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22.09.2008 what is the chinese equivalent specification of EN8 or 080M40 steel? thank you
18.09.2008 What is the EN material equivalent for AISI 1518 material
18.09.2008 What is material SF590 used on a shaft for a ship
17.09.2008 What is BS equivalent of DIN 1.2842?
17.09.2008 What is the chemical composition of 11sMnpb30+c? what is meant by+c in 11sMnpb30+c
17.09.2008 can you please tell me what is European equivalent for Class of the steel C345? Can I consider S355JR?
16.09.2008 please could you provide equivalence to ASTM A283 Gr C with Russian steel
16.09.2008 equivalence Fe42/8 with russian standards
15.09.2008 Can you provide the European equivalent to teh steel ASTM 106 grade AL
15.09.2008 what is the chinese equivalent of pressure vessel steel to BS EN10137-2 GRADE S690 QL
15.09.2008 Could you give me the ASTM conversion for the British Standard material B9970 150M19?
11.09.2008 what is exact equivalent for 1018 steel
10.09.2008 I would like to know the material Equivalent of API 5L Gr. X60
10.09.2008 what is the meaning of 5sp
08.09.2008 Could you please advise the the similar steel grade to S355J2G3
08.09.2008 please advice comparative standarts for Italian steel named X25
08.09.2008 Please advise me the chemical composition of AISI - 316
08.09.2008 what is the USA equivalent to German 26 NiCrMo 14-6? If no exact equivalent material, something similar?
08.09.2008 What are the equivalent grades to 30NC11 steel?
08.09.2008 What are US equivalent Steel AISI Equivalent Grades for: JIS SCR 420 JIS SCM 415 JIS SCM 420
02.09.2008 What is the AISI equivalent of 16Mo3?
02.09.2008 have two materials I would like converted from EN to ASTM, they are: Steel EN 10263-4 - 38B2 and Steel EN 10025-2 S355 J2 ( forging steel )
02.09.2008 What is the Gost Equivalent of Chinese Q195 Billet
01.09.2008 What is the ASME equivalent for material Q195?
01.09.2008 What is the chemical composition of 9SMnPb28k
01.09.2008 What is the Canadian or US equivalent to British steel EN 14?
29.08.2008 As per ASTM 615 Grade 60 re-bars can You specify the chemical composition. Mostly interested in minimum and maximum share of BORON allowed
28.08.2008 We have bought some boiler plates, Pressure Vessel Steel from China in 50mm thickness with ASTM 516 Grade 70. As per steel mill certificate: Steel Grade: SA516Gr70, Dimension: 50*2500*10100 per piece, Weight: 9.911 Tons, Chemical Composition: C=0.20%, Si=0.26, Mn=1.17, P=0.009, S=0.004, Cr=0.04, Al=0.036, Mo=0.013, Ti=0.002, Cu=0.0.098, Nb=0.02, Ni=0.22, V=0.002.....Tensile Strength: Re=380Mpa, Rm=540Mpa & A=34%Impact Test: 166J,164J,158J, Ultrasonic test: ASTM A435, 910+-10 Degree Centigrade, 1.5min/mm........ However, upon receipt of boiler plates we have got chemical composition lab analysis from two different Labs and the results are; 1)C=0.22%, Mn=1.03%, Si=0.25% and S=0.009% and 2) C=0.195%, Mn=1.142%, Si=0.283 and S=0.002.........Now our question; Is this material ASTM 516 Grade 70 or Grade 60? What are the difference in Grade 60 & 70? What is the actual Risk involved if we accept Grade 60 in place of Grade 70? Please keeping in view that we have to fabricate a Kiln Shell and it will be installed on "HOT" section, Kiln Nose Ring area?....Thank you
28.08.2008 What is the equivilant chinese grade for S355JO (BS EN 10025) and S275JO (bs en 10025), thanks
28.08.2008 I need all equivalents of C45V surface hardenable steel
28.08.2008 What is a similar US grade for SX-105V cold work tool steel, and what are the chemical and physical properties of SX-105V?
27.08.2008 What is the equivalent GOST material of ASTM A 106 Gr.B?
27.08.2008 What is the equivalent grade in the U.S. for OX 812 ?
15.08.2008 What is the English version of GB/1591-94
15.08.2008 Can you tell me the European equivalent for ASTM A709/A709M Grade 50(345) - or even better: can you tell me the equivalent Shipbuilding steelgrade (for instance according to Lloyds Register Rules for Ships)
15.08.2008 What is the ASTM equivalent or similar product of S355J2+N?
15.08.2008 What is the ASTM equivalent or similar product for S235JR+N?
15.08.2008 What is the Us equivalent for DIN St60-2
15.08.2008 BS 4449 / grade 460 What is the ASTM comperable grade
15.08.2008 What is the equivalent of BS970 826 M40? In German or US terms
15.08.2008 What is the Australian equivalent to B grade Chinese steel 09CuPCrNi-A
15.08.2008 equivalent or similar of 1.4922 steel in aisi
15.08.2008 What are the equivalent material for SA 193 Gr B7 Round Bar in terms of British Standards, American Standard, Japanese Standard, Russian Standard & Korean Standard?? Please advise. Thank You
15.08.2008 What is the AISI /SAE equivalent to BS63232CEW2 BK.
15.08.2008 Please advise what the US (API 650)equivalent of Australian grades C250, C350, & G250, G350 low carbon steels for tank construction are. Thanks.
15.08.2008 what is the IS,ASTM.JIS equavivalant of Q235A ?
15.08.2008 Can you tell me the European equivalent for ASTM A709/A709M Grade 50(345) - or even better: can you tell me the equivalent Shipbuilding steelgrade (for instance according to Lloyds Register Rules for Ships)
08.08.2008 what is ASME equivalent for AISI 4140, how about the SA320L7? Is it equivalent to AISI 4140
08.08.2008 What is the JIS (in China) equivalent of steel Grade 43A of the BS 4360,4363 or SABS 763
07.08.2008 what is the metallurgical composition of EN26 alloy steel
07.08.2008 Please advise SPC270C equivalence in JIS
05.08.2008 Can you give me the EN plus other equivalent grades of AISI 316L steel please
01.08.2008 What are equivalent grades to EN 57 steel
01.08.2008 what is the ASTM equivalent material for BS1501-224-430B-LT50
01.08.2008 Can you please identify the material:- 1MoCr11
01.08.2008 What is the alternative of steel SS 400 (Japanese standard)? Could you tell if you have a suuplier in Europe?
30.07.2008 Equivalent between SECC and SAE
30.07.2008 what is EN10149-2 S700MC steel?
