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  • Give me please composition of any world steel or alloy.
  • I need information on properties of a product of any world steel grade.
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  • Please help me to find a grade designation by known chemical composition.
  • Who in CIS produces steel or metal products I need?

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28.04.2014 What type of steel material is 15 CP D6
28.04.2014 Steel 45X gost 4543-71 chemical composition
25.04.2014 mechanical properties of 4340
25.04.2014 h800la steel equivalent
25.04.2014 s31600 stainless composition
25.04.2014 steel designation standards comparison sheet for jis and is? Which is alternate material to SPHN2 in Indian standard
24.04.2014 Brass Material Specification
24.04.2014 What is the British or European equivalent steel spec for 30176?
24.04.2014 what is the alternative materials below:
400N/mm² TENSILE (Rm)
24.04.2014 what material electrode Rod ER55-B2-MnV equivalent on asme code
23.04.2014 ASTM Steel Specifications
23.04.2014 Steel Specification Equivalents 17-4ss
23.04.2014 what is another name for steel 1.4122
23.04.2014 Ref Mech Tubing A-519 grade 1016 vs. grade 1045. Would a grade 1045 have any noticeable difference than the grade 1026??
22.04.2014 c4c comparison to #35 steel
22.04.2014 st52 steel mechanical properties
22.04.2014 properties if steel a622
22.04.2014 aisi 1015 steel composition
21.04.2014 Need AMS# for stainless steels compliant with ISO 7153-1
21.04.2014 Is there a USA equivalent to French 30NCD17 steel that meets ASTM-A723 (2) / UNS K34035?
18.04.2014 astm material code list
18.04.2014 st52-3 steel equivalent
18.04.2014 835M30 steel equivalent
18.04.2014 what does the symbol 2x80x8 represent as a symbol on European steel dwgs ?
17.04.2014 What is the maximum Hydrogen content in 15B36 steel
17.04.2014 Werkstoff 1.2767 equivalent
17.04.2014 stkm16a steel equivalent
17.04.2014 13crmo44 material equivalent
17.04.2014 atos60 steel property
16.04.2014 L80 steel equivalent
16.04.2014 ductile iron related international specifications
16.04.2014 spec for s45c steel
16.04.2014 chemical composition of steel
15.04.2014 c-45 steel equivalent
15.04.2014 list of steel equivalent grades
15.04.2014 south african steel equivalent for grade e470
15.04.2014 specs for s45c steel forging
15.04.2014 ar400 material properties
15.04.2014 carbon steel grades comparison
15.04.2014 q235b gb 700 astm equivalent
15.04.2014 040a10 bs en steel equivalent
15.04.2014 Respected Sir,
Please provide Chemical composition & Equivalent Steel (AISI) of steel grade TMS 63000.
