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List of Russian Steel and Non-Ferrous GOSTs

3.11-88Unified system for technological documentation. Rules for making graphic documents of forging pieces
4.43-86Product-quality index system. Castings. Index nomenclature
82-70Universal hot-rolled steel wide strips. Dimensions.
89-73Rolled-in lead sheets. Specifications
103-76Hot-rolled steel strip. Dimensions.
123-98Cobalt. Specifications
193-79Copper ingots. Technical requirements.
285-69Barbed monobasic fluted wire. Specifications.
295-98Aluminium for desoxydation; manufacture of ferroalloys and aluminothermy. Specifications
380-94Common quality carbon steel. Grades.
398-96Carbon steel bandages for rolling stock of wide gauge railways and metro. Specifications.
434-78Copper rectangular wire and bars for electrical use. Specifications.
492-73Nickel, nickel and copper-nickel alloys treated under pressure. Grades.
493-79Tinless foundry bronzes. Grades.
494-90Brass tubes. Specifications
495-92Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications.
503-81Cold rolled low-carbon steel strip. Specifications.
529-78Radiator tubes. Specifications
535-88Common quality carbon bar and shaped sections. General specifications.
546-88Copper cathodes. Specifications.
546-2001Copper cathodes. Specifications
550-75Seamless steel tubes for petroleum processing and petrochemical industry. Specifications.
598-90General-purpose zinc sheets. Specifications
613-79Tin foundry bronzes. Grades.
614-97Casting bronzes in pigs. Specifications
617-90Copper tubes. Specifications
618-73Aluminium foil for technical purpouses. Specifications
631-75Internal-external upset drill pipes with couplings. Specifications.
632-80Casing pipes with couplings. Technical conditions.
633-80Tubing pipes and couplings for them. Specifications.
745-2003Aluminium foil for packing. Specifications
767-91Copper anodes. Specifications
792-67Low-carbon wire of quality. Specifications.
800-78Bearing tubes. Technical requirements.
801-78Ball-bearing steel. Technical conditions.
803-81Hot-rolled strips out of carbon high-grade steel for plating. Specifications.
804-93Primary magnesium ingots. Specifications.
805-95Steelmaking pig iron. Specifications.
808-70Flattened steel strip for wound rollers. Specifications.
849-97Primary nickel. Specifications.
859-2001Copper. Grades
860-75Tin. Specifications.
931-90Brass shetts and strips. Specifications
949-73Small and medium volume Steel Cilinders for Gases by Pp <= 19,6 MPa (200 kgs/sm2). Specifications.
977-88Steel castings. General specification.
1018-77Bands aluminium, copper, brass and cupronikel for capsules. Specification.
1020-97Casting brass in pigs. Specifications
1048-79Strips of aluminium for springs. Specifications.
1049-74Manganese nickel wire. Specifications.
1050-88Carbon structural quality steel gauged bars with special surface finish. General specifications.
1051-73Gauged bars. General specifications.
1060-83Cold-deformed seamless steel tubes for shipbuilding. Specifications.
1066-90Brass wire. Specifications.
1071-81Heat-treated steel spring wire. Technical specification.
1089-82Antimony. Specifications.
1131-76Strained aluminium alloys in pigs. Technical requirements.
1133-71Forged round and square steel. Dimensions.
1150-72Boiler zinc plates. Specifications
1173-93Copper strips. Specifications.
1180-91Zinc anodes. Specifications
1208-90Pressed bronze tubes. Specifications
1209-90Calcium babbits in pigs. Specifications.
1215-79Malleable iron castings. General specifications
1292-81Lead-antimony alloys. Specifications.
1293.15-90Antimonous lead alloys. Spectrographical method for determination of nickel.
1320-74Tin and lead babbits. Specifications.
1412-85Flake graphite iron for castings. Grades
1414-75Constructional rolled steel of improved and high cutting machinability. Specifications.
1435-90Bars, strips and reels of tool unalloyed steel. General specifications.
1435-99Bars, strips and reels of tool unalloyed steel. General specifications.
1452-2003Screw cylindrical springs for truks and draw-and buffer gears of railway rolling stock. Specifications
1467-93Cadmium. Specifications.
1468-90Cadmium anodes. Specifications
1525-91Rods of Monel. Specifications
1526-81Steel zinc-coated wire electrik wire and cable armouring. Technical conditions.
1535-91Copper rods. Specifications.
1577-93Rolled sheets and wide strips of structural quality steel. Specifications.
1583-93Aluminium casting alloys. Specifications.
1585-85Antifriction iron for castings. Grades
1628-78Bronze rods. Specifications
1639-93Non-ferrous metals and alloys scrap and waste. General specifications.
1668-73Steel zinc-coated wire for aerial communication lines. Specifications.
1761-92Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications
1789-70Beryllium bronze strips and ribbons. Specificationc
1790-77Wire of chomel, alumel, copel and constantan for thermoelectrodes of thermoelectrical transducers. Specifications.
1791-67Nickel an copper-nickel alloys wire for extension leads for thermoelectric temperature transdusers. Specifications.
2060-90Brass rods. Specifications.
2132-90Nickel anodes. Specifications
2169-69Technical silicon. Specifications.
2170-73Strips of nickel and low alloys. Specifications.
2171-90Pieces, products, semi-finished products and billets of non-ferrous metals and alloys. Grade definition
2179-75Nickel and siliceous nickel wire. Specifications.
2205-71L-90 tapes and strips plating. Specifications.
2208-91Brass strips for general use. Specifications.
2246-70Welding steel wire. Specifications.
2283-79Cold-rolled tool and spring steel strip. Specifications.
2284-79Cold-rolled carbon structural steel strip. Specifications.
2333-80Steel wire. Types.
2581-78Magnesium alloys ingots. Specifications.
2584-86Copper and copper alloys trolley wires. Specifications
2590-88Round steel bars. Dimensions.
2591-88Square hot-rolled steel bars. Dimensions.
2601-84Welding of metals. Terms and definitions of basic concepts.
2622-75Manometric tubes made of bronzo 4-0,25 and brass 63. Specifications.