30.07.2008 I need help cross referencing European standard material 1.4923 (X22CrMoV12-1) to an American standard material. What would be the equivalent in teh US?
30.07.2008 What's the US equivalent of SS2142, SS2132 and 4212-06? thanks
29.07.2008 what is the equivalent of jis ss400
29.07.2008 What are the closest european (DIN, EN, UK) equivalents of the russian aerospace standard of 30HGSA and 30HGSNA?
29.07.2008 What is the chinese Equivalent of UK grage S275JR
29.07.2008 What ASTM material is equal to GB Q345D?
29.07.2008 What is equivalant of 11SMn Pb37
29.07.2008 Please advise on AISI and JIS equivalents for Chinese grade 35CrMo and 2 Cr13. Please also advise on Assab and Bohler designation for these grades or the closest equivalent
29.07.2008 kindly give composition of steel grade ct 3 nc manufactured by severestal russia
24.07.2008 What is the ASTM/ASME equivilent of the Chinese specification GB Q 235B
21.07.2008 does the A 500S / GOST: 3760-2006 / 7566-94 equivalent to Astm a615, and does Astm A615 equivalent to Astm A615m?
21.07.2008 what is aisi equivalent for SKH55
21.07.2008 A709 Gr 50 27J at 40 C What is the equivalent grade in Chinese standard GB Q?
21.07.2008 what is equivalant AISI grade for Russian ghost 08X22N6T Stainless Steel
21.07.2008 equivalent material for AC14-B-H GOST 1414-75
18.07.2008 Chinese equivalent for type 300wa steel
18.07.2008 what is the DIN/EN equivalent of J2340 - 340XF?
18.07.2008 what is the astm standard for the german spec st52
17.07.2008 I have a drawing for a metal part calling out a material "DIN 1013 16MnCr5 BG-25. What type of US steel might match this? I don't know if this is a valid spec from any country, but it was a conversion from a Czech drawing.
16.07.2008 I am looking for equivalent material JIS. G. 3151. SS41 with material ASTM/ASME. Could you please answer and give us reference CODE/STANDARD ASTM/ASME to be used?
15.07.2008 What is US or BS EN standard for S45C steel bar or plate of JIS STANDARD ?
15.07.2008 What is 42CrMo4 material comparable to?
15.07.2008 1. What is the ASTM equivalent for DIN 1.4820 - X12CrNi26-5 2. What is the ASTM equivalent for S355J0
14.07.2008 Hi, my chinese supplier want to provide me for a forging product Q235 steel, in the detail drawing I gave him, it s asked E-24.2 (ST37). Do you think it match?
11.07.2008 please advise as to USA equivalent to: 11SMn30+C
08.07.2008 equivalence between SAE 1008 and EN/DIN steel
08.07.2008 MAy I know steel grade Din -P460NI1 is it a carbon steel?
08.07.2008 What are the Chinese equivalents, or nearest equivalents of X8 CrNiMoVNb 16 13, X12 CrNiWti 17 14 3, 15CrMo 4 5 and what are the chemical properties of these steels
07.07.2008 what is ss 400 material
04.07.2008 What is the equivalent steel grade for Fe 430C in Chinese standards?
04.07.2008 What is the CSA and/or ASTM equivalent spec for IPSCO 100XF?
02.07.2008 What is the ASTM equivalent to J275JR
02.07.2008 what is uk aerospace equivelient to russian AK6 material
02.07.2008 what is uk aerospace equilient to russian 30HGSA
02.07.2008 what is uk aerospace equivilent to russian aerospace alloy D16AM
02.07.2008 What kind of steel is SA 696 Grade B. What would a AISI or SAE # for that spec be
02.07.2008 Wnat is the Swedish SS2242 analog in EN grade?
02.07.2008 what is the equivalent of STEEL C1215 ASTM-A-108 in other parts of the world ?
02.07.2008 I currently have a client wishing us to fabricate a number of items from a material that I am not familiar with the material specifacation is B.5. 970 EN5 are you able to help me with identifying this material
30.06.2008 US equivalent to IMEX 700 Steel comp. C 0.20, Mn 1.7, P 0.020, S 0.010, Si 0.80, Ni 2.00, Cr 1.5, Mo 0.70, V 0.12, Ti 0.05, B .005
30.06.2008 What is an H2 steel ? What are the equivalents to an H2 steel ?
30.06.2008 We have the following material callout on a dwg. What is the ATSM equivalent? NF EN 10028-2 P3554
27.06.2008 EN standard for SAE 10B21
27.06.2008 What is the UK equivalent to R St 37-2?
27.06.2008 what is equivalent German or British standard for SS41 steel
27.06.2008 What are the equivalents in China for RSt 37.2 and St 52.3
25.06.2008 Is AISI 12L14 an equivalent to BS 6104 and what are the hardness requirements
25.06.2008 the equal standard of China for Din 1544 and Din 1624
25.06.2008 WHat is the SAE equivilate to JIS SCM20, S20C & SPHC
19.06.2008 What is the US equivelant (AISI or SAE) for a chinese carbon steel called SWRCH15A
19.06.2008 What is the US equivelant (AISI or SAE) for a chinese carbon steel Q215B
19.06.2008 What is the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Steeltype SS490?
19.06.2008 What is the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Steeltype SS400?
19.06.2008 Need international equivalents for south african steels 300WS and YS300
17.06.2008 What is the European ( ISO ) equivalent for pipes Schedule 10 acc. to ASTM A 795 ?
17.06.2008 what is ASTM equivalent std. for 1.0460 or C22.8 in DIN std.?
17.06.2008 looking for a US powdered metal substitute for 18NiCrMo5/Pb UNI 7845
17.06.2008 What is the equivalent DIN steelgrade for the following steels: EN 24, EN36
17.06.2008 us or din standard equivalent of s275jr please!
