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30.10.2015 EN equivalent for the cast steel CSN 422653
29.10.2015 I need to find equivalence between different steel designations in different numbering systems such as UNS, ASTM, AISI and others for this material: ES-PM-FW0015
27.10.2015 What is difference between 070M20 and 070M40
27.10.2015 AISI equivalent to Chinese Q345B please
26.10.2015 At what temperature is AS3678 Gr350Z Mod14 25mm plate impact values in Joules taken?
26.10.2015 Which is the aluminum material equivalent to 40Cr Steel (AISI 4140), used to fit the composite leave spring, as i need to change the material from steel to Aluminum for weight reduction
22.10.2015 I'am looking for the name of steel grade.
I know the requirements for the steel strips that I need.

Size requirements
Strip thickness (in) Strip width (in) Strip length (ft)
1 0,134 4,71 The maximum possible continuous
2 0,156 5,495 The maximum possible continuous
3 0,175 6,28 The maximum possible continuous

Chemical Requirements
The maximum content (mass percent)
Carbon 0,15
Manganese 0,6-1,2
Phosphorus 0,02
Sulfur 0,005
Silicon 0,3-0,5
Chrome 0,4-0,8
Copper 0,35
Nickel 0,2
Molybdenum 0,1-0,23
Aluminium 0,05

Requirements for the final product (tubing) after the heat treatment
Yield strength
Min 552 Mpa
Max 621 Mpa
Tensile strength
Min 607 Mpa
Hardness body and weld
Max 22 HRS

Please, good you help me.
I need to know the International and Russian name of the steel grade which satisfy to the discription above.
Maybe you can tell me the suppliers of this steel strips.
21.10.2015 who is the supplier of following item :-
1). NC Thinner ,
Spec #. DEF-STAN 80-38/1 DEF – 1216 A
2) Bullet tipping paint lacquer, MIL STANDARD:- MIL-P-4812
21.10.2015 i am looking to find who produces cold rolled quenched and tempered steel strips in russia or cis. as i know equivalent standards of gost is 21996-76 & 21997-76
21.10.2015 What is the south african equavelant of grade cme9 steel
21.10.2015 We are searching an optimum material according to content:Ni:%40 min Al:%0.025 min, Cr:%0.40 min or Mo:%0.15 min, C:%0.35 max
21.10.2015 which material should be used for grade 80 and grade 100 chains? Thank you...
20.10.2015 Hi, can I have the chemical composition of ZHS3LS superalloy?
13.10.2015 We are an injection-molder of automotive parts. I am quoting a molded gear with a flat, steel insert molded inside. The material call-out specifies "Carbon steel per SAE J403 Grade 1010" and a flatness spec of ± 0.020 mm. Stamped or fine-blanked steel is the obvious direction to go. Does this SAE specification allow the use of a powder-metal part?
12.10.2015 what is the ANSI equivalent s2541-03 thks
09.10.2015 What is the JIS equivalent to SPS60
09.10.2015 What is the Chinese equivalent for BS4360 Gr 43A steel?
09.10.2015 Looking for closest US equivalent of French grade 12NC12 steel
08.10.2015 What is the US equivalent to the Russian aluminum magnesium alloy AMG-6?
08.10.2015 What is the equivalent grade of 20g steel in India.
06.10.2015 I want to weld A 572 Gr 60 plate using AWS D1.1, which PQR I can use.
I am having API 5L X70 PQR can I use it.
As A 572 Gr 60 not available in market what are the other material I can use for PQR.
05.10.2015 Can you please help me to identify the following cobalt-base alloy:
1.5% carbon
1.11% manganese
1.05% silicon
17.9% chromium
0.29% molybdenum
2.24% nickel
0.62% aluminium
16.2% iron
01.10.2015 elch2 material thermal expansion coefficient
01.10.2015 I am looking for an approved alternative for S1 steel to manufacture some aircraft parts. S1 steel appears to be obsolete or extremely difficult to obtain. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
30.09.2015 Waht is the chemistry of Russian Grade steel AB2 and AB3??
29.09.2015 Hi , I'm looking to find a steel 52110 toughness. would you able to give some data? this is for my uni study.
28.09.2015 WPS for AISI 4130(60K)(flange) to API 5LX52 PSL2 (t<=13mm)?
25.09.2015 Required Chemical composition of 17 CrNiMo4
24.09.2015 We are looking the steel equivalent SP-120 japan norm.
24.09.2015 What is the US equivalent of CuZn31Si?
24.09.2015 I am after Australian Grade equivalents for Q345B and Q235B
23.09.2015 I am looking for the properties of stainless steel EZ3CNDA13-08 as well as a list of any foreign equivalents
23.09.2015 I'm trying to identify a railway standard for bronze (bearing alloy) dating from the 1950s: NF4B Alloy. Any historical references?