2624-77Capillary copper and brass tubes. Technical conditions.
2771-81Cold-drawn round wire. Gauge.
2787-75Ferrous secondary metal. General technical requirements.
2856-79Casting magnesium alloys. Grades.
2879-88Hot-rolled hexagonal steel. Dimensions.
2936-75Palne-oval seamless radiator tubes. Specifications.
3110-74Steel spoke wire. Specifications.
3120-75Steel wire rofes for aircraft. The technigie of prelongation.
3225-80Rough tyres for locomotives of broad-gauge railways. Types and dimensions.
3262-75Water-supply and gas-supply steel pipes. Technical condinions.
3280-84Plates for spike fastening of railway. Specifications.
3282-74General-purpose low-carbon steel wire. Specifications.
3339-74Woven-wire sieve for grain. Specifications.
3443-87Cast iron castings with graphite of different form. Methods of structure determination
3559-75Steel strip for armouring cables. Specifications.
3560-73Package steel strip. Specifications.
3640-94Zinc. Specifications.
3728-78Tubes. Method of bend-over test
3778-98Lead. Specifications
3788-98Lead. Specifications.
3822-79Bimetallic copper-steel wire. Specifications.
3836-83Electrotechnical unalloyed steel thin sheet and bands. Specifications.
3845-75Metallic tubes. Hydraulic pressure testing method
3875-83Steel card wire. Specifications.
3882-74.Sintered hard alloys. Types.
3920-70Tinned steel cable wire. Specifications.
4004-64Aluminium ingots for wire. Specifications.
4041-71Rolled plates of high quality structural steel for cold stamping. Specifications.
4121-96Crane rails. Specifications.
4133-73Joint bars rails of gauge railway. Technical requirements.
4134-75Copper alloys sections for collectors of electrical machines. Specifications.
4405-75Hot-rolled and wrought tool steel strips. Dimensions.
4411-79Hardmetal products for mining tools. Technical requirements.
4442-72Bands and strips of lead brass. Specifications.
4491-86Cast wheel centres for railway rolling stock of 1520 mm gauge. General specifications.
4515-93Copper phosphorous alloys. Specifications.
4543-71Structural alloy steel bars. Specifications.
4658-73Mercury. Specifications.
4727-83Bearing wire. Specifications.
4728-96Axle billets for 1520 mm gauge railway rolling stock. Specifications.
4748-92Silicon-manganese bronze strip and ribbons. Specifications
4752-79Copper cylinder wire. Technical conditions.
4757-91Ferrochrome. Specification and delivery conditions.
4759-91Ferromolybdenum. Specifications and conditions of delivery
4761-91Ferrotitanium. Specifications and conditions of delivery
4762-71Silico-calcium. Specifications.
4781-85Hot-rolled steel shapes for sheet piles. Specifications.
4784-97Aluminium and wrought aluminium alloys. Grades
4832-95Foundry cast iron. Specifications.
4986-79Cold-rolled strips of corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steel. Specifications.
5000-83Rough tyres for railway cars and tenders of 1520 mm gauge. Dimensions.
5005-82Electro-welded cold-deformed steel pipes for cardan shafts. Specifications.
5017-74Wrought in bronze. Grades.
5063-73Ribbons of cupro-nickel alloys. Specifications.
5157-83Hot-rolled sections for different purposes. Dimensions.
5169-77Brass capsule strips. Specifications
5187-2003Nickel silver, German silver and Monel tapes. Specifications
5189-75Constantan strips. Specifications.
5210-95Roller sectiions of tool steel for files, graters, chisels and cape chisels. General specifications.
5220-78Nickel silar wire. Technical requirements.
5221-77Tin-zinc bronze wire. Specifications.
5222-72Silicon-manganese bronze wire. Specifications.
5257-98Rough carbon steel tyres for tramway rolling stock. Specifications.
5267.0-90Hot-rolled sections for car building. General specifications.
5267.1-90Channels. Dimensions.
5267.2-90Z-section. Dimensions.
5267.3-90Z-section for centre girder. Dimensions.
5267.4-90Section of upper binding. Dimensions.
5267.5-90I-beam section No. 19 for centre girder. Dimensions.
5267.6-90Section of car post. Dimensions.
5267.7-90Section of upper sheet of open-box car frame cross beam. Dimensions.
5267.8-90Section of automatic coupling thrust plates. Dimensions.
5267.9-90Section for automatic coupling wedge. Dimensions.
5267.10-90Section of tread pings. Dimensions.
5267.11-90Section of car threshold. Dimensions.
5267.12-90Section for door closing. Dimensions.
5267.13-90Section for door binding. Dimensions.
5307-77Constant noninsuloted wire. Technical requirements.
5362-78Brass ribbons. Specifications..
5422-73Hot-rolled special steel sections for tractors. Technical specifications.
5437-85Reed wire. Specification.
5468-88Needle wire. Specifications.
5494-95Pigmentary aluminium. Specifications
5497-80Cold-rolled steel for saws of cottenscrubbering machines. Technical conditions.
5520-79Rolled carbon low-alloy and alloy steel sheet and plates for boilers and pressure vessels. Specifications.
5521-93Rolled steel for shipbuilding. Specifications.
5525-88Pig iron connecting parts manufactured by pouring into sand moulds for pipelines. Specifications
5529-75Brass round wire for shoe industry. Specifications.
5582-75Stainless and Heat-Resisting Sheet. Specifications.
5632-72High-alloy steels and corrosion-proof, heat-resisting and heat treated alloys. Grades.
5638-75Copper roll foil for technical purposes. Specifications.
5654-76Steel seamless hot-deformed tubes for shipbuilding. Specifications.
5663-79Cold heading carbon steel wire. Technical reguirements.
5781-82Hot-rolled steel for reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures. Specifications.
5812-82Fastening for broad gauge railways. Technical specifications.
5876-82Type R18 and R24 narrow-gauge railway rails. Technical requirements.
5905-79Metal chromium. Specifications.
5905-2004Metal chrome. Technical requirements and conditions of delivery
5949-75Sorted and gauged corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature steel. Specifications.