14.04.2014 astm a500 grade a mechanical properties
14.04.2014 S460QL1 steel equivalent
14.04.2014 ASTM Steel Specifications
14.04.2014 en16t steel equivalent
14.04.2014 en 10083 steel equivalent
14.04.2014 stkm11a steel equivalent
14.04.2014 i want material ASTM 565 Gr 616 rod in India or equivalent material
11.04.2014 south african steel grades
11.04.2014 7140 steel properties
11.04.2014 EN 10088-3 QT900 MATERIAL?
11.04.2014 1045 steel properties
11.04.2014 what is AISI 10B35 STEEL
10.04.2014 BD3 tool steel equivalents
10.04.2014 pressure vessel steel grades worldwide
10.04.2014 s355j2c steel cross reference
10.04.2014 a572 grade 50 equivalent
09.04.2014 material equivalents 2.0090.26
09.04.2014 m45 steel specification
10.04.2014 steel standard cross reference
09.04.2014 what is sg50 steel
09.04.2014 q235b steel equivalent astm
09.04.2014 similar steels to A675
09.04.2014 steel equivalent grades
09.04.2014 asme equivalent for 48CrMo
09.04.2014 swch japanese steel specification
09.04.2014 k100 steel properties
08.04.2014 stainless steel specifications 1.4713
08.04.2014 astm a514 steel properties
08.04.2014 sae 10B23M equivalent
08.04.2014 1018 Steel Properties
08.04.2014 s355j2g3 mechanical properties
08.04.2014 sp120 steel spec
08.04.2014 I want to know indian equivalent material for DIN 1.0040 Gr.USt 42.2
07.04.2014 Thank you for the feedback below. Is there any grade of DX51D+ that has properties close enough to ASTM A653 Grade 40 CS Type B galvanized steel material?
07.04.2014 S355JOZ15 equivelant to ASTM
07.04.2014 steel comparisons sae 1006 and sae 1008
07.04.2014 astm equivalent to sae 4135 steel
07.04.2014 werkstoffnummer für stahlguss mit zugfestigkeit 520N/mm2
07.04.2014 Is the chinese hot- rolled stainless steel grade GB/T 4237-2007, equivalent to ASTM SA240 Gr 304 ?
04.04.2014 JIS H4160 astm equivalent
04.04.2014 japanese material SWRCH 15K what is equivalent North American
04.04.2014 1.4652 Avesta equivalent
04.04.2014 Bs equivalent to JIS G 3132
04.04.2014 Jis g3313 astm equivalent
04.04.2014 EN steel to ASTM steel comparisons
04.04.2014 b50 steel equivalent
04.04.2014 JSH 440 W steel spec
03.04.2014 stainless steel specification equivalents
03.04.2014 bs 1633c 28a asme equivalent
03.04.2014 alumec79 spec sheet
03.04.2014 LF350 equivalent steel grades
02.04.2014 14C14S14 STEEL EQUIVILENT
02.04.2014 italian steel equivalents u85mw8
02.04.2014 5304 stainless steel equivalent
02.04.2014 q345b steel mechanical properties
01.04.2014 crm8 steel equivalent
01.04.2014 din 1.2358 EQUIVELENT FOR AISI
01.04.2014 10325 GP material steel equivalent
01.04.2014 European equivalence IS 513 Gr EDD
31.03.2014 benox steel properties
31.03.2014 EQUIVALENT FOR EN10083-1C22
31.03.2014 can i use 2209 wire to weld on 253ma material
31.03.2014 Material is specified in the Bill of Materials as Alloy Steel Chain as per BS 3113 Gr.60 which is withdrawn since 2001, and the supplier has proposed ASTM A391Grade 80. Please advise if this is equal or better for lifting bail purposes.
28.03.2014 What is the alternate material for C75S-QT
27.03.2014 material steel spec. 112
27.03.2014 S235jr Steel Equivalent
See here (WinSteel Light) ...
27.03.2014 A214 Mechanical Properties
27.03.2014 What is steel grade CMVSi925
27.03.2014 44smm28 steel equivalent
27.03.2014 material spec for 13A steel
27.03.2014 need US Standard Equivalent Specification for BS S106 nitriding steel
27.03.2014 steel specification GFT_5001 details. Material for auto component. Size dia 16 mm