22.09.2015 HI,
I would like to ask about the weld ability of materials.
GS-20Mn5 DIN17182, 1.1120 and E355 (EN10305-1), 1.0580
what kind of welding wire is recommended to prevent the center cracking of the welding beam
22.09.2015 Pls send me list of russian suppliers of free cutting steel. Material SAE 12L14
22.09.2015 I am trying to find the chemical composition of steel tube to BS3602-1 grade CDS23
21.09.2015 is 2062 steel
21.09.2015 q235c plate material australian equivalents
21.09.2015 steel sis 142541 03
21.09.2015 aisi 3042b datasheet
18.09.2015 q235c plate material australian equivalents
18.09.2015 aisi 3042b datasheet
18.09.2015 I am quoting a distributor from a foreign country an American bolt and would like to cross reference their standard to a suitable American ASTM standard. His call out is AS/NES 3679.1 Grade 250. Does this compare to A36? F1554 Gr 55? Please advise.
18.09.2015 Is HR ASTM A-36 the same spec as HR M1020 or is it different?
17.09.2015 l6 steel equivalent
17.09.2015 material equivalent fe34 a uni 5334 65
17.09.2015 equivalents to 817m40 steel
17.09.2015 spfh590 material properties
17.09.2015 astm asme a234 04 wpb equivalent din
16.09.2015 4615 steel equivalent grades
16.09.2015 equivalent to uns g10090
16.09.2015 mechanical properties 20 mn mo ni 45 w nr 1.6311
16.09.2015 steel grade 3ps standard 380 2005 dstu 2651 2005
16.09.2015 What material is CSN 2000
15.09.2015 16cr6ni1mo grade equivalent
15.09.2015 21crmov5 11 equivalent
15.09.2015 italian steel specs to ekwivalent sa specs
15.09.2015 jsc440w steel properties
15.09.2015 can we use ASTM A 500 Gr.A / Gr.B instead of EN10025_ 2 S275JR for Hollow section
14.09.2015 steel saph400 equivalent
14.09.2015 duplex 2250 2507 equivalent
14.09.2015 aluminum 99.7 specification
14.09.2015 1.5506 material standard
14.09.2015 L 70*70*7 St52 equivalent material
11.09.2015 nve36 steel equivalent
11.09.2015 aisi 5115 steel equivalent
11.09.2015 european equivalents of grade sk5
11.09.2015 norma eu k werkstoff 1.4329
11.09.2015 equivalent grades of steel a216
10.09.2015 astm a471 caratteristiche
10.09.2015 hc 704 steel equivalent
10.09.2015 substitute of e355mc steel
10.09.2015 Can we use IS2062 plate grade material for UNS J03500 grade material
10.09.2015 Can you tell me what is the Australian equivalent to the American steel grade ASTM A715 Grade-50?
09.09.2015 skd11 material equivalent
09.09.2015 astm equivalent of x46cr13
09.09.2015 сталь 12х18н12мзтл ekvivalent
09.09.2015 65mn steel equivalent
09.09.2015 sa516 grade 60 equivalent
08.09.2015 st52 material equivalent
08.09.2015 steel a36 mechanical properties
08.09.2015 ca6nm equivalent
08.09.2015 steel 1.7707 properties
08.09.2015 42crm04 mechanical properties
07.09.2015 us equivalents for steel conforming to din standards
07.09.2015 4340 equivalent steel
07.09.2015 38nicrmo4 steel equivalent
07.09.2015 comparison with bs 2989 g450 and commercial grade steel
07.09.2015 st52 steel equivalent
04.09.2015 what is the equivalent in bolt jargon for 300WA - would it be 8.8?
04.09.2015 q345b equivalent
04.09.2015 can carbon steel be dual grade a105 and lf2
04.09.2015 russian standard steel 3 steel tube
04.09.2015 4088 steel properties
04.09.2015 hardness of s369ql steel
03.09.2015 stainless steel table with spec and grades
03.09.2015 sae material specification j405 51409
03.09.2015 steel equivalent w15
03.09.2015 steel 8.8 chemical properties
03.09.2015 astm a668 equivalent
02.09.2015 steel a216 vcc compare csn
02.09.2015 40cmd8 steel equivalent
02.09.2015 s275jr specifications
02.09.2015 070m20 cd equivalent
02.09.2015 sae 4130 ams6345 steel equivalent
01.09.2015 60wcrv7 steel equivalent
01.09.2015 equivalent material to din 1.0120
01.09.2015 werkstoff wcb
01.09.2015 what is european equivalent of s7 steel
01.09.2015 stal st7 skład chemiczny
31.08.2015 technical comparison with bs2989g450 and commercial grade steel
31.08.2015 norma in italiano astm a653m z180
31.08.2015 astm a992 mechanical properties
31.08.2015 is astm a182f11 equivalent of ge b50a164b2
31.08.2015 f 154 japan steel equivelent
28.08.2015 equivalent gost steel st 10 сталь ст10 ansi
28.08.2015 c45 steel mechanical properties impact energy
28.08.2015 x65 grade steel properties
28.08.2015 ss41p steel equivalent
28.08.2015 which is US/European or Chinese equivalent to 5SP GOST 380 steel specification ?