5950-2000Tool alloy steel bars, strips and coils. General specifications.
6009-74Hot-rolled steel strips. Specifications.
6143-78Axle billets for tram cars. Specifications.
6235-91Strips and ribbons of nickel. Specifications
6238-77Casing and coring pipes for geology-exploring drilling and nipples for them. Specifications.
6368-82Type R8, R11, R18 and R24 narrow-gauge railway rails. Design and dimensions.
6511-60Wrought stannic-zinc bronze rods. Specifications
6563-75Technical articles made of noble metals and their alloys. Specifications.
6681-91Brass bars of rectangular section. Specifications
6688-91Brass bars of rectangular section. Specifications
6713-91Low-alloyed structural rolled stock for bridge building. Specifications.
6727-80Cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire for reinforced concrete. Specifications.
6765-75Hot rolled three-layer steel and wide steel strip (universal). Specifications.
6835-2002Golg and gold base alloys. Marks.
6836-2002Silver and silver base alloys. Marks.
6856-54Special section steel pipes.
6902-75Gold and silver foil in the form of book. Specifications.
7056-77The plates of spike fastening for type P43 rails. Construction and dimensions.
7062-90Carbon and alloyed steel forgings fabricated by press forging. Allowances and tolerances
7173-54P43-type railway rails for industrial transport rails. Construction and dimensions.
7174-75Railway rails type P50. Construction and dimensions.
7221-80Strips of gold, silver and their alloys. Specifications.
7222-75Wire of gold, silver and their alloys. Specifications.
7293-85Spheroidal graphite iron for castings. Grades
7348-81Carbon steel wire for reinforcement of prestressed concrete constructions. Specifications.
7350-77Steel thick sheet, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant Technical conditions.
7370-98Railroad frogs of P75, P65, P50 types. Specifications.
7372-79Steel wire for ropes. Specifications.
7417-75Calibrated round steel. Dimensions.
7419-90Steel hot-rolled products for springs. Range.
7480-73Polygraphic wire. Specifications.
7505-89Steel stamping forgings. Tolerances, allowances and forging laps
7511-73Steel sections for window and lantern transoms and window panels of industrial buildings. Specifications.
7524-89Grinding steel balls for ball mills. Specifications.
7564-97Rolled products. General rules of sampling, rough specimens and test pieces selection for mechanical and technological testing.
7565-81Ipon, steel and alloys. Sampling method for determination of chemical composition.
7566-94Metal products. Acceptance, marking, packing, transportation and storage.
7769-82Alloy cast iron for castings of special properties. Grades
7829-70Carbon and alloyed steel forgings fabricated by hammer forging. Allowances and tolerances.
7909-56Drill prospecting pipes and sockets for them. Specifications.
8036-79Tombac strips. Specifications.
8141-56Fasteners for narrow gauge railways. Fishplates. General specifications.
8142-89Railway plates for R18, R24 and R33 rails types. Specifications.
8161-75Railway rails type P65. Design and dimensions.
8193-73Double headed fishplates for P65, P75 rails. Design and dimensions.
8194-75Plates of spike fastening for railway R65 and R75 rails. Design and dimensions.
8239-89Hot-rolled steel flange beanis. Dimensions.
8240-97Hot-rolled steel channels. Rolling products.
8278-83Steel roll-formed channels. Dimensions.
8281-80Roll-formed steel unequal channels. Dimensions.
8282-83Bent-steel C-shaped equai flange sections. Dimensions.
8283-93Bent steel hat equal sections. Dimensions.
8319.0-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections. Specifications.
8319.2-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections for front axle of -130 automobile. Dimensions.
8319.4-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections for front axle of -672 and -3205 bus. Dimensions.
8319.5-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections for front of and automobiles. Dimensions.
8319.6-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections for crankshaft of -69 automobile. Dimensions.
8319.8-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections for axle of 1--1,5, 2-, -739 automobile trailers. Dimensions.
8319.11-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections for axle of a spreader. Dimensions.
8319.12-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections for axle of a farm trailer. Dimensions.
8319.13-75Hot-rolled steel periodical lengthwise-rolled sections for front axle of -53-12 automobile. Dimensions.
8320.0-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling. General specifications.
8320.1-83Periodic three-step sections produced by cross-rolling for electric motor shafts. Dimensions.
8320.2-83Periodic quadristep sections produced by cross-gelical rolling for electric motor shafts. Dimensions.
8320.3-83Periodic pentastep sections produced by cross-helical rolling for electric motor shafts. Dimensions.
8320.4-83Periodic heptastep sections produced by cross-helical rolling for electric motor shafts. Dimensions.
8320.5-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for semi-shafts of turbo-compressors. Dimensions.
8320.6-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for gear shaft. Dimensions.
8320.7-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for tractors. Dimensions.
8320.8-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for automobile building. Dimensions.
8320.9-83Periodic sections produced by cross helical rolling for bus front axle beam. Dimensions.
8320.10-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for road machines. Dimensions.
8320.11-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for turret shaft of lathe, model 1341. Dimensions.
8320.12-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for axles of narrow gauge railway cars. Dimensions.
8320.13-83Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for journals of flour-grinding rolls. Dimensions.
8467-83Steel drill pipes for core drilling. Specifications.
8478-81Welded meshes for reinforced concrete structures. Specifications.
8479-70Structural carbon and alloyed steel forgings. General specifications.
8509-93Hot-rolled steel equal-leg angles. Dimensions.
8510-86Hot-rolled steel unequal-leg angles. Dimensions.
8559-75Calibrated square steel. Dimensions.
8560-78Calibrated hexahedronal rolled-stock. Dimensions.
8568-77Corrugated steel rhombic and lentil form sheets. Specifications.
8617-81Pressed sections of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Specifications
8639-82Square steel tubes. Range.
8642-68Oval steel tubes. Range.
8644-68Flat-sided oval steel tubes. Range.
8645-68Rectangular steel tubes. Range.
8646-68Empty-ribbed steel tubes. Range
8694-74Tubing. Expansion testing method.
