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  • Give me please composition of any world steel or alloy.
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26.05.2015 Which is the BSEN standard equivalent to DIN 17100
25.05.2015 请问钢材牌号ST06D+Z的成分及物理性能 化学性能
25.05.2015 What is the chemical / physical properties of Hot Dip Zinc coated Steel sheet specified by Q235B (Chinese specification)
20.05.2015 trade name of material BS 15001
14.05.2015 material 25NCD16T ; 1.6773 ; 36NiCrm016
13.05.2015 what is the south african equivalent for round bar grade 30CrNiMo8
11.05.2015 what is the equivalent martial of CME 9 symbol 7?
08.05.2015 During the Tensile testing of grade S355J2+N we have observed UTS 634.58MPa which is higher than the range specified as per EN 10025-2 i.e. 470-630MPa. Is there any adverse effect on the component if used for structure
07.05.2015 What is the difference between steel grade s355j2g2 and s355j2g3
07.05.2015 What is the SMTS and SMYS of steel grade BS 1501-224-32A-LT50
05.05.2015 DIN 110 WCrV5
05.05.2015 what is the equivalent of russia plate steel grade CT3NC-2
01.05.2015 What is the U.S. equal to AISI 4840 steel bar
01.05.2015 we are looking for Equivalent indian material which is equivalent to italian grade material 18NiCrMo5
it should be round bar please suggest the suitable IS grade exatly match with 18NiCrMo5
01.05.2015 do you have specification for P355T1?
30.04.2015 Dear Sir
I reside in South Africa and would like the local steel equivalent for SAE-AISI 1017 sheet steel.
30.04.2015 We need more information (characteristic) about S-CR210B2 thickness 0,65mm
We need elasticity ?
Could you please help us?
29.04.2015 Please let us have equivalent ASTM specifications for aluminium billets ch05, ch10,ch20, ch50,ch61,ch63,ch64,ch65,ch70,ch82 etc
27.04.2015 Please provide the compositition or equivalent grade designation for KMOS (Italy).
Thank you!
27.04.2015 A13C HR Equivalent to AISI
24.04.2015 for Q345B chinese steel which is equivalent in russian standards
23.04.2015 What is common between steel specification GB-700-56 and Q195
22.04.2015 hi
i need material replacing 1.2101
in iran not 1.1201...
please another material much with 1.1201
best regards
20.04.2015 I want to know the chemical properties of material CT3CN. also if possible the Indian equivalent material for the same
20.04.2015 what is the indian equivalent of CT3CN STEEL
13.04.2015 Please, AISI equivalent to DIN 1.4302
Thanks in advance.
10.04.2015 What is the ASTM and DIN Equivalent of Cт25 ∏K20, ГOST 977-88 and Б83, ГOST 1320-74 materials?
10.04.2015 I will like to know the equivalent grade for Z50NMC12
09.04.2015 What is the ASTM and DIN Equivalent of Cт25 ∏K20, ГOST 97-88 and Б83, ГOST 1320-74 materials?
09.04.2015 i I would just like to know the magnetic properties of material Supraform290 and galv super Galum are these material condusive to being picked up by magnets.
07.04.2015 compare grade is 2062 and carbon ss41
also equivelent of ss41 grade required
06.04.2015 Please let me know the equivalent ISO standards for AMG3M plate as per GOST 21631
31.03.2015 thank your for your quick and kind respond.

i am interested in
c67 or c75 or sae 1070 strips
thickness 0.40 - 6 mm
condition: quenched & tempered (quenched and tempered).
HARDNESS: 370-580 HV or 38-54 HRC or 1220-1920 N/mm2.
As i see russian grade 65G is similar to my demand. also i am not sure that buy also grade y7 is also similar. but i do not know if any company may offer me that in Q&T condition.