27.08.2015 Thank you very much for your quick response.
You may please provide answers for the following grades.
ASTM A 053 - grade B & C
JIS G 313/96 SPHC
Await your reply.
27.08.2015 z10cnw170 n3804 alloy steel properties
27.08.2015 q235 steel specification
27.08.2015 material grades api 5d
27.08.2015 what is Russian equivalent(s) for Japanese grade STKM11A ?
27.08.2015 Equivalence of CV18W of others international Rules (ASTM, EN...)
26.08.2015 1 65fe 33.5 co 1.5 ti alloy data sheet
26.08.2015 09g2s steel equivalent
26.08.2015 plastic mould basement steel material
26.08.2015 stkm11a t1 0 steel equivalent
26.08.2015 sk3 steel equivalent
25.08.2015 equivalence 35ncd16 astm
25.08.2015 steel round bar equal to 16mo3
25.08.2015 steel p265gh properties
25.08.2015 what are steel equivalent grades to 605m36
25.08.2015 what is the grade of metal s22h
24.08.2015 what are the physical and chemical properties of steel of standard JIS G 3131/96 and ASTM A 053? is it possible to have a comparison chart of both standard propeties?
24.08.2015 040a04 steel properties
24.08.2015 1026 steel equivalent
24.08.2015 s235jr material specification
24.08.2015 material specs for 1.2312
24.08.2015 werkstoff ak9m2t6
21.08.2015 What is the chines equalent steel for Indian EN 8
21.08.2015 What is the equivalent grade of St37K steel ?? and also want to know chemical and physical properties of the same.
21.08.2015 Sir in 20MnCr5 alloy steel what is 20 and 5. what do they show . How it is designated on the basis of 20 and 5
21.08.2015 What is 90MnV8G USA equivalent?
21.08.2015 1.7117 mechanical properties
21.08.2015 material composition of 20mncr 6 5
21.08.2015 what is the american equivalent of jsh440w steel
21.08.2015 en 10088 1.4435 equal sus
21.08.2015 material 35ncd16 equivalent
20.08.2015 9smnpb28k steel
20.08.2015 astm a490 conversion
20.08.2015 spcc steel specification
20.08.2015 en24 steel equivalents
20.08.2015 q345r equivalent
19.08.2015 s355j2h equivalent material
19.08.2015 en1a steel equivalent
19.08.2015 american steel specifications equivalent to canadian
19.08.2015 astm a216 equivalent
19.08.2015 din 1.4833 aisi
18.08.2015 ост 26 2040 odpowiednik din
18.08.2015 c35e steel equivalent
18.08.2015 sae j1392 hsla 050 xlf steel corrispondenza
18.08.2015 aq 42 steel equivalent
18.08.2015 am trying to get quote on 1-1/2" Diameter Bar (std length) of "Keewatin 01-60 HRC" or equivalent, but I am having a difficult time finding either of them. can you tell me what the equivalent to the "Keewatin" grade?
17.08.2015 din 668 c35k 30 equivalent
17.08.2015 australian standard for steel 926
17.08.2015 chemical properties of s355jr2 steel
17.08.2015 prevodník oceľ bs970
17.08.2015 SCMnCr 4
14.08.2015 a53 steel mechanical properties
14.08.2015 equivalent asme for din 1.4571
14.08.2015 s325jr astm equivalent
14.08.2015 sa 106 gr b equivalent en standard
14.08.2015 Hi Metaldata,
I am looking for the material properties for Medium Carbon Steel BS 970 - 709M40T.
I would like to find out the UTS 0.2% proof stress but most importanly the Modulus of Elasticity.
13.08.2015 convert to uk specification of swedish steel ss141312
13.08.2015 steel grade 8.8 properties
13.08.2015 werkstoff steel equivalent catalog
13.08.2015 gost 19903 89 çelik karşılığı
13.08.2015 what is equivalent to bs 4799
12.08.2015 15xm steel equivalent
12.08.2015 ss2142 steel equivalent
12.08.2015 s165m material equivalent
12.08.2015 what is the astm equivalent to en3b bs970-1 or nearest steel
11.08.2015 steel equivalent to japan steel norm jsc270c
11.08.2015 what is the astm equivalent to bs970-1 or nearest steel
11.08.2015 What are the mechanical properties of SAE 1002?
11.08.2015 What is ASTM equivalent plate to GHOST 09G2S?
11.08.2015 Can we replace s275 to ss400 steel material grade
10.08.2015 722m24 steel equivalent
10.08.2015 what is steel cross reference for p20
10.08.2015 I have an italian material spec 38NDC4 can you tell me of an equivalent, available to me in the UK
10.08.2015 The european standard EN10204/3.1B and american standar ASTM A53 complies in properties? Also the japanese standar JIS G 3131/96 complies with both the above european and american standars?