8695-75Tubing. Flattening testing method
8696-74General-purpose electrically-welded spiral seam steel pipes. Specifications.
8731-87Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes. Specifications.
8732-78Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes. Range of sizes.
8733-87Seamless cold-deformed and thermal-deformed steell pipes. Specifications.
8734-75Seamless steel tubes cold deformed. Range.
8774-75Lithium. Specification.
8786-68Cold-drawn steel for Woodruff keys. Dimensions.
8787-68Cold-drawn steel for rectangular parallel keys. Dimensions.
8803-89High electric resistance precision alloys minimum diameter round wire for resistors. Specifications.
8851-75Strip of steel grades 11kp and 11JuA. Specifications.
8943-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Nomenclature
8944-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Technical requirements.
8946-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Union passage elbews. Basic dimensions
8947-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Transition angles. Basic dimensions
8948-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Straight tees. Basic dimensions
8949-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Transition tees. Basic dimensions.
8950-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Tees with two passages. Basic dimensions
8951-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Straight fowr-way junction pieces. Basic dimensions
8952-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Transition fowr-way junction pieces. Basic dimensions
8953-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Fowr-way junction pieces with two passages. Basic dimensions
8954-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Straight short sockets. Basic dimensions
8955-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Straight long sockets. Basic dimensions
8956-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Compensation sockets. Basic dimensions
8957-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Transition sockets. Basic dimensions
8958-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Double nipples. Basic dimensions
8960-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Threaded bushings. Basic dimensions
8961-74Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Locknuts. Basic dimensions
8962-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Caps. Basic dimensions
8963-75Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Plugs. Basic dimensions
8965-75Pipe steel connections with cylindrical thread for pipelines P=1,6 MPa. Technical requirements.
8966-75Pipe steel connections with cylinlrical thred for pipelines P=1,6 MPa. Straight sockets. Basic dimensions.
8967-75Pipe steel connections with cylindrical thread for pipelines P=1,6 MPa. Nippels. Basic dimensions.
8968-75Pipe steel connections winh cylindrical thread for pipelines P=1,6 MPa. Zock-nuts. Basic dimensions.
8969-75Pipe steel connections with cylindrical thread for pipelines P=1,6 MPa. Adapter coupling. Basic dimensions.
9036-88Solid-rolled wheels. Design and dimensions.
9045-93Cold-rolled thin sheets of low-carbon steel for cold stamping. Specifications.
9124-85Tinned band steel wire. Specifications.
9161-85Harness Wire. Specifications.
9234-74Steel roll-sheet sections with trapezoid-shaped corrugation. Dimensions.
9235-76Hot-rolled steel symmetrical bulb for shipbuilding. Dimensions.
9389-75Carbon steel spring wire. Specifications.
9498-79Flat ingots aluminium and wrought aluminium alloys for rolling. Specifications.
9559-89Lead sheets. Specifications.
9567-75Precision steel tubes. Range.
9583-75Cast iron pressure pipes made by centrivugal and semi continuous casting method.
9722-97Nickel powder. Specifications.
9723-73Tin powder. Specifications.
9731-79Steel seamless cylinders of large capacity for gases for Pw24,5 MPa (250 kgf/cm2). Specifications.
9797-85Rails for RK50 check rails. Dimensions.
9798-85Rails for RK65 check rails. Dimensions.
9849-86Iron powder. Specifications.
9850-72Zink-coated core wire for conductors. Specifications. "
9940-81Seamless hot deformed tubes made of corrosion resistant steel.
9941-81Seamless cold- and warm-deformed tubes of corrosion-resistant steel. Specifications.
9960-85Switch point rails. Specifications.
10006-80Metal tubes. Tensile test method
10025-78Tin-phosphor bronze rods. Specifications
10052-75Metal covered electrodes for manual welding of high-alloyed steels with special properties. Types.
10092-75Cupro-nickel tubes for heat-exchanging apparatus. Specifications
10155-75Manganin uninsulated wire. Specifications.
10160-75Magnetically soft precision alloys. Specifications.
B 10230-75Structural and alloy rolled steel for special purpose
10234-77Moderate strength flattened steel strip. Specifications.
10297-94Indium. Specifications.
10298-79Technical selenium. Specifications.
10498-82Especially thin-wailed seamless tubes from corrosion resistant steel. Technical conditions.
10505-76Closed steel wire rods for lifting purposes. Specifications.
10506-76Hoist closed wire ropes. Assortment.
10510-80Metals. Erikson test method for sheets and strips extrusion.
10533-86Cold-rolled thermostatic bimetallic strip. Specifications.
10543-98Steel surfacing wire. Specifications
10551-75Steel roll-formed corrugated sections. Range.
10702-78Steel bars, carbon and alloy, structural, for cold extruding and upsetting. Specifications.
10703-73Aluminium sheets for hraphic arts industry. Specifications.
10704-91Electrically welded steel line-weld tubes. Range.
10705-80Electrically welded steel tubes. Specifications.
10706-76Electrically welded steel line tubes. Technical requirements.
10707-80Steel cold formed electrically welded tubes. Technical conditions.
10791-2004All-rolled wheels. Specifications
10821-75Wire made of platinum and platinum-rhodium alloys for thermoelectric temperature transducers. Specifications.
10884-94Thermomechanically hardened steel bars for reinforced concrete constructions. Specifications.
10885-85Hot-rolled corrosion-resistant clad steel sheets. Specifications.
10928-90Bismuth. Specifications.
10988-75Oxygen-free copper bars for electrovacuum industry. Specifications
10994-74Precision alloys. Grades.
11017-80Steel ceamless tubes for high pressure service. Technical conditions.
11036-75Electrotechnical quality unalloyed steel. Specifications.
11068-81Electrically tubes made of corrosion resistant steel. Specifications.
11069-2001Primary aluminium. Grades
11070-74Primary aluminium ingots. Specifications.
11249-80Steel rolled up soldered double-layer tubes. Technical conditions.
11268-76Alloyed structural high-grade rolled steel sheets for special purposes. Specifications.
11269-76Universal alloyed structural high-grade rolled steel plates and wide strips for special purposes. Specifications.