30.03.2015 Please specify t5he chemical compossition of material AL9,GOST2685-75
30.03.2015 Dear Sir , Could you please advise why for steels S355JR and S355JO impact strength values are specified at different temperatures ? why not at same temperatures ? Thanks and regards
27.03.2015 I would like to know the machinability ratings, properties, datasheets and equivalent grades of the steels with bismuth that may have any of the following descriptions:
Replublic Multicut Bi or Multicut Biz, Inland or Lasalle Incut100 (1214 sa) or Incut 200, Eaton 12Bi15, Corus C1214Bi, 1215sa
26.03.2015 ALtough i searched so much, i could not understand if there is any producer of hardened and tempered steel strips in Russia. i do not know the exact grades in gost but as i see mostly 65g is used for these grades.
could you pls help me to about this item ?
18.03.2015 What is the equivalent grade material of 38crMoAIA (structural alloy steel)
18.03.2015 What is the US equivalent steel of France A60-2?
16.03.2015 kindly advise if E350 - IS2062 is also equivalent to DIN ST-52-3CU AND Q345D?
Could you kindly provide me with the Physical and Chemical properties for DIN ST-52-3CU.
12.03.2015 material Q345D is equivalent to which Indian material specification?
11.03.2015 What are the Chinese equivalents of Australian steel to AS 1163, grade C250LO, C350LO and C450LO?
11.03.2015 What is the China equivalent to 1018 steel
10.03.2015 what is the US and European equivalent of the following materials
1.Fe 37 CUNI 5334
2.GS 42-15
3.Gomma Durezza 65º5h
10.03.2015 please,
what is the correspondance of the grade EN19 T in european norme ou AISI.and which grade can we use to weld this grade with solid wire MIG process
thank' for help
06.03.2015 I require IS or ASTM Composition which is nearly equal to K Monel 500
06.03.2015 what is the Steel equivalent norm in Europe to ST.12.03 or DC-01 for cold rolled steel
05.03.2015 What is a comparable steel for LH 380.
Application is for Heavy duty Liebherr excavator
04.03.2015 What is the equivalent cast grade for K Monel500?
04.03.2015 Hi , Please give me Elastic Modulus for (( Russian: 06х12н3д ,Title English .: 06Ch12N3D))
03.03.2015 What is the equivalent material for Steel S450 ?
03.03.2015 What is a SAE equivalent for SWCH16A?
02.03.2015 what is the Chinese equivalent to AISI 1536?
02.03.2015 What is the AISI 1012 equivlent of GB?
02.03.2015 Dear Sir/Madam,
We would like to manufacture flat springs with 1.5 mm thick of alloy sheet “XH35BT” (ЭИ 612) grade as per TU 14-1-1528-76.
We sincerely request you to please help us to source this material in sheet form who can supply in small quantities. Also let us know the complete heat treatment procedure to be done after punching.
Please let us know how much do you charge to offer above services.
02.03.2015 Comparison of ST 52 and sailma E350 chemical and mechanical properties
26.02.2015 need to know what is the chemical composition of JIS FCH 5
26.02.2015 What is the ASTM equivalent material for Raex 265 P NGS1105
25.02.2015 what is equvalent csn standard 15121.5 for plates for pressure vessel
25.02.2015 What is the U.S. equivalent to the Swedish material 23 90 95? This is for an M12 X 60 bolt with a maximun working temperature of 600° C.
24.02.2015 Please let us know equivalent ASTM, BS, IS grades for alloy sheet “XH35BT” (ЭИ 612) grade as per TU 14-1-272-72
We need only 50 or 100 kgs of above sheet, so please let us know any stockists or retail sellers of this material any where in Russia or Ukraine, we are ready to pay the charges, if any.
24.02.2015 Can I use Q345R like ASTM A537 for penstock?
23.02.2015 We are in need of “ЭU612 TУ72-58” grade “XH35BT” strip materials, please let us know the chemical composition and stockists, suppliers of XH35BT sheet
20.02.2015 75c6 do u know indian standerd grade
20.02.2015 75c6 equivalents other grade
19.02.2015 What is the ASTM equivalent to ST2k50
18.02.2015 Please send me Standard and Thermal Conductivity of " Silicate Graphit of Grade CΓ-Л0,5 "
18.02.2015 WHAT is the equivalent ASME/ASTM and P.NO. of Material S355J2G3 According to EN 10025
18.02.2015 Hello, how are you
We are interested in building material
Commodity; Fitting construction Building Rebar AIII Standard
As diameter of Φ10mm, Φ12mm, Φ14mm, Φ16mm, Φ18mm, Φ20mm, and 12 m long
Can you provide more information regarding the your product &price list?