10.08.2015 What is the equivalent european and japanes standard for ASTM A500
07.08.2015 astm a 148 grade 150 135 translate en iso
07.08.2015 yield strength of 1.2210 steel
07.08.2015 astm sa 832 steel equivalent
07.08.2015 scma3a material spec
06.08.2015 steel en24 equivalent
06.08.2015 astm a513 1026 equivalent grades
06.08.2015 astm a471 forging material what is the equavalent
06.08.2015 a60 steel equivalent
06.08.2015 what is the equivalent ASTM of GOST 14637-89
05.08.2015 olt 35 steel pipes equivalent
05.08.2015 10b21 material spec
05.08.2015 x3crnimo13 4 en 10088 3 material equivalent
05.08.2015 ss 1142 steel equivalent
05.08.2015 what is the aisi or asm equivalent of 40crmnmos86
04.08.2015 aisi 4130 equivalent material
04.08.2015 gb 715 ml3 steel spec
04.08.2015 1.2631 steel equivalent
04.08.2015 m16 astm a307 o equivalente
04.08.2015 jsc270c hóa học và tính chất cơ học
tính chất cơ học và độ cứng của thép JSC270C
03.08.2015 en30b equivalent steel
03.08.2015 en equivalent of bs970 steel
03.08.2015 steel astm a53 equivalent european
03.08.2015 uns g12144 steel equivalent
03.08.2015 I'm looking for the ASTM equivalent of E295GC+C
01.08.2015 material 1e0065 equivalent
01.08.2015 p280gh material equivalent
01.08.2015 us equivilant material to s265jrgc c
01.08.2015 IS grade 304 stainless steel equivalent to S275 AR + JR
01.08.2015 is roldamax 339 equivalent to 316l stainless steel
31.07.2015 please suggest india euivalant steel grade for
31.07.2015 steel standard dd 11 en 101111 equivalent to astm
31.07.2015 nvd36 steel equivalent
31.07.2015 1.2085 steel specification
31.07.2015 8640 steel equivalent
31.07.2015 material equivalent to astm a 564 tp630
30.07.2015 skh51 steel equivalent
30.07.2015 south african equivalent to en 3 steel
30.07.2015 g40 21 04 chemical spectral
30.07.2015 material gc200 specification
30.07.2015 steel grade 1.0226 equivalent ukraine
29.07.2015 st52 what american steel grade
29.07.2015 a36 equivalent material grade
29.07.2015 steel 1020 equivalent
29.07.2015 what indian standard material equivalent to sabs 1431 gr 350wa structural sections
28.07.2015 q345b steel properties
28.07.2015 steel grade with 96 iron
28.07.2015 aisi equivalent for 18crnimo7 6
28.07.2015 material aisi4140 in gost
28.07.2015 astm a350 lf2 equivalent
27.07.2015 i wnat to know 2 material composition :
1) 38 NCD 4
2) Fe42
23.07.2015 What is the difference in the chemical composition of Chinese Q235 and US 1018 steel
23.07.2015 Please advise on the spec EN E355+C
Material number EN 1.0580
21.07.2015 Please I would like to know Thermal expansion coefficient of steel CrMoSiV in the range to 600 degree of Celsius