27.03.2014 What metal is AL66N
26.03.2014 Ar400 Steel Specification
26.03.2014 EN designation of ASTM A792
26.03.2014 what steel is most like c1010
25.03.2014 astm a105 equivalent material
25.03.2014 aisi 8620 steel properties
25.03.2014 9 S 20 K Steel Equivalent
25.03.2014 410h stainless specs
25.03.2014 en8620 steel comparision
25.03.2014 hot rolled steel standards comparisons SS400
25.03.2014 STEEL 45X1, GOST-B-10230-75
25.03.2014 I need equivalent of AISI to China for 18CrNiMo7-6
25.03.2014 equivalent to grey iron
25.03.2014 steel specification EN10210 - S355 JH2 spec
25.03.2014 hsla vs carbon steel
25.03.2014 material grades commparison 1.4404
25.03.2014 uns c67600 equivalent
24.03.2014 zst340 steel specification
24.03.2014 equivalence acier z10x6
24.03.2014 grade material for mild steel hollow section
24.03.2014 werkstoff lh380
24.03.2014 Worldwide Equivalent Material to HBsC3 and specifically for Egypt
24.03.2014 steel equivalent s235j2w
24.03.2014 What is F-2 in steel spec
24.03.2014 P365GH werkstoff tabelle
24.03.2014 9310 material properties
24.03.2014 AMS 6280 steel specification
24.03.2014 astm a36 steel properties
24.03.2014 Please give me material composition of 50CrV4G steel alloy and its physical properties.
21.03.2014 Werkstoff lsmnpb30
21.03.2014 en30b equivalent steel
21.03.2014 ASTM equivalent to WN 1.4828 heat resistant steel
21.03.2014 st37k equivalent material
21.03.2014 a35 equivalent steel
21.03.2014 What is grade 70 Plate? What is ASTM 515 Plate? What are there compositions? How are these plates similar to A36 plate and BQ plate The name of ASTM A515 standard is 'Pressure Vessel Plates, Carbon Steel, for Intermediate-and Higher-Temperature Service'.
21.03.2014 Material Properties 1018 Steel
21.03.2014 what type of steel is CARRS 235
21.03.2014 What is Chinese equivalent for ASTM A311 Stress Proof
20.03.2014 sae 1020 steel properties
20.03.2014 astm a36 equivalent
20.03.2014 waht is north american equivalent for material ZCuZn40Pb2
20.03.2014 q235 steel specification
20.03.2014 Looking for information on the new harmonized material specification MS.50002-HR12
19.03.2014 au4g material equivalent
19.03.2014 what is the chemical composition of astm b339 grade c
19.03.2014 equivalent of sae 12
19.03.2014 30cnd8 steel equivalent material spec
19.03.2014 GOST 8851-75
19.03.2014 What is the equivalent steel in USA to France's Z160CDV12?
18.03.2014 russian steel grades 65-13
18.03.2014 ar500 steel chemical composition
18.03.2014 A715 GR 80 steel specification
18.03.2014 material equivalent to a572 gr 50 steel
18.03.2014 s355k2h material equivalents
18.03.2014 what is steel k7
18.03.2014 Please i"ll like to know what class of steel piping is better when fresh water is involved, either the B90H or the SS316L class
17.03.2014 Could you please advise the composition and properties of SPN204 (type 10) steel?
17.03.2014 f22 material equivalent
17.03.2014 astm sae equivalent
17.03.2014 the equivalent material to Grade 20 MnV 6
17.03.2014 etg 100 steel equivalent
17.03.2014 8740 steel properties
14.03.2014 what is grade 90-60 normalize and temper on 8620 material? what is this spec
14.03.2014 Steel Grades, Properties and Global Standards
14.03.2014 what is the yield strength of ASTM A747 steel
14.03.2014 A487 Grade 10B Wrought equivalent
14.03.2014 1045 steel composition
14.03.2014 Japan SK7 Steel Equivalent
14.03.2014 Japan Steel SK5 equivelent
14.03.2014 SAE 1560 steel properties
14.03.2014 WHAT IS US EQUIVALENT TO BS970 835M30
13.03.2014 list of equivalent grades in carbon steels
13.03.2014 BS 2874 CA105 forging material specification
13.03.2014 BS 2874 CA104 forging material specification
13.03.2014 material a2 stainless steel 140-250 hv equivalent us standards
13.03.2014 astm a694 equivalent
13.03.2014 ultimate tensile strength of AISI and SAE steel
13.03.2014 what are the specifications and equivalent grades to Nissan's SP830?