17.06.2008 What is AISI or API equivalent of Russian grade 40XH2MA
17.06.2008 What would be the American equivalent for Japanese steel called S450 ?
17.06.2008 What is the US equivalent of chinese steel 40 ACR?
17.06.2008 Need to know about SS400 Coil Steel and it's property ranges. Can you please help me with this request? Also, if this material is usually Pickled & Oiled. Also, what is a US equivalent to this material
17.06.2008 What is ASTM or ASME equivalency to Q345B? what is pipe material in ASME equivalency to Q345B
17.06.2008 what is US equivalent of steel BSEN10025-S355-J2G3
11.06.2008 What is the BS EN or BS EN ISO equivalent to BS 970 grade 070M26
11.06.2008 What is the BS EN or BS EN ISO equivalent to BS 970 grade 080M40
11.06.2008 What is the BS EN or BS EN ISO equivalent to BS 970 grade 080M30
11.06.2008 looking for substitus for Italian steel 39 Ni Cr Mo 3
06.06.2008 Looking for US substitute for IT 16 Cr Ni 4
06.06.2008 what kind of material is CSA G420.21-300W
05.06.2008 please could you provide equivalence to B500C и B500A (ELOT 1421) using in Greece with Russian steel
05.06.2008 UK equivalent steel of A514/a
05.06.2008 UK equivalent of SS400 please!
04.06.2008 need to know if there is a formal equivalency chart comparing DIN Material numbers with ASTM Steel Types and UNS Material numbers. For example, I currently have a drawing, requiring DIN 1.4301 SS, I'm "told" it's the equivalent to ASTM/AISA 304 SS and UNS S30400 SS. However, I have yet to find a "formal" equivalency between the 3 standards
04.06.2008 What is Yield Strength and Tensile Strength, Chemical Properties for GOST 5058-57 or 15XCHD? What steel grade of GB is equivalent?
04.06.2008 What is the Japanese Steel equivalent to AISI 316L stainless steel
03.06.2008 Please let me know the Werkstoff , AISI and ASTM clasification or equivalence for material 18MoCrNi13.Thank you
03.06.2008 What is the US equivalent of EN 10025-S275?
03.06.2008 What is the US equivalent of BS3602 PT. 1 1987 CFS 360 (1 1/4" OD x 14 swg) tubing?
02.06.2008 What is the equivalent of the AISI C1018 in European Norm ? Is it equivalent to S235 JR ?
02.06.2008 What is the AISI equivalent for the european S235 JR ?
30.05.2008 what is the equivalent of STAS 438 in DIN or ASTM or BS or EN?
26.05.2008 I like to know the ASTM equivalent material of SS41 being used as storage tank shell plate
26.05.2008 Are there any table conversion of Chinese Steel Standard to other Standard?
26.05.2008 What is the conversion in JIS of Q235 and Q335? What is the conversion in ASTM 0f Q235 and Q335?
23.05.2008 Please can you tell me the grade of steel that this is? C% 0.14 Si% 0.03 Mn% 0.83 P% 0.048 S% 0.058
23.05.2008 equivalence Fe42/8 with russian standards
23.05.2008 please could you provide equivalence to ASTM A283 Gr C with Russian steel. do you have in your database also mechanicha properties?
23.05.2008 Please advise the US equivelent to BS EN 10025 S275 J0
22.05.2008 What is the exactly equivalence of the ASTM 516 Gr 70 in Chinese Norms, GB?
22.05.2008 Please could you advise me of the specification and composition of the GOST equivalent of SAE1008?
22.05.2008 What is the ASME equivalent for pipe material as per Japanese standard STPG
22.05.2008 What is the ASME equivalent for reducer material as per Japanese standard STPG-38
22.05.2008 What is the ASME equivalent for forging material as per Japanese standard SS41
22.05.2008 British (UK) equivalent og SAE 4145
19.05.2008 What is the equivalent of grade 60 ASTM A615M-2001 in BS and EN?
19.05.2008 Can you tell me what Uk equivalent is for DIN 1543 - NVA Plate
19.05.2008 Material Specification S275JR / A36 Can this be used in place of the JIS Standard SM41A?
16.05.2008 What are the EU or CIS equivalents of steel grade XAR 600?
16.05.2008 What is the the russian equvalent of EN 10225, Group 2, S355G7 + M or N in European Standard or BS 7191 - S355EM in British standard?
16.05.2008 What is the ASTM equivalent for ST52-3
15.05.2008 Would you know of a US standard equivalent to british steel 606m36-T? An SAE, ASTM, or AISI equivalent would be appreciated
15.05.2008 Would you know of a US standard equivalent to british steel 606m36-T? An SAE, ASTM, or AISI equivalent would be appreciated
14.05.2008 What is the Australian Standard (AS1163) equivalent grade steel to API 5L Grade B
13.05.2008 The material Specification is SS41 and SM41A in JIS standards. What is the equivalent in ANSI or BS standards
13.05.2008 which is the equivalent AISI number of the following Chinese Stailess Steel 2CR 14
13.05.2008 which us stainless steel tube specification matches with italian tube specification FE 360
13.05.2008 What Chinese steel AND what AISI steel meets the requirements of ASTM A285 Grade C?
13.05.2008 Different avaqilable qualities in AISI 9310H?
13.05.2008 Equivalences of Ovako 253L steel alloy?
08.05.2008 So EN 10149-2 Grade s700mc does not have an ASTM equivelent. What might be a good substitute? Is it a high strength, low alloy like A572 or similar?
08.05.2008 What is the AISI equivalent of Danish steel STEMPELSTANG-SS 2142?
08.05.2008 Is Carbon Steel S45C , High Tensile 8.8 equivalent to ASTM 325
08.05.2008 Looking to translate european spec EN10149-2 grade S700MC to an ASTM standard material
08.05.2008 We´d like to import Channel beams and angle beams steel A36 grade . Who in CIS produces steel or metal products I need?
08.05.2008 Chemical composition and foreign equivalences of Chinese (GB Standard) steel 40B
08.05.2008 Help me to find foreign equivalences of Russian steel 35 Л (as per GOST).
07.05.2008 What is the russian equivilant to mild steel A36 (36 ksi / 250 kPa yield) and ASTM A572 Gr 50 material (50 ksi / 345 kPa yield).