20.07.2015 equivelent material to a285 gr c
20.07.2015 sis 1311 steel equivalent
20.07.2015 cross reference 1.7139 steel
20.07.2015 e195 steel grade elastic modulus
20.07.2015 sa213 t91 ekvivalent podľa čsn
17.07.2015 cross reference steel number from bs 970 07a 78 to aisi
17.07.2015 a36 steel equivalent
17.07.2015 ss41 material equivalent
17.07.2015 stainless steel 466 specification
17.07.2015 din 19mn5 to astm equalent
16.07.2015 What is CME 9 steel or what is the equivalent?
16.07.2015 In wich JIS standard may I find the cast iron specification JIS FCH-2A and JIS FCH-2B?
16.07.2015 st37 2 steel equivalent
16.07.2015 what is the equivalent to astm a193b8m 5 8 11x2
16.07.2015 cpm3v steel equivalent
16.07.2015 properties of concrete steel
16.07.2015 We arw welding reinforcing plates on our Liebherr9350 Platespesification isLH380 I need to know whatnis the hardness and what equvalent plate can be used
15.07.2015 10b21 material specification
15.07.2015 1.0426 steel equivalent to din 17121 standard
15.07.2015 60s12mn chinese steel is what usa equivalent
15.07.2015 what is c40 steel
15.07.2015 I am seeking an approved alternative for S1 steel to re-manufacture a brake cable assembly for one of our aircraft. S1 steel appears to be obsolete and to avoid changes to design and the implications of additional costs. I need to have the end fittings manufactured to the original drawing spec, although if I could manufacture with an alternative material which is approved by the UK CAA or UK military this would avoid any design change. any help would be appreciated. Thank You. Mick
14.07.2015 material 1.0427 equivalent
14.07.2015 10345 equivalent material
14.07.2015 aisi equivalent to din steel 1.1730
14.07.2015 In grade S-275 JR, round bar can be manufacture.
14.07.2015 what is indian equivalent grade for s-275jr
13.07.2015 what is equilent of Q345B steel in indian standard and suitable welding electrode for such type of .steel
13.07.2015 s355j2g3 equivalent astm
13.07.2015 c10 steel equivalent
13.07.2015 material 4130 equivalent
13.07.2015 en15r steel equivalent
13.07.2015 steel sus27 equivalent
10.07.2015 en 10025 steel equivalent
10.07.2015 1.4581 stainless steel equivalent
10.07.2015 werkstoffbezeichnung q235
10.07.2015 x16crmo5 equivalent astm
10.07.2015 what is the us equivalent to china steel jis swrch10a
09.07.2015 equivalent to 817m40 steel
09.07.2015 din en 10092 equivalent
09.07.2015 q390 steel equivalent
09.07.2015 sae 4130 steel equivalent din
09.07.2015 2379 steel equivalent
08.07.2015 38ncd4 steel properties
08.07.2015 equivalent grade to en24
08.07.2015 p265gh equivalent material
08.07.2015 11smn30 c steel equivalent
08.07.2015 Who are US suppliers of 16 inch and up pipe reducers from A-234 Gr WP11b?
07.07.2015 Equivalent grades for ZK95CrMo
07.07.2015 EZ1 CNDAT 12-10 steel
E-Z1 CNDAT 12-10 steel
07.07.2015 350wa steel specifications
07.07.2015 normenvergleich astm a572 mit din en
07.07.2015 q235a astm equivalent
07.07.2015 9smn28k steel equivalent
07.07.2015 44w equivalent steel
06.07.2015 is roldamax 339 equivalent to 316l stainless steel material
06.07.2015 1.2162 steel equivalent
06.07.2015 gost 380 88 standard steel ct3
06.07.2015 astm a715 equivalent
06.07.2015 Dear Experts
Can we weld S275jr material to ASTM grade 500A material and could you please tell me the reference documents which states that the above mentioned material can be welded??
03.07.2015 c45r steel en equivalent south africa
03.07.2015 bs970 steel specifications
03.07.2015 9smn28k steel equivalent
03.07.2015 Hello,
I am looking for grades of steel that are compatible with either of the following steel materials: AMS 5062 or AISI 1005. I need steel sheets that are 0.004" or 0.002 inch thick
03.07.2015 Hello!
I am looking for an equivalent to AISI 1005 steel sheet.
02.07.2015 what is the en equivalent of astm a572 gr 50
02.07.2015 convert 1.2343 steel to us equivalent
02.07.2015 materiál 10267097 mechanické vlastnosti
02.07.2015 en26 steel equivalent
02.07.2015 en 10088 2 equivalent
02.07.2015 19mn5 astm equivalent
01.07.2015 316 stainless steel mechanical properties
01.07.2015 jsc270c steel equivalent
01.07.2015 cross reference of fe360 steel to a283
01.07.2015 s500 steel properties
01.07.2015 q345d q345e equivalent astm steel
30.06.2015 Which is EN code for ASG2?
30.06.2015 din en 10025 2 steel us equivalent
30.06.2015 1.0332 material equivalent
30.06.2015 creusabro 4800 equivalent
30.06.2015 4140 us alloy steel convert
30.06.2015 how many grades of steel are there
29.06.2015 jis ss400 steel equivalent
29.06.2015 chinese grade 20 steel uk comparison
29.06.2015 What is the difference between Australian std.-3679.1 Grade 300 plus and Q235 steel
29.06.2015 which indian material standards match to Q345R Standard
29.06.2015 What is the nearest Australian equivilent for aisi 1050
26.06.2015 steel equivalent for x52
26.06.2015 what is uk equivalent of astm a1011 a
26.06.2015 material ck45v equivalent
26.06.2015 cdm4cu material din equivalent
26.06.2015 Kindly help us with the composition of LH 380 and S355J2+N
25.06.2015 what is 15 5 ph in werkstoff
25.06.2015 15mo3 steel equivalent
25.06.2015 4037 steel equivalent din
25.06.2015 what is the material equivilant to ASTM A615
25.06.2015 SA 612 Material is not very commercial. I need to make a WPS fillet weld between a tube SA-106 and SA-612. What Equivalent material could be used instead of the SA-612 for coupons plates?