11383-75Thin-walled copper and brass tubes. Specifications.
11474-76Steel roll-formed sections. Specifications.
11706-78Tubes. Method the tensile test of ring by cone
11739.11-98Aluminium casting and wrought alloys. Methods for determinating of magnesium.
11739.12-98Aluminium casting and wrought alloys. Methods for determinating of manganese.
11850-72Steel wire for spring washers. Specifications.
11964-81Cast iron and steel shot for industrial use. General specifications.
12004-81Reinforcing-bar steel. Tensile test methods
12132-66Electrowelded and seamless steel tubes for automotive and bicycle industries. Specifications.
12135-75The plates of spike fastening for railway rails P50. Design and dimensions.
12247-80Large seamless steel gas cylinders for operating pressure of 31,4 and 39,2 MPa (320 and 400 kgf/ Specifications.
12338-81Iridium in powder. Specifications
12339-79Osmium in powder. Specifications
12340-81Palladium in ingots. Specifications.
12341-81Platinum in ingots. Specifications.
12342-81Rhodium in powder. Specifications
12343-79Ruthenium in powder. Specifications
12359-99Carbon, alloyed and high-alloyed steels. Methods for determination of nitrogen.
12492.0-90Agricultyral machinery. Rolled steel. General specifications.
12492.1-90Agricultural machinery. Channel section. Dimensions.
12492.2-90Agricultural machimery. Low-channel section. Dimensions.
12492.3-90Agricultural machinery. Bulged strip section. Dimensions.
12492.4-90Agricultural machinery. One-notched section. Dimensions.
12492.5-90Agricultural machinery. Section for wheel rims. Dimensions.
12492.6-90Agricultural machinery. Ribbed bar strip section. Dimensions.
12492.7-90Agricultural machintry. Section for marsh plough cutters. Dimensions.
12492.8-90Agricultural machinery. Rounded strip section. Dimensions.
12492.9-90Agricultural machinery. Section for subsurface cultivator wings. Dimensions.
12492.10-90Agricultural machinery. Trapezoidal section for points. Dimensions.
12492.11-90Agricultural machinery. Section for upper ring of trailer slewing plate. Dimensions.
12492.12-90Agricultural machinery. Section for ring of trailer slewing plate. Dimensions.
12492.13-90Agricultural machinery. C-shaped section. Dimensions.
12492.14-90Agricultural machinery. Section for end transmission case. Dimensions.
12492.15-90Agricultural machinery. Bevelled strip section. Dimensions.
12501-67Tubes. Twisting moment test method
12502-67Rolled stock of ferrous metals. Standards of weighimg accuracy
12601-76Zinc powder. Specifications.
12766.1-90High electric resistance wire of precision alloys. Specifications.
12766.2-90Strip of high electric resistance precision alloys. Specifications.
12766.3-90Precision gauged alloys of high electric resistance. Specifications.
12766.4-90Graded rolled steel of precision alloys of high electric resistance. Specifications.
12766.5-90Flattened strip of high electric resistance precision alloys. Specifications.
12797-77Gallium technical. Technical requirements.
12815-80Flanges for valves, fittings, pipelines for Pnom from 0.1 to 20 MPa (from 1 to 200kgf/sm2). Types. Connecting dimensions
12820-80Welded flat steel flanges for Pc from 0.1 to 2.5 MPa ( from 1 to 25kgs/sm2). Construction and dimensions.
12821-80Butt welded steel flanges for Pc from 0.1 to 20 MPa ( from 1 to 200 kgs/sm2). Construction and dimensions.
12920-67Brass wire for cold upsetting. Specifications.
13073-77Zinc wire. Specifications.
13083-77Rods of nickel and nickel-silicon alloys. Technical requirements
13098-67Rhodium. Grades.
13099-67Iridium. Grades.
13229-78Steel roll-formed Z-shaped sections. Dimensions.
13345-85Tin-plate and black plate. Specifications.
13462-79Palladium and palladium alloys. Trade-marks.
13498-79Platinum and platinum alloys. Trade-marks.
13548-77Thin-walled tubes of nickel and nickel alloys. Specifications.
13616-97Extruded rectangular sheet-section shapes of aluminium, aluminiumand magnesium alloys. Dimensions.
13617-97Extruded bulb-shaped angle-section shapes of aluminium, aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions.
13618-97Extruded oblique-angled fitting angle-section shapes of aluminium, aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions.
13619-97Extruded rectangular Z-section shapes of aluminium, aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions.
13663-86Shaped steel tubes. Technical requirements.
13726-97Aluminium and aluminium alloys strips. Specifications.
13737-90Extruded rectangular equishelf angle-section shapes of aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions.
13843-78Rod aluminium wire. Technical conditions.
14080-78Precision alloy strip with specified temperature coefficient of linear expansion. Specifications.
14081-78Wire of precisions alloys with specified temperature coefficient of linear expansion. Specifications.
14082-78Bars and plates of precision alloys with assigned temperature coefficient of linear expansion. Specifications.
14113-78Aluminium antifriction alloys. Grades.
14117-85Tape of precision alloys for elastic elements. Specifications.
14118-85Wire from precision alloys for elastic elements. Specifications.
14119-85Bars from precision alloys for elastic elements. Specifications.
14162-79Steel tubes of small dimensions (capillary). Specifications.
14311-85Steel cord. Specifications
14350-80Roll-formed sections. Terms and definitions.
14635-93Steel cold-shaped special profiles for car building. Dimensions.
14637-89Rolled plate from carbon steel of general quality. Specifications.
14836-82Palladium in powder. Specifications
14837-79Platinum in powder/ Technical requirements
14838-78Wire out of aluminium and aluminium for cold upsetting. Technical requirements.
14848-69Ferroboron. Specifications.
14918-80Continuously galvanized sheet steel. Specifications.
14955-77Quality round steel with special surface finishing. Specifications.
14957-76Strained magnesium alloys. Grades.
14959-79Spring steel bars, carbon and alloy. Specifications.
14963-78Alloy steel spring wire. Technical pequirements. Specifications.