I would appreciated it if you replay to us as soon as possible
16.02.2015 how to reduce pearlite block size in steel grade 38B3
16.02.2015 Chemical composition of GOST 2685-75
13.02.2015 What is the density of Q345C steel?
12.02.2015 how can i tell the diffrence between mild steel and benox or vrn400 or vrn 500 please advice
10.02.2015 May I know the ASTM equivalent for the cast material ZG16Mn? I wish to know whether it's weldable. yield strength and can be used as a lifting lug? Thanks
09.02.2015 what is the equivalent grade of 21Cr-Mo-V-5-11? this composition to be match with ASME/DIN/EN/BIS
06.02.2015 Give me please the B-H curve of the steel S275
05.02.2015 What te equivalente in AISI or ASTM of steell LH380 TVL12232
04.02.2015 equivalent material of AMg6 GOST 21631 IN astm or others
03.02.2015 could you tell me, the grade of this composition of steel: C% (0.32) , %Si(0.2) %Mn(1.41) P%(0.036) S%(0.31) Cr%(0.24) Mo%(0.27) Ni(%0.17) AL%(0.008) Cu%(0.18) Fe(BASE)
02.02.2015 what are the mechanical properties of this steels: DIN 1.3355 and DIN 1.2369?
and can I replace the 1.3355 steel with 1.2369 steel?
02.02.2015 i want to know about sleeve shaft. i saw an sleeve shaft, which has a magnet part in the middle of it. it means the other parts of the shaft(except middle of the shaft, its like a ring with a darker color comparison with pther parts) isnt magnet. iwant its application and iwant to know why it should be partialy magnet
30.01.2015 What is the difference between Steel Grade ASTM A283 & S235:S355
28.01.2015 AS3679/300 is equivalent to which grade of ASTM?
27.01.2015 Is Grade A514 equivalent to Welten 60? If not what is Welten 60 comparable too?
27.01.2015 What is the equivalent ASME/ASTM material standard for Russian super alloy: ЭП-648-ВИ ХН50ВМТЮБ-ВИ?
26.01.2015 What is the Chinese equivalent of P355GH?
What is the Russian equivalent of P355GH?
26.01.2015 steel grade of A42b ,,fy tensil????
22.01.2015 I need find equivalent for materiál SS304 - europen equivalent
22.01.2015 ASTM A105 IN INDIAN SPEC
22.01.2015 could you provide the equivilant uk standard for fe37-uni5334 steel
21.01.2015 Is that A715, A572 equivalent to ABS E36?
20.01.2015 What is the chemical and mechanical requirements of Chrysler steel spec MS-135?
20.01.2015 What grade is more suitable to weld 904L with out of 304L, 310 or 316L ?
19.01.2015 EN grade materials compare to GOST 5582-50
19.01.2015 I need to know the AMS equivalent to AISI 1045
19.01.2015 I need find of equivalence for materiál SWS490A - czech or other foregin material
19.01.2015 Is Q35B steel the equivalent of Grade 300 steel
16.01.2015 Es pm fe0016 equivalent material spec in indian standards
16.01.2015 Dear Sir ,
I want to know that is there any differnce between ASTM, AISI & SAE
For eg. Stainless Steel Palte ASTM A240-Grade 304 & AISI-304
Please Clarify
15.01.2015 What is the equivalent in American material grade for S235JR
15.01.2015 what is 20x13 and its equivalent standards?
14.01.2015 silicon steel grade 400, i want to know its standard
14.01.2015 IS there any slight difference between NF EN 10025 and BS EN 10025 and also all mills can produce these material grade or not as in middle east BS EN 10025 material grade is easily available
13.01.2015 what is 06x12h3 steel?
13.01.2015 What type of material is WM3563-LA1? CRS, HRS, HSLA, What kind. This is a spec that is being requested by Whirlpool
12.01.2015 Could you please provide me with the chemical analysis and mechanical properties for AISI10.04 low carbon welding grade steel used in manufacture of welding wires?