24.06.2015 Good Day
I would like to be advised of the chemical compositions and mechanical properties on a spread sheet of the following steels
300WA versus 350WA versus S355JR
Your help and support will be appreciated
Thank you
24.06.2015 steel mills czech republic
24.06.2015 us equivalent to r7 steel
24.06.2015 black steel producers in europe
24.06.2015 s250 steel specification
24.06.2015 s45c equivalent in metal
23.06.2015 equivalent iso standard to din en 10025
23.06.2015 ss716 steel specifications
23.06.2015 25crmo4 steel properties
23.06.2015 s235jr steel equivalent
23.06.2015 10b21 material composition
23.06.2015 aisi 4140 steel equivalent
22.06.2015 what material is cme 9 sim7 and sim 8
22.06.2015 sa 105 material specification
22.06.2015 material composition of dia 12 s80 pipe
22.06.2015 european equivalent of astm a400 steel
22.06.2015 american equivelant grade steel for bs1501 151 grade 430a
22.06.2015 material equivalent to 15B36Cr
19.06.2015 correspondence steel lh 380 tlv 12232
19.06.2015 bs 527m17 analog in en steel
19.06.2015 bs 4360 gr 43a equivalent
19.06.2015 what is the equivalent en grade to bs en 10250 3 2000 34crnimo6
19.06.2015 compatible replacement for 4620 steel
19.06.2015 composition of corten steel
18.06.2015 What are the brinell hardness specifications for this steel ASTM1038-
18.06.2015 please what is Russian equivalent of grade STKM11A ( Japan )? Thank you
18.06.2015 What is the ASTM and DIN Equivalent of Cт25 ∏K20, ГOST 977-88 and Б83, ГOST 1320-74 materials?
18.06.2015 1.0038 steel equivalent usa
18.06.2015 combination 3cr12 stee
18.06.2015 equivalent astm to q235
18.06.2015 mm59 werkstoff
18.06.2015 astm c 1405 equivalent
17.06.2015 What is an equivalent carbon steel to ASTM A707 L3 CL 3
17.06.2015 fe 89%
c 4.5%
si 3.6%
cu 1.6%
mn 0.054%
whate is this metal
17.06.2015 astm a576 grade 1090 equivalent material
17.06.2015 35ncd16 steel is equivalent to what steel in south africa
17.06.2015 a515 gr 70 equivalent αντιστοιχεια με din
17.06.2015 35mn steel designation
17.06.2015 saph440 equivalent grade
16.06.2015 steel a844 composition
16.06.2015 eqivilant to en8 steel
16.06.2015 gs30mn5 material specification
16.06.2015 1.0736 steel equivalent
16.06.2015 aisi 4130 mechanical properties
15.06.2015 65mn equivalent
15.06.2015 hardox 400 equivalent steel grade
15.06.2015 etg88 steel equivalent
15.06.2015 Pleas give me the EN and US equivalent grades for carbon steel SWRCH15A Standard: BS EN ISO13918
10.06.2015 I am not getting low temperature (-60C) impact value of 24Joules by Water Quenching + Tempering operation. Can any one suggest optimum cheemistry to be chosen as ASTM A352 and heat treatment to be carri
09.06.2015 is 0.24 % carbon ok as per standard in sae 10b21
02.06.2015 what is the equivalent US grade steel to Russian 30hgsa steel alloy and what are the yield tensile strength, shear strength and modulus of 30hgsa steel
01.06.2015 What will be the indian std material for the following DIN Standard Material
22 S 20 K
01.06.2015 pls I NEED the diffrence between steel grade A36 and S235/R
29.05.2015 is JIS G3302 is eqivalant to ASTM A653...?
Could you please send me comparison sheet
28.05.2015 Can you provide the BS3332 standard?
27.05.2015 What is the JIS equivalent of 30 ASTM D2240A?
26.05.2015 Which is the BSEN standard equivalent to DIN 17100
25.05.2015 请问钢材牌号ST06D+Z的成分及物理性能 化学性能
25.05.2015 What is the chemical / physical properties of Hot Dip Zinc coated Steel sheet specified by Q235B (Chinese specification)
20.05.2015 trade name of material BS 15001
14.05.2015 material 25NCD16T ; 1.6773 ; 36NiCrm016
13.05.2015 what is the south african equivalent for round bar grade 30CrNiMo8
11.05.2015 what is the equivalent martial of CME 9 symbol 7?