07.05.2008 What is the equivelent ASTM # for ALMG3?
04.05.2008 What is the steel equivalent for 1.4528 geh?
04.05.2008 What is the ASTM equivalent to BS EN 10028-3 P355 NH/NL1
04.05.2008 equivolent material to astm 299
04.05.2008 What are the equivqlent standards for material grade DIN 1.4122. Is it a stainless steel or what??
04.05.2008 Request Chinese equivalent to ASTM A572 GR50 and AR400 if possible.
04.05.2008 Hello, I need the US equivalent of the following material spec BD 1.0347-1554/LG/BK
30.04.2008 For 10ChSND steel plate there is a correspondence with the European quality
30.04.2008 I need to know the equivalent american steel to Fe52C & Fe52D
30.04.2008 Q235, is this a cold rolled steel or a hot rolled steel in a 20x6mm flat bar situation. Does it come in both and have a different grade name for hot or cold rolled?
30.04.2008 I am working on a project which sepcifies a German made steel, classification 1.0405 in seamless pipe form and round bar stock form. Nomenclature for this product is P255G1TH; St 45.8. What is the American (ASTM) standard for this product. I believe it is A106 however, I'm not sure as to which grade
30.04.2008 I am working on a project which specifies a German made steel, classification 1.5415 in seamless pipe form. Nomenclature for this product is 16Mo3; 15Mo3. What is the American (ASTM) classification for this material. I believe it is A204 however, I'm not sure if it is Gr. A, B, or C.
28.04.2008 what is the USA material equivalent for EN 10 025 - S355JR+N in BAR form ?
28.04.2008 What is the composition for american grade: API5L-X52 ?
28.04.2008 What is the US equivalant of C45 UNI 7845 and Fe 430 B UNI 7070 steel?
28.04.2008 What is the ASME or ASTM steel designation equivalent for the German steel of "StE 460 DIN 17102"? The item was built around 20 years ago. This is a pressure vessel, so an ASME equivalence would be preferable.
25.04.2008 Chinese equivalent to ASTM 5150 Carbon Chromium Spring Steel
25.04.2008 Our customer requires ASTM Equivalent of BS4659 BO1
25.04.2008 Our customer requires ASTM Equivalent of BS3332 Type B Babbit
25.04.2008 Our customer requires ASTM Equivalent of BS4360 Grade 43A or BS970 070M20
25.04.2008 Our customer requires ASTM Equivalent of BS4360 Grade 43A or BS970 070M20
25.04.2008 Can I replace the grade C345(GOST) with S355J2G3
25.04.2008 What is the equivalent of S355J2G3 in GOST
21.04.2008 What is composition of DIN 15Mo3 and what are ASTM and EN equivalents
21.04.2008 ASTM and foreign equivalents (or closest) in composition and tensile strength for ElectroGalvanized steel sheet under JIS G3313 SEHG and SECC. Thanks
21.04.2008 ASTM A1008, commercial steel type B foreign equivalences (or closest), with composition and tensile strength comparison
21.04.2008 what is the equivalent for p265gh en 10216 -2 in astm / asme / sa
21.04.2008 Need US equivalent to the following two german steel designations: CF53 N, 19 MnCr 5
21.04.2008 What is the Chinese Steel number Q215A equivalent to BS & ASTM
21.04.2008 What is ASTM equivalent to DIN St 60-2 or EN10025 E355?
21.04.2008 What is the equivalent of ASME SA 516 Gr 70 in DIN standard and its chemical composition?
21.04.2008 what is the chemical composition of q235b and q345b ? are they comparable to astm-a36 and astm-a992 ?
17.04.2008 What is the equivalent standard of ASTM A36 to British Standard material?
17.04.2008 what is the equivalnet ASTM GRADE for 12L14 steel bar
17.04.2008 USA equivalent for following materials: 30 CrNiMo 8 (material number 1.6580), 34 CrNiMo 6 (material number 1.6582), S355J2G3 (material number 1.0570)
16.04.2008 What is the Australian Equivalent of Spanish Steel A42b?
14.04.2008 I am seeking a material in the USA equivalent to DIN EN 10623 C10C. The application is for an inner steel tube for a suspension bushing
14.04.2008 Please give me DIN and JIS equivilant to UK spec En19
11.04.2008 What is Amercian standar AISI means? what is the relationship between AISI and SUS
11.04.2008 Chinese Equiv to UNS K93120, ASTM A228
11.04.2008 What is the US equivalent to Germany ST 52-3 Material
11.04.2008 I need the alternate material for RST37-2 standar DIN 1017 Could you help me?
11.04.2008 Dear /sir Australian Tubeline 350 LO - type3 yield strenght 350/N.mm2 Tensile 430/N.mm2 could chinese Q235 or Q345be used? I been told that Q235 is equal to Bs1139
11.04.2008 We need to know the following JSI to ASTM: STB35s, SB42, SS41
11.04.2008 Please give me the AISI or ASTM conversion for the JIS grade SNB 16. C-0.36 - 0.44%; Si 0.20 - 0.25%; Mn 0.45 - 0.70%; P 0.040%; S 0.040%; Cr 0.80 - 1.15%; Mo 0.50 - 0.65%; V 0.25 - 0.35%
08.04.2008 Hello, I need the US equivalent of the following: Steel- 1) 16MNCR 2) CR45 Aluminum- 3) ADC12
07.04.2008 What is the equivalent in ASTM or SAE to Material DD13 as per DIN
07.04.2008 I am looking for worldwide equivalent standards for ASTM A 105 Forged Carbon Steel
07.04.2008 What is the chemical composition of jis SK5M steel and its US equivalent material name?
07.04.2008 What is the European steel standard Equivalent to SAE 1010
07.04.2008 Help me to find foreign equivalences, composition, and properties of Russian steel or alloy. 09G2S-12 (GOST 5520-79)
03.04.2008 I wish to translate the following steel SS 1312 SS 1914 into SAE standard
03.04.2008 What is the alternate material to ASTM A-148 GRADE 95-115?
03.04.2008 I am looking for the ASTM or AMS equivilent to Steel DIN 17440 1.4571
03.04.2008 Please tell me the material types that have a composition of C 0.30 Mn 0.47 P 0.021 S 0.023 Si 0.33 Ni 3.19 Cr 0.96 Mo 0.15
02.04.2008 russian equivalent for SA 537 Class 1
02.04.2008 Astm equivalent of ST52
02.04.2008 Please advise equivalent of SAE 4340 and China fushun 40CrNiMoA steel
02.04.2008 Which Chinese steel grade is closest compared to S355K2G3. And where can i find a table where are shown Cinese steel compared to EN Standard ?
