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The Simdex Future Pipeline Projects Worldwide Guide

1) Home page

2) Search

You can search a project through a wide range of criteria:

General Information
  • geographical zone,
  • originating country,
  • destination country,
  • project status,
  • year of start of construction,
  • year of completion,
  • project name,
  • cost (million USD).
Technical Information
  • fluid,
  • onshore/offshore,
  • diameter,
  • length,
  • weight,
  • gas capacity,
  • liquid capacity.
Involved companies and Other
  • owner,
  • operator,
  • engineering,
  • contractor.

3) List of projects

4) Project information

Information available on each project:
  • project name,
  • fluid,
  • onshore/offshore,
  • line type,
  • project status,
  • start (estimated),
  • completion (planned),
  • geographical location,
  • route,
  • nps diameter (estimated),
  • length (estimated),
  • line pipe weight (estimated),
  • cost (estimated),
  • project number.

  • Project owner(s), operator(s), engineering company, contractor details are available (company contact details, web site, managers contact details).

    Maps are included in the project and help you to visualize the route.

    You can print information on any project or save it in pdf file.

    5) Interactive features

    • you can integrate "private notes" into projects that you will share only with the other users of your subscription;
    • you can create your own list of favorite projects;
    • you can send directly a notification to Simdex when you have a question on a project.

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