12.03.2014 What is the hardness Specification for spfh590 steel
12.03.2014 A3 steel composition
12.03.2014 350w steel us equivalent
12.03.2014 correspondance astm a 106 gr b en NF
12.03.2014 EN 10088-2-1.4303+AT equivalent astm steel
12.03.2014 steel equivalent SK2
12.03.2014 st 52.3 material properties
12.03.2014 en 10132 c75s steel u.s. equivalent
12.03.2014 Equivalent material for Boilerplate 430 A
11.03.2014 what does the "V" in the alloy GS-21 Mn5V
11.03.2014 werkstoff 1.7745 properties
11.03.2014 astm a537 steel uk equivalent
11.03.2014 Mechanical Properties of 4140 Steel
11.03.2014 astm equal for EH36
11.03.2014 Comparision UNS 31803 zu A890-A4
11.03.2014 q345b equivalent astm grade
11.03.2014 Assab 88 cold work steel equivalent
11.03.2014 Please advise the closest american equivqlent material for a cast material called out as european grade GS 52.
10.03.2014 Equivalent IS / British Gde Required for Russian Standard / Gde 45XA OST 3-4365
10.03.2014 titanium material grades
10.03.2014 astm standards to australian equivalents hot rolled steel
10.03.2014 international stee specs
10.03.2014 en36 steel properties
10.03.2014 Brass Composition Metal
10.03.2014 Need Equivalent British and American Grade of 45XA OST 3-4365
07.03.2014 s7 tool steel equivalent
07.03.2014 302s25 equivalent
07.03.2014 MATERIAL astm a131-08 equivalent
a) 40xП GOST 977-75
b) 45 X д OST 3-4365-79
c) 30XrCA-3
07.03.2014 1.3207 high speed steel equivelant to
07.03.2014 EN 24 steel australian equivalent
07.03.2014 sae 1541 properties
07.03.2014 Aluminum or Steel, What is the equivalent in US for the following items? AlSi1MgMn 100HV UN-T633 material specification
06.03.2014 ssab material properties
06.03.2014 STKM13B - EN 10305 - EQUIVALENT?
06.03.2014 werkstoff ss316 vergleich zu din
06.03.2014 e295gc steel equivalent
06.03.2014 steel standards 44w europe equivalent
05.03.2014 350wa steel specifications
05.03.2014 4161h steel equivalents
05.03.2014 A-675 Gr 65 steel aisi equivalent
05.03.2014 08Х17Н15М3т international standard equivalent AISI and other
04.03.2014 is 1018 equivalent to St35
04.03.2014 sm490b steel astm equivalent
04.03.2014 18CrNiM07 steel asme equivalent
04.03.2014 equivalent material to free-machining Steel 12l14
04.03.2014 comparison ST 50 to american steel
04.03.2014 30CrNi6 QT werkstoffnummer
04.03.2014 astm a290 equivalent steel standards
04.03.2014 STE 360.7 Neue Werkstoffbezeichnung
04.03.2014 Please help me with equivalent of steel SCM20 in AISI
03.03.2014 equivilants for 38ndc4 steel
03.03.2014 material st37 equivalent
03.03.2014 ss1914 steel us equivalent
03.03.2014 q235 steel specification
03.03.2014 18nicrmo5 equivalent material
03.03.2014 équivalent acier 1.4849
03.03.2014 din 1028 equivalent
03.03.2014 Need British and American Standard to Russian Standard GOST 4784-74 ( Aluminum Alloy ) and Russian Standard GOST 4543-71 ( Steel Alloy )
03.03.2014 Why does 10B21 heat treat more uniformly?
03.03.2014 Our company produce artificial rice and I need to find a right steel for the cutting blade.
I'm looking for the right steel with this spec.
Type A: C 0.64, Si 0.63, Cr 8.12, Mo 0.85, V 0.33
Type B: C 0.50, Si -, Cr 8.25, Mo 1.30, V 0.36, N 0.11, Co 0.95, Ni 0.74
Please help me at least find a nearest steel.