15040-77Oxygen-free coper pipes. Specifications.
15146-69Tape, steel, thermal-treated for musical instrument reeds. Specifications.
15176-89Extruded tyres made of aluminium and aluminium alloys for electrical technology use. Specifications
15471-77Strips and ribbons oxygen-free copper for electronics. Specifications.
15515-70Nicel electrolized strips. Specifications.
15527-70Copper zinc pressure treated alloys (brasses). Types.
15598-70Steel musik wire. Specifications.
15830-84Pressure metal working. Die-tools. Terms and definitions.
15834-77Wire of beryllium bronze. Technical conditions.
15835-70Beryllium bronze bars. Specifications.
15860-84Steel welded cylinders for liquefied hydrocarbon gases at pressure up tp 1,6 MPa. Specifications.
15885-77Tin-zinc-lead bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications.
15891-70Hot-rolled fashioned strip twolayered steel for plough-shares. Specifications.
15892-70Tie zinc-coated steel wire for aerial communications. Specifications.
16099-80Niobium in ingots. Specification.
16100-79Niobium bricks. Technical requirements.
16118-70Cylindrical helical compression (extension) springs made of round steel. Specifications
16130-90Welding wire and rods copper alloys. Specifications.
16135-70Steel wire for electronic computers. Specifications.
16153-80Monocrystalline germanium. Specifications.
16210-77Railway rails type P75. Design and dimensions.
16277-93Plates of separate fastening for railway R50, R65 and R75 rails. Specifications.
16358-79Copper strips for coaxial main cables. Specifications.
16523-89Rolled sheets from carbon quality and ordinary steel for general purposes. Specifications.
16773-2003Ferroniobium. Technical requirements and conditions of delivery
16774-78Copper tubes of rectangular and square section. Technical conditions
16827-81Two lay multistrand low-twisting rope type -P construction
17066-94Rolled sheet of high-strength steel. Specifications.
17152-89Steel hot-rolled shapes for cutting blades of earth-moving machines. General specifications.
17217-79Tubes of copper-nickel alloy MNZh5-1. Specifications.
17232-79Aluminium and aluminium alloys plates. Specifications.
17232-99Aluminium and aluminium alloys plates. Specificatuions.
17293-93Ferrotungsten. Specification and conditions of delivery
17305-91Wire of carbon constructional steel. Speciaications.
17328-78Tin-free foundry bronze ingots. Technical requirements.
17359-82Powder metallurgy. Terms and definitions.
17375-2001Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. Sharply curved bends type 3D (R=1,5 DN). Design
17376-2001Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings.Tees. Design
17378-2001Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-weldings. Reducers. Design
17379-2001Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. Elliptical caps. Design
17380-2001Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-weldings fittings. General specifications.
17410-78Non-destructive testing. Metal seamless cylindrical pipes and tubes. Ultrasonic methods of defect detection
17507-85Switch point rails OP65. Dimensions.
17508-80Switch point rails OP50. Dimensions.
17576-97Extruded oblique-angled trapezoidal flanged-section shapes of aluminium, aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions.
17614-80Tellurium technical. Technical requirements.
B 17646-75Tubes of copper-nickel alloy
17711-95Cast copper-zinc alloys (brass). Grades
17746-96Sponge titanium. Specifications
17809-72Casting hard magnetic materials. Marks.
18143-72High-alloy corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steel wire. Specifications.
18175-78Tin-free pressure-worked bronze. Grades.
18232-83Guard rails. Specifications.
18267-82Through hardening in oil of rails, P50, P65 and P75 types, for wide-gauge railways. Specifications.
18327-73Zinc strips for general use. Specifications.
18337-95Thallium. Specifications.
18351-73Magnesium alloy extruded rods. Specifications
18389-73Wire made of platinum and its alloys. Specifications.
18390-73Wire of palladium and its alloys. Specifications.
18394-73Tin plated lead and tin foil. Specifications.
18475-82Aluminium and aluminium alloy cold-rolled tubes. Specifications
18482-79Aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded tubes. Specifications
18662-83SVP hot-rolled section for mine timbering. Dimensions.
18834-83Magnetic wire for writing of harmonic signals. Specifications.
18846-73Zinc foil. Specifications.
18903-73Tungsten wire. Assortment.
18905-73Molibdenum wire. Assortment.
18907-73Cold-worked and heat-treated ground rods of high-alloy and corrosion-proof steel. Specifications.
18968-73Corrosion-resistant and heat-proof steel bars and strips for steam turbine blades. Specifications.
18970-84Pressure metal working. Forging, closed-die forging and stamping operations. Terms and definitions. , /
18978-73Scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals and alloys. Terms and definitions.
19040-81Metal tubes. method of tension test at high temperatures
19127-73Double headed fishplates for P43 rails. Design and dimensions.
19128-73Double headed fishplates for P50 rails. Design and dimensions.
19200-80Iron and steel castings. Terms and definitions of defects.
19240-73Rails for ground and suspended tracks. Dimensions.
19241-80Wrought nickel and low-alloy nickel. Grades.
19265-73Bars and strips of high-speed steel. Specifications.
19277-73Seamless steel tubes for oil and fuel lines. Specifications.
19281-89Rolled steel with increased strength. General specifications.
19282-73Low-alloyed plate strip universal steel. Specifications
19351-74Iridium and rhodium wire. Specifications.
19424-97Cast zinc alloys in pigs. Specifications.
19425-74Special-purpose steel I-beams and channels. Dimensions.
19437-81Cylindrical aluminium ingots. Specifications.
19441-74Magnesium-alloy extruded tubes. Specifications
19442-74Contour bars for blades and bars for coupling blades of steam turbines made of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature steel. Specifications.
19657-84Magnesium alloy pressed profiles. Specifications
19658-81Monocrystalline silicon in ingots. Specifications.
19671-91Tungsten wire for light sources. Specifications.
19703-79Brass wire of lead grade LS63-3. Specifications.
19738-74Silver solders. Types.
19739-74Strips from silver solders. Specifications.
19746-74Wire from silver solders. Specifications.
19771-93Roll-formed steel equal leg angles. Dimensions.