02.04.2008 we have ordered some fasteners from china material BS4360 grade 43a - we have been offered q235a is this an equivalent, if so what are the chemical compositions
02.04.2008 long name and analysis of W1.6758 from DIN 17115
01.04.2008 Can you help us with some information about Chinese Steel 16MNR and Q235B, which we want to use as materials for PED pressure vessel constructions. What are the equivalents for the Chinese Materials in DIN/EN norms and what are the chemical compositions ? Many thanks
01.04.2008 What are the equivalent ISO and AISI standards for SAE12L14, SAEC10L10 and SAE1018
31.03.2008 can we get the composition of Spanish grade F-127 and any equivalent grade in any other standard?
31.03.2008 Please advise U.S. equivalent steel grades for the following: 20MnCr5 18NiCrMo5 16CrNi4
28.03.2008 We have received an order for manufacture of collets. We usually use 4140s as the raw material, but the customer's drawings (from China) indicate "9062 spring steel". We are not familiar with this material - please advise
28.03.2008 What is equivalent in China to A514 flange steel hardened to B321
28.03.2008 Please could you give me the following equivalents to BS EN 10025 S355J2G3 in US and Japanese standards
28.03.2008 Difference between AISI 316 and ASTM A479 Type 316
28.03.2008 What is the alternate material to 44MnSiVS6 which is a German steel number?
28.03.2008 What is the AISI equivalent to JIS SS41 Steel?
28.03.2008 What is the ASME or ASTM equivalency to Q235?
28.03.2008 What is the nearest U.S. equivalent of Italian steel Fe 360 UNT EN 10025?
28.03.2008 What is the equivalent AISI grade for spanish grade F-127?
28.03.2008 Is corredt to produce from material grade S 235JRG2 tubes and profiles according to standard EN 10305 and designate after into material grade E 235?
28.03.2008 Is corredt to produce from material grade S 235JRG2 tubes and profiles according to standard EN 10305 and designate after into material grade E 235?
28.03.2008 what the equivalent of the rolled steel EN 10025- S275JG3-LV3340801 IN JIS and ASTM standared
28.03.2008 please advise the astm equivalent for chinese q195 steel tube
26.03.2008 What are the composition values of S235JRG2 and what is JIS equivalent? Welding of S235JRG2 and JIS SS400?
26.03.2008 What are the composition values of S235JRG2 and what is JIS equivalent? Welding of S235JRG2 and JIS SS400?
26.03.2008 What is in the nickel alloy SA-515-70?
20.03.2008 Please advise of the UK equivalent for specification SPC270C (mild steel).
20.03.2008 Can you please help me, What is the Chinese equivelent of JIS standard JIS G3106 -SM570 ? is it Q460C, right ?
20.03.2008 What is the B.S. equivelant of ASTM A36
20.03.2008 Is correct to produce pipes from material S 235JRG according standard EN 10217-1 and designate after into material grade P235TR1?
19.03.2008 Dear Sir, I' d like to know the relative permeability of the 11SMnPb30 free-cutting steel
19.03.2008 Can you please help me, What is the Chinese equivelent of American standard ASME SA516 Grade 70?
19.03.2008 WHAT IS THE EQUIVALENT OF Werstoff 1.7373 in other standards?
17.03.2008 Dear Sir, How can I get any analysis, certificatesm data sheets for "45г17ю3", HP Profile and sheets. Or may be, any equivalent standard. Would like to receive replies quickly. Sincerely
17.03.2008 What is the British equivalent (EN system please if possible) to the US steel, 1144?
17.03.2008 My question is: We have signed a contract in Sweden (Europe) to deliver conveyer bridge. According to specification steel grade should be S355J2G3. We have planned to use Chinese tubular section with grade Q345C. Is this in technical way ok?
17.03.2008 What is the Chinese equivelent of British BS4360-50B
17.03.2008 What is the Chinese equivelent of American A36 steel
17.03.2008 Can you please tell me the equivalents for 1.7220?
13.03.2008 ASTM equivilant to German standard on: BD 1.0347 - 1544/LG/BK; BD EN10140-EN10139-DC01+C590-BK; BD EN10143-Stahl EN10142-DX52D+ZF275-N-A
13.03.2008 Alternate material for 16Mn and 65Mn?
12.03.2008 Sorry, it was a typo, I meant to ask the UK equivalent for 13CrMo4-5
12.03.2008 What is the UK equivalent to 10CrMo4-5?
12.03.2008 What is the chinese standard for ASTM A 537 CL 1 and A 283 GR C steel sheets
12.03.2008 What is the the chemical composition of ASTM 320 7L material. Is it a stainless steel.
07.03.2008 I am looking for the JIS number for some aluminums: 356, and 357, preferably cast or possibly hot formed
06.03.2008 I need to know what are the Chinese equivalent for following European Grade: S235JR S275JR S355JO
06.03.2008 Can you please provide the EN equivalent of AISI 6060-T6 aluminum?
05.03.2008 composition and ASTM equivalences of JIS SC 480 material
05.03.2008 What is the American equivalent for BS EN 10210 S355J2H?
05.03.2008 What is the American equivalent for BS EN 10210 S355J2H?
05.03.2008 what is the amerian steel grade for the following Chemical analysis: C: 0.12 - 0.18 % Si: 1.00 % Mn: 0.44 - 0.50 % P: 0.013 % S: 0.007 or, 0.008 %
02.03.2008 What is the Australian equivalent of European EN 10025-S235JR and US A283 GrC?
02.03.2008 What is the percentage of Ni composition in the SAE 1050 steel(US steel grade) and 50 steel(Chinese steel grade)?
02.03.2008 Chinese Equivalent Standard for BS1449 CS 70
02.03.2008 i'm looking for steel channel to grade s355j2 in south korea, please could you advise equivalent korean specification and where i can find information on available sizes?
28.02.2008 What is the different between Q345B and Q345D? Which one is higher grade?
28.02.2008 what is din equivalent of aisi c1144?