28.02.2014 composition acier 1.4837
28.02.2014 350wa steel equivalent
28.02.2014 Why does 10B21 heat treat more uniformly?
28.02.2014 Our company produce artificial rice and I need to find a right steel for the cutting blade.
I'm looking for the right steel with this spec.
Type A: C 0.64, Si 0.63, Cr 8.12, Mo 0.85, V 0.33
Type B: C 0.50, Si -, Cr 8.25, Mo 1.30, V 0.36, N 0.11, Co 0.95, Ni 0.74
Please help me at least find a nearest steel.
28.02.2014 I need chemical composition for grade SF60A
27.02.2014 properties stainless steel
See here...
27.02.2014 UNS G12144 equivalents
27.02.2014 steel composition 1.2067
27.02.2014 12l14 steel equivalent
27.02.2014 equivelant A480 steel grades
27.02.2014 equivalent "20# Steel"
26.02.2014 Temperature to stress relieve EN19T material after welding
26.02.2014 astm a36 steel equivalent
See here (WinSteel Light) ...
26.02.2014 What United States steel can be used in place of india steel en15/sae1541
26.02.2014 steel 045m20 properties
26.02.2014 350wt steel composition
26.02.2014 EN15/SAE1541 US EQIVILANT
25.02.2014 what is A-52 steel
25.02.2014 Aisi 1018 DIN
25.02.2014 q235 equivalent astm
See here (WinSteel Light) ...
25.02.2014 abbreviations for steel
See here...
25.02.2014 I am looking for the equivalent astm or us material specification to BSFSE 445D which I believe is a Chinese specification. Thank you.
24.02.2014 Mn1.3;Mo0.5;Ni0.3 steel grade
24.02.2014 1075 carbon steel properties
24.02.2014 Could you please advise the American equivalent steel (ASTM, AISI, SAE) for SCM400?
24.02.2014 How does 14.9 compare with 12.9
21.02.2014 GOST 380 steel grade
21.02.2014 astm a193 b16 en equivalent grades
21.02.2014 uns g11440 equivalent material chinese
21.02.2014 Steel Specification Equivalents
21.02.2014 SAE 12L13 SPEC
21.02.2014 what is the American equivalent steel (AISI, ASTM, SAE) for SS400?
20.02.2014 What grade of steel can be used for a good galvanizing bath. I have built baths some years back but have forgotten. Thank you
20.02.2014 astm a237 class C steel equivalent
20.02.2014 caracteristique acier 20cnd6
20.02.2014 Stainless steel 316 what is spec
20.02.2014 One of customer drawing shows material of construction as MS 4361 steel. This component is made from a plate material and is supposed to be welded to ASTM 387 Gr. 11 Class 2 material. Can you please give me the correct standard and its equivalent to Indian standard if available.
19.02.2014 45 steel specification
19.02.2014 605m36 nearest equivalent
19.02.2014 din 1013 standard ASTM equivalent
19.02.2014 SAE-1018/MS EQUIVALENT
19.02.2014 Hi i want to know the reason for al added chemical in metal please
18.02.2014 Acier Z20 C25 French steel equivalent
18.02.2014 Hi i want to know the reason for al added chemical in metal please
18.02.2014 Is the AS/NZS 3678 G350 the direct equivalent for BSEN 10025 - S355 K2 + N
18.02.2014 Ar400 Steel Specification
18.02.2014 4140 annealed material properties
18.02.2014 physical properties of SA 213 317L
18.02.2014 inox steel chemical composition aisi 415
18.02.2014 hy-130 steel nominal composition
18.02.2014 Our wood stove had a cast iron box liner. The rear panels are breaking down. Can steel be used in a situation such as this or must we try to find a cast iron replacement. (Not that easy). If steel can be used, please specify if there is a special kind that we may use. We would be grateful for this information.