19772-93Roll-formed steel unequal leg angles. Dimensions.
19807-91Wrought titanium and titanium alloys. Grades.
19807-91Wrought titanium and titanium alloys. Grades.
19851-74Cold-rolled cut strip. Specifications.
19903-74Hot-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions.
19904-90Cold-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions.
20072-74Heat-resistant steel. Specifications.
20179-74Rough tyres carbon steel for the rolling stock on narrow gauge railways. Profiles and sizes.
20295-85Steel welded pipes for main gas-and-oil pipelines. Specifications.
20495-75Case-hardening of metal components. Diffusion layer characteristics and properties. Terms and definitions.
20707-80Copper and brass ribbons for radiators. Specifications.
20900-75Copper tubing for waveguides and brass right angle tubes. Specifications
20967-75Aluminium alloy rolled wire. Specifications.
21007-75Platinum wire for resistive temperature transducers, Specifications.
21022-75Chromic steel for precise bearings. Specifications.
21026-75Hot-rolled channel sections with outward flanges for trolleys. Dimensions.
21357-87Cold-resistant and wear-resistant steel castings. General specifications.
21427.1-83Cold-rolled anisotropic electrical-sheet steel. Specifications.
21427.2-83Cold-rolled isotropic electrical-sheet steel. Specifications.
21427.4-78Cold-rolled steel electrical anisotropic strip. Specifications.
21437-95Zinc antifriction alloys. Marks, Technical requirements and test methods.
21438-95Zinc antifriction alloys in pigs. Specifications.
21448-75Alloyed powders for welding deposit. Specifications.
21449-75Rods for welding deposit. Specifications.
21488-97Pressed bars of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Specifications
21631-76Sheets of aluminium alloys. Specifications.
21646-2003Copper and brass tubes for heat-exchange apparatus. Specifications
21729-76Cold-deformed and hot-deformed structural carbon and alloyed steel tubes. Specifications.
21910-76Metals. Heat-resistance characteristics. Names, definitions, formulas for calculations and units of quentities.
21930-76Tin-lead solders in pigs. Specifications.
21931-76Tin-led solders in the form of products. Specifications.
21937-76Hot-rolled steel unsymmetrical bulb for shipbuilding. Dimensions.
21945-76Seamless hot-rolled tubes alloys based on titanium. Specifications.
21990-76Magnesium alloys plates. Specifications.
21996-76Steel cold-rolled heat-treated strip. Specifications.
21997-76High tensile steel flattened strip. Specifications.
22178-76Titanium and titanium alloys sheets. Specifications.
22233-2001Aluminium alloy extruded sections for translucent envelopes. General specifications
22343-90Clamp of indirect rail fastening of railway. Specifications.
22366-93Sintered iron-base electrode strip for surfacing. Specifications.
22411-77High-rolled and forged bars of alloys. Dimensions.
22517-77Hafnium-iodide metal. Technical requirements.
22635-77Magnesium allous sheets. Specifications.
22666-77Copper wire and kopel alloy wire for low-temperature thermoelectrical transducers. Specifications.
22786-77Bimetalic seamless tubes for ship-building. Specifications.
22860-93Cadmium of high purity. Specifications.
22861-93Lead of high purity. Specifications.
22897-86Seamless cold-deformed pipes from alloys based on titanium. Specifications.
23137-78Copper-zinc solders. Grades.
23270-89Tubes-billets for mechanical treatment. Specifications.
23522-79Cold-rolled steel strip for hach saws. Specifications.
23697-79Welded straight-seam pipes of aluminium alloys. Specifications
23705-79Hot-rolled and forged bars of heat resistant alloys. Specifications.
23755-79Plates of titanium and titanium alloys. Specifications.
23786-79Drill pipes of aluminium alloys. Specifications
23855-79Cylindrical ingots out of aluminium alloy AD31. Technical conditions.
23886-91Cadmium sheets and plates. Specifications
23912-79Alley of copper-beryllium. Technical requirements.
24030-80Corrosion-resistant steel seamless tubes for power engineering industry. Specifications.
24045-86Steel sheet cold-formed sections with trapezoidal corrugations for building. Specifications.
24045-94Steel sheet cold-formed sections with trapezoidal corrugations for building. Specifications.
24182-80Open-hearth steel rails, P75, P65 and P50 types, for wide gauge railways. Specifications.
24244-80Low carbon sheet cold-rolling for enamelled ware. Technical conditions.
24301-93Bronze and brass cast bars and tubes. Specifications.
24353-80Sheets of foil made of platinum, palladium and their alloys, irridium and rhodium. Specifications.
24552-81Foil of gold, silver and their alloys. Specifications.
24718-81Strips of platinum, palladium, their alloys, iridium and rhodium. Specifications.
24767-81Aluminium and aluminium alloys cold-formed sections for wall and roof structures. Specifications
24890-81Welded pipes of titanium and titanium alloys. Specifications
24982-81Rolled sheet of cirrision-resistant, heatresistant and heat-proof alloys. Specifications.
25054-81Forgings of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys. General specifications.
25140-93Zinc alloys for casting. Grades.
25284.0-95Zinc alloys. General requirements for methods of analysis.
25284.1-95Zinc alloys. Methods for determination of aluminium.
25284.2-95Zinc alloys. Methods for determination of copper.
25284.3-95Zinc alloys. Methods for determination of magnesium.
25284.4-95Zinc alloys. Methods for determination of lead.
25284.5-95Zinc alloys. Methods for determination of cadmium.
25284.6-95Zinc alloys. Methods for determination of iron.
25284.7-95Zinc alloys. Methods for determination of tin.
25284.8-95Zinc alloys. Methods for determination of silicon.
25442-82Molibdenum annealed strips for deep drawing. Specifications
25474-82Silver anodes. Specifications.
25475-82Golden anodes. Specifications.
25501-82Stocks and semifinished products of non-ferrous metals and alloys. Terms and definitions.
25577-83Steel roll-formed closed welded square and rectangular sections. Specifications.
B 25854-83Long rolled products
25905-83Aluminium foil for condensers. Specifications.