28.02.2008 I wish to know the equivalant BSEN 10025 grade to JIS G SS540
28.02.2008 What's the equivalent chinese grade for the SAE 1050? (mainly taking account the C% and Ni%)
28.02.2008 Chineese equivilents to : Hot Roll: A36 Cold Roll: C1018 Stainless Steel: 303
28.02.2008 What is the German equivalent to ASTM A 517 F T1? What is the number of the corresponding ASTM standard?
26.02.2008 please advise the equivalent grades for /BS EN 10025 S355 (min yield point 51 Ksi or more , Tensile strength 71 Ksi, size range 3)
26.02.2008 What is the chemical compostion and steel equivalents for pipe grade S355
26.02.2008 What is the nearest ASTM grade to DIN material 1.4463?
26.02.2008 would like to know the chemical composition of Q 345 and 16 Mn (or C 16 Mn if existing) chinese steel grades and the relevant European equivalences
26.02.2008 what is australian standard name for SAE1045
26.02.2008 What is the density of Grade Q235B (GB/T700) or is there any equivalent to Australian/Japanese Standard?
26.02.2008 Kinly let us know the eqivalent british standard of SAE 1215 STEEL
26.02.2008 what are the equalant materials for API5L X 60 in most common standards
26.02.2008 What is American equivalent of S45C Steel?
26.02.2008 What are the Chineese equivilents to : Stainless Steel: 303
26.02.2008 What are the Chineese equivilents to : Hot Roll: A36
26.02.2008 What is the AISI equivalent of St37K steel? Is it AISI 1010?
26.02.2008 We're researching a naval product for a European subsidary for US manufacture. The British Aluminum material called out is BS1474 HE30-TF. The US material equivalent recommended was AA6082. Our supplier indicates that this is not available in the US. They suggest 6061. Would you have a recommendation or think 6061 would be an adequate substitution?
26.02.2008 what is the asme equivalent of aisi 1008 reference to pressure vessels
22.02.2008 What is the chemical composition and steel equivalents for 56T5
22.02.2008 What is the South African Grade equivalent of S235 JR according to BS EN10025
22.02.2008 what is the chemical composition of c45?
20.02.2008 What are the ASME Equivalent, composition and properties for C45+N steel?
20.02.2008 what is chemical composition of GG-20?
20.02.2008 ASTM EQIVALENT TO DIN STANDARD 1.4021/1.7139 FOR shafting material
20.02.2008 In a request for quote 1010 steel was specified. Quotation rec'd. specified 11SMnPb37 steel Are they equivalent materials?
20.02.2008 I'd like to know what's the correpondence for the Fe37 to ASTM?
20.02.2008 What the equavalent ASTM standard for EN 10025 S355 JR?
20.02.2008 What is the US equivalant grade of steel to S355J2G3 and St52-2N
20.02.2008 Mechanical properties of steel ASTM 105 grade B
20.02.2008 which are the equivalent grade & standard as per American, Japanese & British standard for DC01 En10139 grade steel & what is the chemical composition & application of this grade? Kindly reply
20.02.2008 I would like to know the chinese equivalents to these: DC10; 11SMnPb30
20.02.2008 Please tell me the BS equivalent of JIS G3101 SS 400??
14.02.2008 what's the JIS/ASTM/ASME/AISI equivalent to material 15W12C1 (manufactured by Sandvik, Sweden) and please advise it composition
14.02.2008 I am looking for the composition and properties of EN19 709M40 steel.
14.02.2008 Would you know the DIN, EN and BS equivalent to SS 2511-08 (swedish case hardening steel)
14.02.2008 Please tell me the North American equivilant, or the closest you can suggest, to German material 37MnS15
13.02.2008 ASTM equivalent of Italian grade Fe510C
13.02.2008 How does Chinese Steel Tube Q235 and Q345 compare to S235JRH?
13.02.2008 looking for cross reference on ALMG-3 aluminum pipe to american standard and where to purchase in USA or Canada
13.02.2008 Can you please tell me the American equivalent (or closest) material to DIN EN 10305-3 E235 ?
08.02.2008 Can you give me the ASME equivalent for Aluminum 5754, 6005 and 6082
08.02.2008 I am looking for the U.S. equivalent to C10C DIN EN10263-2, which is a German spec. I need the equivalent and the chemical composition for that equivalent material.
08.02.2008 Which companies in Ukraine/Russia/China produces: 350mmx14meter seamless carbon steel pipe
08.02.2008 What is the stell equivalent to EN1A in DIN standard
08.02.2008 Could you please tell me the Australian equivelant to S235
06.02.2008 What is the AISI equivalent to S355J2+N
06.02.2008 What is the DIN equivalent to SAE 1010, 1020
06.02.2008 1) What is JIS equivalent of steel (DIN EN 10149-2 : 1995-11) S460MC 2) What is JIS equivalent of steel (DIN EN 10149-2 : 1995-11) S420MC
06.02.2008 Can you confirm API and Werkstoff specs matching L245GA and EN 10208-1 grades?
06.02.2008 Pease give me the JIS equivalent of the folloing steel: UNI 8550 18 Ni Cr Mo 5
06.02.2008 What are the Japanese and China equivalents to US AISI 4140?
06.02.2008 Please advise an equivalent grade of tubing in Europe known as ASTM A148 Grade 80/50 Ceram Spun Tubing in the U.S.A
06.02.2008 Please advise what 4340 Heat Treated Bar is called in Europe
04.02.2008 DIN equivalent Standard to ASTM 307 Grade 8.8
04.02.2008 What is the JIS equivelant to CSA G40.21 350Wand CSA G40.21 300W
01.02.2008 Could you please let us know the names of the plants in Ukraine manufacturing square billets 100x100 (steel 35GS)?
01.02.2008 Please supply the chinese equivalent to BS3100 1991 Grade A2
31.01.2008 What is the ASTM equivalent for SUS304 stainless steel?
30.01.2008 What is equivalent Chinese Standard, or JIS standard to 11SMn30 Material. Please advsie soon. regards
29.01.2008 I would like to know metal equivalent of German (DIN) standard for AISI 304, 304L and 316 (The American standard material). Thanks
29.01.2008 What is the EN equivalent of ASTM A53 grade B?
29.01.2008 Thanks, would we asked the CIS suppliers for hot rolled steel wire, as grade 9SMnpb28. as well as billet for the same grade??