17.02.2014 I want to use steel or lead to make weights to exersize with. Can you please advise me?
17.02.2014 1)What is the equivalent of VSt3sp2 (Bcm3cn2-hand writing in russian) in ASME/ANSI?
2)What is the equivalent of VSt3ps3 (Bcm3nc3-hand writing in russian) in ASME/ANSI?
3)What is the equivalent of VSt3ps3 (Bcm3nc2-hand writing in russian) in ASME/ANSI?
17.02.2014 Dear sir, Kindly advise the equivalent materials of 30 cr mo v 9 in other standards
17.02.2014 swch45k equivalent steels
17.02.2014 A7 Steel material properties
17.02.2014 what is the difference between A606 and 1008 steel
17.02.2014 what is the us steel equivalent to s115mc steel
17.02.2014 what are the equivalent grades of MS 4361?? Shall We use ASTM A 36 instead of MS 4361??
17.02.2014 what is the chemical composition of AISI 4340 material? what are the equivalent materials of AISI 4340 in other standards ?
14.02.2014 AISI equivelent to DIN 1.2731
14.02.2014 IS 1213 STEEL EQUIVALENT TO 1018 STEEL
14.02.2014 4140 ht material properties database
14.02.2014 steel 1045 equivalent table
See here (WinSteel Light) ...
14.02.2014 grade 350A equivilent
14.02.2014 s960ql european steel equals what usa steel
14.02.2014 S235JR aisi equivalent tubing
14.02.2014 sae 1547 steel material number
14.02.2014 42crmo4v en equivalent
13.02.2014 605m36 steel equivalent
13.02.2014 cr mo steel specifications 4130
13.02.2014 Can 904L be used as a material of construction for an agitator in the manufacture ferric sulphate solution. Starting with 50% sulphuric acid, iron oxide with up to 3%m/m of hydrochloric acid. the operating temperature peaks at 110 deg C.
13.02.2014 a48m3s steel bs equivalent number
13.02.2014 1.4837 equivalent steel
13.02.2014 WELTEN 780E material equivalents
13.02.2014 770 stainless steel specifications
13.02.2014 what is SIAC 95 steel
13.02.2014 st52 3 material specification
12.02.2014 mn17 steel alternative
12.02.2014 BS970 220M07 EQUIVALENT
12.02.2014 23MnB4 (1.5535) material is equivalent to which Indian material
12.02.2014 I want to use steel or lead to make weights to exersize with. Can you please advise me?
11.02.2014 Steel equivalent 1.4305
11.02.2014 steel grades equivalent chart
11.02.2014 aisi 1045 astm equivalent
11.02.2014 is grade b steel pipe stronger than grade a steel pipe
11.02.2014 4140 steel specifications
10.02.2014 spring steel specifications ASTM 228
10.02.2014 16mn steel equivalent astm
10.02.2014 a13c steel equivalent
10.02.2014 Steel grade conversion from German or din to US
10.02.2014 c1023 material equivalent
07.02.2014 4007A composition
07.02.2014 en8 steel equivalent
07.02.2014 SAE 1006 specification
07.02.2014 41CrS4 steel usa equivalent
07.02.2014 A691 Gr.2.25cr CL 22 MATERIAL SPECS
07.02.2014 Dears, Please send to me information about GOST numbered steel 06Х12Н3Д and its equivalent in DIN or other Norms. Thanks in advance, Best regards.
07.02.2014 Mechanical Properties of 4140 Steel
07.02.2014 din 1.6523 21nicrmo2 steel properties
07.02.2014 1.2767 steel equivalent
07.02.2014 Is ASTM A668 equivalent to EN 10083?
06.02.2014 equivalent q345
06.02.2014 DIN 1.4401 equilalant material
06.02.2014 where can I find and get a quotation for Steel plate BS1501-151 26A With anti rust Surface Protection conforming to shell specs or others
05.02.2014 1008 vs a1011 steel
05.02.2014 34CRAIM steel equivalent
05.02.2014 aisi steel cross reference chart
See here...
