinAlloy online!

    If you have any questions you can call +7 495 989 70 21 or e-mail inform@metaldata.info us.

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