28.01.2008 what is ASTM, ASME and ANSI equivalent of DIN 1543 (ST37-2)?
25.01.2008 What is the equivalent steel grade for ASTM 615 Grade 40 in Spanish standards
25.01.2008 Can you advise what will the Canadian/North American material spec equivalent to the material as below. "Ni Cr 342" is austenitic stainless steel material. I managed to get following equivalencies for steel Ni Cr 342 steel EN 30 B, which is Belgian standard: German standards - DIN 35 Ni Cr 18 (WNR 5864) French standard - 40 NC 17
24.01.2008 What is the AISI/SAE equivalent to Aluminum Magnesium Sheet per DIN 1783 - Al Mg3
24.01.2008 What is the equalivant steel grade for SAE 4130 in Chinese standards?
23.01.2008 I wanted to know the chinese equivalent of this material S355J2G3+N and in which norm i can find it. Thank you
23.01.2008 What is a proper US availible equivalent to NAXTRA 63 in the 22mm (7/8") thickness range?
23.01.2008 I need the US equivalent to S132 steel
23.01.2008 What is the equilivant steel grade for SAE 4130 in Chinese standards?
23.01.2008 What is the Chinese equivalent to US grade SAE 4130 steel?
22.01.2008 Can you supply the UK and US equivalents of ST52-3N?
22.01.2008 Can you explain the differences between Stainless steel grades EN1.4408 and EN1.4581? Thank you in advance
22.01.2008 What's the Chinese equivalent product of SAIP 1006, SAIP 1018 and SAIP 10B21 steel?
22.01.2008 VARIABLES OF STD AISI 1215 & GOST 380-94? THANKS
22.01.2008 chem composition of ASIS 1215 Steel Billets
17.01.2008 Please advice equivalent Chinese grade for - Carbon Steel Pipe as per BS 3059 ERW 360 Part II
17.01.2008 What is the EN equivalent for Grade 3SP/PS
17.01.2008 What is the EN equivalent for Grade 08KP
16.01.2008 What is the German DIN standard equivalent for SS400 and SUS304?
16.01.2008 the chemical composition of 42CrMos4. C,Si,Mn,P,S,Cr,Mo
16.01.2008 What is the Australian material equivalent to ASTM A36
16.01.2008 Composition and foreign equivalences of Q345A, Q390A and Q235A
14.01.2008 Please provide me the chemical composition of boron Steel 29MnCrB5 Further also let me know the % of AL & TI
14.01.2008 What is the USA equivalent of Japan steel HAP40?
14.01.2008 What are the European & AISI standard equivalents of BS 970 220m07?
14.01.2008 could you please inform me of the closet AMS aluminum alloy specification to the Chinese alloy LY12-CZ
14.01.2008 Where can I find a copy of LD30 Chinese alloy? I need to compare chemistry and mechanical characteristics to 6061 aluminum alloy.
14.01.2008 What is the US equivelent to EN10025 S355J2G3
14.01.2008 What is the American (AISI...) material equivilant for S235JRG2?
14.01.2008 from EN to ASTM and API : S235JR, S355JR
26.12.2007 what is the IS or ASME equivalent for S235 JRG2 +N / S355 JRG3 +N ?
26.12.2007 Can you tell me the Japanese or Korean equivalent steel grade of German S355J2G3
26.12.2007 IS grade Q235 equivalent to ASTM A588 . If not what is its equivalent ?
26.12.2007 What is US equivalent of spring steel for UHS 1900 (Japan steel)
21.12.2007 Then could you please, give us the nearest Eurpoean or Chinese equivalence for the steel type 32HA-C730 and 18G2AV - E42?
21.12.2007 Please advise closest Aust equiv i.e 4340 to 35CrMo. Material is a hinge pin in a grab manufactured in China
20.12.2007 what is the Chinese equivalent of ASTM A 53 Type S Gr.,B steel pipe specification
19.12.2007 What is the Russian equivalent for ASTM A572 GR50
19.12.2007 What is the Us equivalent for S235 JR an AlMg3?
18.12.2007 What is the European (EN ....), and JIS material equivilant for AISI 4150?
14.12.2007 The equivalent ASTM for the following french standard material: A439 TYPED - 2; Z2 CND 22 - 5AZ
14.12.2007 What is the equivalent for the Russian Market of the DIN normed steel 1.2312. Are there Russian manufactures able to produce steel 1.2312 for flat plate production with certificat
14.12.2007 What is the BSEN & ASTM equivalent of DH36 steel?
14.12.2007 PLEASE LET ME KNOW En/or DIN equivalent steels for the following UNI Specifications 1. 11SMnPb37 UNI10087 2. U85MV8(F) 3. 9SMnPb23
14.12.2007 What is the difference between A36 and AH36
14.12.2007 What is the equivalent steel grade for AISI 1006 & AISI 1008?
14.12.2007 What is the equivalent of ASME SA 516 Gr 60 in DIN standard?
14.12.2007 What is the chemical composition of steel grade St 52 please
11.12.2007 What is the eqivalent steel in russia, for AL-6xn(UNS N08367) , what are the maufacturers in russia?
11.12.2007 What is the equivalent to ST35 to sae steel and what is the equivalent to ST00 to sae steel?
11.12.2007 DIN W1.4567 equivalents
07.12.2007 What's the chemical composition of 1.4749, DIN?
07.12.2007 I'd like to get the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the folllowing steel specification / classification: Q 345 B, Q 235 B and 16 Mn R.
06.12.2007 What is the US steel equivalent to Japanese S43 to S48?
05.12.2007 What is the nearest US equivalent grade to EN 1.7182?
05.12.2007 What is the Australian equivalent of steel C40
05.12.2007 I am looking for an german equivalant to the american 10B21
04.12.2007 European steel specification for ST 52.3 chemical properties and USA cross reference
04.12.2007 what is the UNI equivalent of CR12MOV?
04.12.2007 what is equivalent of SM41A jis in DIN standard?