05.02.2014 technical data sheet of arcelor mital acier 20m5
05.02.2014 What is equivalent steel avaliable in India compare with russian steel st20
05.02.2014 What is equivalent grade EN24 in Russia steel grade.
04.02.2014 8620 steel properties
04.02.2014 what steel grade is en6
04.02.2014 YIELD specifications of JIS G3132
04.02.2014 2062 grade b equivalent
04.02.2014 MATERIAL SPEC 37mNsI5v
03.02.2014 european steel specification conversion chart
See here...
03.02.2014 s355jo sae equivalent
03.02.2014 British steel en27 american equivalent
31.01.2014 Welding procedures for 819B steel
31.01.2014 steel q235b specification
31.01.2014 W1.4313 steel - properties
31.01.2014 steel specification 1.2516.32
31.01.2014 chemical and mechanical properties of S20C steel
31.01.2014 mechanical properties of 1018 hot rolled round steel
31.01.2014 materials specifications fcd600
31.01.2014 a513 steel properties
31.01.2014 1075 spring steel properties
31.01.2014 Please clarify. what are equivalent of ASTM A537 A in Chinees Steel COD. can we use Q345b for pressure like penstck pipes.
30.01.2014 I need the specification of 4202 steel.I have a 5" guage live steam locomotive (Britannia) and the boiler is stamped 4202. I need the specs for engineering design purposes.
30.01.2014 en36 steel equivalent
30.01.2014 steel 070m20 properties
30.01.2014 c45 steel specification
30.01.2014 chemical requirements of A962 steel
30.01.2014 x65 steel carbon equivalent
30.01.2014 Supraform steel arclor Mittal - Equivalent
30.01.2014 Mechanical Properties of 4140 Steel
29.01.2014 equivalent steel aisi 2340
29.01.2014 How to find ot steel grade of this composition.
C=0.72 to 0.92 %
Si=0.17 to 0.37%
Cr=0.50 to 0.90%
Mn=0.70 to 1.0%
Sulphur and Phosphurus= max.0.035%
28.01.2014 how much force can punch a hole of a 3mm thick 65Mn steel with a hole of 58 centimeters long 4 centimeters wide 3 millimeters thick with a yield strength of 735Mpa and a strength of extension of 925Mpa. I need to know what kind of punching machine should I buy to make a hole 58cm long, 4 cm wide, 3mm thick 65mn carbon steel. A supplier suggested 80Ton punching machine that can have 800KN nominal pressure. will this do?
28.01.2014 what is B4A2A material?
27.01.2014 what is the IS,ASTM.JIS equavivalant of Q235A ?
24.01.2014 Steel A36 Mechanical Properties
24.01.2014 BS EN10 083-12C22(1991) equivalent
24.01.2014 a36 d36 steel toughness
24.01.2014 31crmov9 equivalent
24.01.2014 What is the differecne betwween steel grades confirming to SAE, AISI and ASTM?
24.01.2014 aisi 11l17 steel chemical
24.01.2014 saph 440 steel specification
24.01.2014 sp270c steel us equivalent
24.01.2014 steel grade converter
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24.01.2014 718 material acquivalents
23.01.2014 en 10060 equivalent
23.01.2014 equavalent 34cral6 steel
23.01.2014 q345e steel properties
23.01.2014 I have a 5" gauge Britannia live steam locomotive,and the boiler is stamped 4202.I need to know the specification of the steel (4202) that the barrel is made of. I would be glad if you can assist.
23.01.2014 what is the steel equivalent for ss41 in astm standard?
23.01.2014 What's the difference between Astm A333 grade 6 and Q345b
22.01.2014 Properties of JIS G3120 material
22.01.2014 Please I need specification from steel LW 0974
22.01.2014 gost 19281 grade 09g2s
22.01.2014 EN 10213 china equivalent
22.01.2014 usa equivalent to 16mndr steel
22.01.2014 can you use q235b steel from china for large blades like machetes? does it have a good quality in terms of tensile strength and hardness?