08.05.2015 During the Tensile testing of grade S355J2+N we have observed UTS 634.58MPa which is higher than the range specified as per EN 10025-2 i.e. 470-630MPa. Is there any adverse effect on the component if used for structure
07.05.2015 What is the difference between steel grade s355j2g2 and s355j2g3
07.05.2015 What is the SMTS and SMYS of steel grade BS 1501-224-32A-LT50
05.05.2015 DIN 110 WCrV5
05.05.2015 what is the equivalent of russia plate steel grade CT3NC-2
01.05.2015 What is the U.S. equal to AISI 4840 steel bar
01.05.2015 we are looking for Equivalent indian material which is equivalent to italian grade material 18NiCrMo5
it should be round bar please suggest the suitable IS grade exatly match with 18NiCrMo5
01.05.2015 do you have specification for P355T1?
30.04.2015 Dear Sir
I reside in South Africa and would like the local steel equivalent for SAE-AISI 1017 sheet steel.
30.04.2015 We need more information (characteristic) about S-CR210B2 thickness 0,65mm
We need elasticity ?
Could you please help us?
29.04.2015 Please let us have equivalent ASTM specifications for aluminium billets ch05, ch10,ch20, ch50,ch61,ch63,ch64,ch65,ch70,ch82 etc
27.04.2015 Please provide the compositition or equivalent grade designation for KMOS (Italy).
Thank you!
27.04.2015 A13C HR Equivalent to AISI
24.04.2015 for Q345B chinese steel which is equivalent in russian standards
23.04.2015 What is common between steel specification GB-700-56 and Q195
22.04.2015 hi
i need material replacing 1.2101
in iran not 1.1201...
please another material much with 1.1201
best regards
20.04.2015 I want to know the chemical properties of material CT3CN. also if possible the Indian equivalent material for the same
20.04.2015 what is the indian equivalent of CT3CN STEEL
13.04.2015 Please, AISI equivalent to DIN 1.4302
Thanks in advance.
10.04.2015 What is the ASTM and DIN Equivalent of Cт25 ∏K20, ГOST 977-88 and Б83, ГOST 1320-74 materials?
10.04.2015 I will like to know the equivalent grade for Z50NMC12
09.04.2015 What is the ASTM and DIN Equivalent of Cт25 ∏K20, ГOST 97-88 and Б83, ГOST 1320-74 materials?
09.04.2015 i I would just like to know the magnetic properties of material Supraform290 and galv super Galum are these material condusive to being picked up by magnets.
07.04.2015 compare grade is 2062 and carbon ss41
also equivelent of ss41 grade required
06.04.2015 Please let me know the equivalent ISO standards for AMG3M plate as per GOST 21631
31.03.2015 thank your for your quick and kind respond.

i am interested in
c67 or c75 or sae 1070 strips
thickness 0.40 - 6 mm
condition: quenched & tempered (quenched and tempered).
HARDNESS: 370-580 HV or 38-54 HRC or 1220-1920 N/mm2.
As i see russian grade 65G is similar to my demand. also i am not sure that buy also grade y7 is also similar. but i do not know if any company may offer me that in Q&T condition.
30.03.2015 Please specify t5he chemical compossition of material AL9,GOST2685-75
30.03.2015 Dear Sir , Could you please advise why for steels S355JR and S355JO impact strength values are specified at different temperatures ? why not at same temperatures ? Thanks and regards
27.03.2015 I would like to know the machinability ratings, properties, datasheets and equivalent grades of the steels with bismuth that may have any of the following descriptions:
Replublic Multicut Bi or Multicut Biz, Inland or Lasalle Incut100 (1214 sa) or Incut 200, Eaton 12Bi15, Corus C1214Bi, 1215sa
26.03.2015 ALtough i searched so much, i could not understand if there is any producer of hardened and tempered steel strips in Russia. i do not know the exact grades in gost but as i see mostly 65g is used for these grades.
could you pls help me to about this item ?
18.03.2015 What is the equivalent grade material of 38crMoAIA (structural alloy steel)
18.03.2015 What is the US equivalent steel of France A60-2?
16.03.2015 kindly advise if E350 - IS2062 is also equivalent to DIN ST-52-3CU AND Q345D?
Could you kindly provide me with the Physical and Chemical properties for DIN ST-52-3CU.
12.03.2015 material Q345D is equivalent to which Indian material specification?
11.03.2015 What are the Chinese equivalents of Australian steel to AS 1163, grade C250LO, C350LO and C450LO?
11.03.2015 What is the China equivalent to 1018 steel
10.03.2015 what is the US and European equivalent of the following materials
1.Fe 37 CUNI 5334
2.GS 42-15
3.Gomma Durezza 65º5h
10.03.2015 please,
what is the correspondance of the grade EN19 T in european norme ou AISI.and which grade can we use to weld this grade with solid wire MIG process
thank' for help
06.03.2015 I require IS or ASTM Composition which is nearly equal to K Monel 500
06.03.2015 what is the Steel equivalent norm in Europe to ST.12.03 or DC-01 for cold rolled steel
05.03.2015 What is a comparable steel for LH 380.
Application is for Heavy duty Liebherr excavator
04.03.2015 What is the equivalent cast grade for K Monel500?
04.03.2015 Hi , Please give me Elastic Modulus for (( Russian: 06х12н3д ,Title English .: 06Ch12N3D))
03.03.2015 What is the equivalent material for Steel S450 ?
03.03.2015 What is a SAE equivalent for SWCH16A?
02.03.2015 what is the Chinese equivalent to AISI 1536?