29.11.2007 Can I substitute 17NiCrNo6-4 HH EN 10084 with chinese 17Cr2Ni2Mo? Is it equivalent or closest equivalent? If not, what is equvalent or closest equivalent? Thanks
29.11.2007 what is the BS equivalent of ASTM A 709 M GRADE 345 AND 345W
29.11.2007 I need equivalents to theese standards in Chinese standards S355J2H, S355J2G3, DIN2391/BK
27.11.2007 For russian steel 35XGCA, which is equivalent ASTM steel
22.11.2007 what is ASTM, ASME and ANSI equivalent of DIN 1543 (ST37-2)?
22.11.2007 what is the chinese steel specification equivalnt to ck 45
22.11.2007 What is the ASME equivalent of AS 1548-7-430-R?
21.11.2007 what is the chinese equivalent to S 355 J0 ( EN 10025) for plates
21.11.2007 I need to source ASTM 570, GRADE 55. If applicable, please advise the exact or closest European equivalent
21.11.2007 What is ASTM and ASME and AISI equivalnt of Chinese steel Q345C?
21.11.2007 Please, inform me which Chinese standards are the same with GOST 8731 ,8732, 8733, 8734?
21.11.2007 What is the North American Equiv. for C10C EN 10263-2 MAT # 1.0214
21.11.2007 I am looking for an easily obtainable equivalent to bs aisi S1
21.11.2007 What is the ASME equivelent to SAE J403 GR 1008 (01)-CS steel
21.11.2007 what is steel type C2 and european cross reference
21.11.2007 What are the compositon and mechanical property (especially izod impact) specifications for DIN 17201 Werkstoff 1.6932?
09.11.2007 What is the JIS equivalent to 1022 SAE J403
09.11.2007 what is the equivalent of Q235 C in ASME material
08.11.2007 What is the JIS equivalent to 35B2 DIN 1654-4
08.11.2007 What is the JIS equivalent to 12L14 SAE J403
07.11.2007 what is the equivalent of GOST 8731-74 / 8732-78 gr.B?
06.11.2007 China equivalent of ASTM A572Gr50
06.11.2007 What is the Chinese equivalant of 10037 SR235JR DIN EN 10025 steel? What is the Chinese equivalant of 10038 S235JRG2 DIN EN 10025?
06.11.2007 what is the equivalent BS, AISI/SAE, ASTM for 1.4713
06.11.2007 Is Grade-St52-3 or equivalent Grade available in Asian Steel Market?
06.11.2007 How does AISI 1012 compare to ST1X?
02.11.2007 What is the chemical composition of 1.0214 steel (QST36-3)
02.11.2007 What are the equivelent designation number for the American alloy steel D6A in China, Russia, and in the EU.
02.11.2007 besides charpy inpact, are there any significant differences between EN 10025 S355J2 and EN 10025 S355K2 steel grades
01.11.2007 what is material code SWRCH10R ?
01.11.2007 What is the closest US equivalent of S25 material. S25 is assumed to be a JIS call-out.
31.10.2007 What is the equivalent Carbon-manganese steel for low temperature service, Grade NV 2 - 4 (from Det Norske veritas Clasification Society) whit following mechanical properties (Tensile strengh 400-490 N/mm, Yield Stress 265 N/mm; Elongation minimum 24, Impact Tranverse 27 Joules minimun, minimun desing temperature -50ºC (-58ºF) to ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and ASTM?
31.10.2007 what is the EN equivalent steel to the US AISI-4140
30.10.2007 We are looking on an US equivalent to SS-EN 11SMnPb30 (cold drawn). Our supplier has suggested USA 1213 but is there a better choise, for example 12L13, or any other equivalent that could be better when concerning mechanical properties
30.10.2007 What is an equivalent grade or nearby standard of following. 30Cr Ni Mo 8, H304.38.02.00 Cb, 31Cr Ni 14
30.10.2007 What is the Australian equivalent to P275 NL1 & P355 NL1 or the closest grade equivalent
30.10.2007 What is the Chinese grade equal to ASTM A514
30.10.2007 What Chinese grade is equal to ASTM A514 with Min Yeild of 620 MPa
30.10.2007 What is the ASTM equivalent to S355 J2G3?
30.10.2007 What is the nearest BS-EN standard for carbon steel sheets manufactured to the SPCC standard
30.10.2007 what is the metallurgical compound of 30 kgsn
26.10.2007 please i need a full comparison for linepipe steel #20 of GOST, to API 5L Grade B, and grade Q235 of chinese GB standard. thanks
26.10.2007 What is the ASTM equivalent to S355 MC
26.10.2007 How long does it take for you to respond to a Steel question?
26.10.2007 Please , the GermanSteel S235 JRH152 is equivalent to chinese q 235 steel?
26.10.2007 Foreign equivalences of Polish steel 40HNMA
24.10.2007 Is the material SS400-P in JIS standard equivalent to S275JR in ASME standard?
24.10.2007 What is the AISI name for material with composition 0.12C, 0.80Si, 17.50Mn, 0.050P, 0.015S, ref Ni, 17,50Cr, ref Mo. Thks.
24.10.2007 What is the equvalent or nearbye standard of API 5L GR65 in Russian standards?
24.10.2007 Who are the manufacturers of 25CrMo4 Tubes in India. What is the alternate material for this tube
24.10.2007 Is S235JR class 10.9 material equivelant to A325?
24.10.2007 Is S235JR class 5, CS material equivelant to A307?
24.10.2007 Is S235JR material equivelant to A36?
24.10.2007 What Is the US eqivalent (ASTM or AISI) of SJ235 J2?
24.10.2007 Please advise equivalent of DIN 37MnSi5 (BS 35SiMn) for JIS
23.10.2007 What is the Chinese equivalent to SAE 1008, SAE 1010 and SAE 1018?
23.10.2007 What is the equivalent of 34CrNiMo 6 to US Standard
20.10.2007 Is AISI1006 the same as 220 M07 (EN1A), if not what is the difference.
20.10.2007 I have a steel spec of FE P05 GZFB. What does the GZFB mean?
20.10.2007 What is the ASTM equal for the following materials: S275JR EN 10025 S235JR EN 10025 S355J0 EN 10025
20.10.2007 I need CORTEN plate with different thickness and dimention with ASTM No A588
18.10.2007 Composition and foreign equivalences of 4034 C steel?
18.10.2007 What are Taiwan/China equivalents of IMPAX SUPREME (modified AISI P20)

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