26020-83Hot-rolled steel I-beam with parallel flange edges. Dimensions.
26110-84Rails for PK75 check rails. Dimensions.
26131-84Heat-resisting steel forgings. General specifications.
26168-84Switch point rails OP75. Dimensions.
26250-84Drill pipes for borehole tools with removable core lifts. Specifications.
26358-84Cast iron castings. General specifications
26366-84Brass-plated steel wire for bead rings of tyres. Specifications.
26467-85Hard-surfacing flux-cored strip. General specifications
26468-85Wrought columbium alloys. Grades.
26469-85Palladium and tungsten alloy wire. Specifications.
26492-85Titanium and titanium alloys rolled bars. Specifications
26645-85Metal and alloy castings. Dimensions and mass tolerance and machining allowances.
26804-86Metal beam road safety barriers. Specifications
27002-86Cooking utensils of corrosion-resistant steel. General specifications
27208-87Cast iron castings. Methods of mechanical testing
27265-87Titanium and titanium alloys filler wire. Specifications.
27266-87Molybdenum wire for light sources. Specifications.
27772-88Structural stee structure rolled products. General specifications.
28058-89Gold in ingots. Specifications.
28377-89Powders for gasothermic spraying and depositing. Types.
28378-89Iron-based powder structural materials. Types.
28393-89PM bars and strips of high-speed steel. General specifications.
28394-89Vermicular graphite iron for castings. Grades
28426-90Thermodiffusion strengthening and protection of metal products. General requirements for technological process.
28548-90Steel tubes. Terms and definitions.
28595-90Silver in ingots. Specifications.
28800-90Metal pipes. Method for determination moisture on the internal surface of pipes
28873-90Alloys on basis of heavy non-ferrous metals treated under pressure. Unified grades.
29006-91Metallic powders. Method for determination of hydrogen-reducible oxygen.
29012-91Powder metallurgy. Method for determination of compacts dimensional changes after compacting pressure relief and at the time of sintering.
29121-91Carbon steel wire for elevator ropes. Specifications
29296-92Extruded rectangular unequishelf T-section shapes of aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions
30136-94Carbon steel wire rods of common quality. Specifications.
30208-94Surgical instruments. Metall materials. Part 1. Stainless steel
30245-94Steel bent closed welded square and rectangular section for building. Specifications.
30246-94Continuously rolled sheet shell with paint coating for building
30272-96Black collar axles (profile stock) for 1520mm gauge railways. Specifications.
30273-98Circular and rectangular electromagnetic chucks. General Specifications
30563-98Seamless cold-worked carbon and alloy steel tubes for special purposes. Specifications.
30564-98Seamless hot-worked carbon and alloy steel pipes and tubes with special properties. Specifications.
30565-98Hot-rolled steel shapes for machine-building in chemical engineering and oil industry. General specifications.
30620-98Aluminium piston alloys. Specifications
30649-99Noble metals based alloys for jewelery. Marks.
30753-2001Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-weldings fittings. Sharply curved bends type 2D (R=DN). Design
P 50067-92Extruded rectangular uneqishelf zee-section shapes of aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions
P 50077-92Extruded oblique angle section shapes of aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions.
P 50278-92Drill pipes with weld-on tool joints. Specifications.
P 50328.1-92Surgical instruments. Metall materials. Part 1. Stainless steel
P 50566-93Steel wire for mechanical springs. General requirements.
P 50567-93Steel wire for mechanical springs cold-drown carbon steel.
P 50865-96Rails. Method of test on corrosion fatigue life.
P 51045-97Steel rais of RP50, RP65 and RP75 types for industrial tracks. General specifications.
P 51152-98Alloys based on noble metals for jewellery. Marks.
P 51162-98Casting aluminium utensils. General specifications.
P 51245-99Steel universal drill rods. General Specifications.
P 51393-99Corrosion-resistant steel cold rolled sheets and decks cold-shaped sections for carriage building. Specifications.
P 51394-99Wrought stainless stell for surgical implants. Specifications.
P 51395-99ChK62M6L alloy cast rods for artifical joints. Specifications.
P 51396-99Special alloy wire for connecting load-bearing and implanted members of products for organism's bones. General specifications.
P 51397-99Special alloy strip and wire for connecting and implanted members of products for cardiovascular surgery. General specifications.
P 51510-99Geological research drill rods. Types and main dimensions
P 51572-2000Gold weighted bullions. Specifications.
P 51573-2000Tubes from alloyed brasses for heat-exchange apparatus. Specifications.
P 51682-2000Casing and coring tubes for geology-exploring drilling. Specifications
P 51685-2000Ralway rails. General specifications.
P 51687-2000Stainless steel table and kitchen cutlery. General specifications.
P 51704-2001Platinum weighted ingots. Specifications.
P 51767-2001Nickel-base billets for orthopedic dentistry. General specifications
P 51775-2001Wheel sets for special-purpose rolling stock. General specifications
P 51776-2001Double tube core barrels for exploration drilling. Types and main parameters
P 51784-2001Silver weihted ingots. Specifications
P 51834-2001Extruded aluminium alloy bars of high strenght and improved ductility. Specifications.
P 51924-2002Double tube core barrel for exploration drilling. General technical specifications.
P 52079-2003Steel welded pipes for trunk gas pipelines, oil pipelines and oil products pipelines. Specifications
P 52116-2003Utensils of cast-iron. General specifications
P 52146-2003Cold rolled and cold rolled hot-galvanized sheet with polymer coating, prepeinted by the continuous coil-coating process. Specifications
P 52203-2004Tubing and coupling. Specifications
P 52204-2004Cold-rolled blackplate and tinplate. Specifications
P 52244-2004Refined palladium. Specifications
P 52245-2004Refined platinum. Specifications
P 60851.2-2002Winding wires. Test methods. Part 2. Determination of dimensions.
P 60851.3-2002Winding wires. Test methods. Part 3. Mechanical properties.
P 60851.4-2002Winding wires. Text methods. Part 4. Chemical properties
P 60851.5-2002Winding wires. Test methods. Part 5. Electrical properties.

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