21.01.2014 USA equivelents to french steel specification 30 NCD16
21.01.2014 What is the JIS and ASTM equivalent of EN16T or 605M36T
21.01.2014 What Is WCB Carbon Steel?
21.01.2014 How many grades of steel are there?
21.01.2014 equivalent of SWRCH45F
21.01.2014 secc steel specification
21.01.2014 Werkstoffdatenblatt GX100CrMoN19-2
21.01.2014 steel equivalent grades
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20.01.2014 1018 steel properties
20.01.2014 3.2315-DIN equivalent
20.01.2014 jis steel equivalent
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20.01.2014 q235a steel specification
20.01.2014 rasiskie analogi stali cc330
20.01.2014 steel q345 specification
17.01.2014 2.1811- DIN equivalent grades
17.01.2014 1080 steel specifications
17.01.2014 Werkstoffbezeichnung ASTM A 576-74
17.01.2014 4145 steel properties
17.01.2014 q345d steel properties
17.01.2014 I need 4" dia x 20", 1pc, 3140 Carbon Steel
17.01.2014 I am trying to cross reference a steel call out S355J2G3 to a US steel that I canuse for a job
16.01.2014 what is the rockwell range for hsla grade 50 material
16.01.2014 properties of 1020 steel
16.01.2014 conversion grade steel with EU steel standard
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16.01.2014 st37k steel equivalent
16.01.2014 compatibility steels for bs 10025-4 grade s275m
15.01.2014 4340h steel properties
15.01.2014 chemical analysis of stainless steel
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15.01.2014 caractéristiques acier 1.0426
15.01.2014 astm a709 gr 36 equivalent
15.01.2014 1.2738 EST steel properties
15.01.2014 EN16T steel equivalent grades
15.01.2014 what is equivalent grade of stkd540 steel?
15.01.2014 What is the AISI 1015 steel equivalent
15.01.2014 350wa steel properties
15.01.2014 12l14 steel equivalent
15.01.2014 material spec GB / 702 : 2004
15.01.2014 composition chimique acier XC10
14.01.2014 Which ISO 15608 material group do EN36 & EN24 belong to?
14.01.2014 jis g3445 steel us equivalent
14.01.2014 what is the equivalent A2 steel bolt classification
14.01.2014 JIS SCPH2 Material equivalent
14.01.2014 corten steel size specification
14.01.2014 S40VC-SS1 material..Could you tell me what the chemistry is along with the equivalent towards a U.S. grade would be? Next question, could you also tell me what would be the max forging temperature for this material?
13.01.2014 What are the equivalent of HY130 steel?
13.01.2014 dp980 material properties
13.01.2014 steel spec conversion chart
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13.01.2014 what is the ASTM cross referance to SM400 Material
13.01.2014 worldwide guide to equivalent irons and sreels
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13.01.2014 1020 Steel Properties
13.01.2014 astm a322 equivalent
13.01.2014 steel equivalent TO SSW-Q1R STEEL
10.01.2014 a1070bd equivalent aluminum
10.01.2014 aisi 1084 mechanical properties
10.01.2014 We need to be able to find nearest AISI equivalent to AFNOR 40NCD19 material. We do this many times a year for various French (AFNOR) material's and would like to know if your software will help us ??
10.01.2014 What is the make up of A54 steel. How does it compare to 4140 steel.
09.01.2014 werkstoffbezeichnung s355 jg
09.01.2014 q345 steel grade properties
09.01.2014 En steel mechanical properties
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09.01.2014 swrch10a Din sae
09.01.2014 australian steel grade equivalents
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09.01.2014 4140 steel equivalent
09.01.2014 Comparison Grades of Stainless Steel
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