02.03.2015 What is the AISI 1012 equivlent of GB?
02.03.2015 Dear Sir/Madam,
We would like to manufacture flat springs with 1.5 mm thick of alloy sheet “XH35BT” (ЭИ 612) grade as per TU 14-1-1528-76.
We sincerely request you to please help us to source this material in sheet form who can supply in small quantities. Also let us know the complete heat treatment procedure to be done after punching.
Please let us know how much do you charge to offer above services.
02.03.2015 Comparison of ST 52 and sailma E350 chemical and mechanical properties
26.02.2015 need to know what is the chemical composition of JIS FCH 5
26.02.2015 What is the ASTM equivalent material for Raex 265 P NGS1105
25.02.2015 what is equvalent csn standard 15121.5 for plates for pressure vessel
25.02.2015 What is the U.S. equivalent to the Swedish material 23 90 95? This is for an M12 X 60 bolt with a maximun working temperature of 600° C.
24.02.2015 Please let us know equivalent ASTM, BS, IS grades for alloy sheet “XH35BT” (ЭИ 612) grade as per TU 14-1-272-72
We need only 50 or 100 kgs of above sheet, so please let us know any stockists or retail sellers of this material any where in Russia or Ukraine, we are ready to pay the charges, if any.
24.02.2015 Can I use Q345R like ASTM A537 for penstock?
23.02.2015 We are in need of “ЭU612 TУ72-58” grade “XH35BT” strip materials, please let us know the chemical composition and stockists, suppliers of XH35BT sheet
20.02.2015 75c6 do u know indian standerd grade
20.02.2015 75c6 equivalents other grade
19.02.2015 What is the ASTM equivalent to ST2k50
18.02.2015 Please send me Standard and Thermal Conductivity of " Silicate Graphit of Grade CΓ-Л0,5 "
18.02.2015 WHAT is the equivalent ASME/ASTM and P.NO. of Material S355J2G3 According to EN 10025
18.02.2015 Hello, how are you
We are interested in building material
Commodity; Fitting construction Building Rebar AIII Standard
As diameter of Φ10mm, Φ12mm, Φ14mm, Φ16mm, Φ18mm, Φ20mm, and 12 m long
Can you provide more information regarding the your product &price list?
I would appreciated it if you replay to us as soon as possible
16.02.2015 how to reduce pearlite block size in steel grade 38B3
16.02.2015 Chemical composition of GOST 2685-75
13.02.2015 What is the density of Q345C steel?
12.02.2015 how can i tell the diffrence between mild steel and benox or vrn400 or vrn 500 please advice
10.02.2015 May I know the ASTM equivalent for the cast material ZG16Mn? I wish to know whether it's weldable. yield strength and can be used as a lifting lug? Thanks
09.02.2015 what is the equivalent grade of 21Cr-Mo-V-5-11? this composition to be match with ASME/DIN/EN/BIS
06.02.2015 Give me please the B-H curve of the steel S275
05.02.2015 What te equivalente in AISI or ASTM of steell LH380 TVL12232
04.02.2015 equivalent material of AMg6 GOST 21631 IN astm or others
03.02.2015 could you tell me, the grade of this composition of steel: C% (0.32) , %Si(0.2) %Mn(1.41) P%(0.036) S%(0.31) Cr%(0.24) Mo%(0.27) Ni(%0.17) AL%(0.008) Cu%(0.18) Fe(BASE)
02.02.2015 what are the mechanical properties of this steels: DIN 1.3355 and DIN 1.2369?
and can I replace the 1.3355 steel with 1.2369 steel?
02.02.2015 i want to know about sleeve shaft. i saw an sleeve shaft, which has a magnet part in the middle of it. it means the other parts of the shaft(except middle of the shaft, its like a ring with a darker color comparison with pther parts) isnt magnet. iwant its application and iwant to know why it should be partialy magnet
30.01.2015 What is the difference between Steel Grade ASTM A283 & S235:S355
28.01.2015 AS3679/300 is equivalent to which grade of ASTM?
27.01.2015 Is Grade A514 equivalent to Welten 60? If not what is Welten 60 comparable too?
27.01.2015 What is the equivalent ASME/ASTM material standard for Russian super alloy: ЭП-648-ВИ ХН50ВМТЮБ-ВИ?
26.01.2015 What is the Chinese equivalent of P355GH?
What is the Russian equivalent of P355GH?

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