12.01.2015 I was looking for specifications/equivalent for Russian GOST 19282-73 Material. I didn’t see anything.
07.01.2015 What is the AISI equivalent grade for En 10263-3
05.01.2015 Hi there ,I am chasing up steel grade355jo that I believe could be of Europe standard,is there a equilvent steel grade that is under the Australian Standard which has the same performance and the steel composition,can you please advise
05.01.2015 F 522 equivalent indian grade
31.12.2014 what is the similar grade in indian standards to R1 R2 Steel ?
23.12.2014 hello, is this european standart S235...EN10025 same as the russian standart ВСт3пс5?
16.12.2014 What is ES-PM-FW0016?
16.12.2014 is there a Chinese equivalent grade to the Japanese SGH340 steel?
15.12.2014 Help me to find foreign equivalences, composition, and properties of Russian steel or alloy. 16GC-6 (GOST 5520-79)
15.12.2014 WHAT IS UNS NO. AISI 10b21
15.12.2014 Is there a Chinese GB spec equivalent to JIS spec G3302 ?
11.12.2014 what is the equivalent ASTM material of EN AW 5754
09.12.2014 I would like to know the chemistry and characteristics of the 47VA steel casting.
09.12.2014 what is metal : LH 380-TLV 12232
09.12.2014 equivalent grade for GS21MN5V ?
08.12.2014 Is there a possible replacement for SABS 1431 gr 300W?
What is the weight of SABS 1431 gr 300W, kg/m^3 ?
08.12.2014 i am looking for 30khgsa as per AMS std
08.12.2014 what is the p number for DIN 24154 and filler wire for welding
05.12.2014 What is HR340LA equivalent spec in JIS standard
04.12.2014 What is the equivalent of 17-4 SS in China ?
04.12.2014 I have one question, i using solidwork 2010 software, and Autocad mechanical 2012 software, i see difference on properties material on Solidwork i see S235JR material have yield strenght 275N/mm2, but on Autocad mechanical yield point is 235N/mm2, so i don't know all right or wrong, can you help me?
03.12.2014 ST 60 steel grade equivalent
02.12.2014 Hello, we are small company which have planed to start small production of generator and motors.
Therefore we are interesting in steel which have name in Russian system 2212 ГОСТ 21427.2 - 83, and other steel is 3424- ГОСТ 21427.4 - 78.
Could you please inform us, what will be name for this steels in EU standard?
28.11.2014 what is the Indian available material for european material 23mnb4 (1.5535) Indian equivalent. we require this for our bolts
28.11.2014 what is the difference between DC01 and SUS304
28.11.2014 what is the difference between hsla hr 340xf sae j2340 and hsla hr 340xk sae j2340??
27.11.2014 What is the AISI equivalent for the material SS41?
27.11.2014 Can you please provide the ASTM equivalent for MS-2501
26.11.2014 What is equivalent to plain carbon steel type 40 in chinese standard to SAE standard
24.11.2014 Qual é a composição química ao material JI-FCH 5?
24.11.2014 ROQ-TUF AM700 what will be the equivalent of the material.
21.11.2014 Please can you tell me the Chinese equivalents to:
CR4 rade Steel to BS970
23m07 to Bs970
19.11.2014 Indian material equivalent to chinese material Q235-B plain rod
18.11.2014 What is ASTM equitant to 38NCD4?
18.11.2014 m600-50a composition
18.11.2014 steel 9S20K is mechanical properties (same/less/more) vs. En3B
17.11.2014 Dear Sir, Madam,
Do you also have detailed information about the shear modulus or Youngs modulus of the shaft materials like carbon steel C45 E, KSFA80, KSF70, 35Mn, ABS Grade 4C etc.?
Thamks in advance for your prompt reply.
17.11.2014 Your expert opinion is required about the difference in specifications of structural grade ASTM designation A-36 and St37.
13.11.2014 A212 density or specific gravity
12.11.2014 I want to know the different between steel q345 and p355
10.11.2014 is there any indian standard comparable to DIN 934
07.11.2014 We are in search of manufacturers of ASTM B592 (C68800) COPPER STRIP.
Please kindly provide us some addresses of the manufacturer globaly.
07.11.2014 What is WM3563 HEI and WM3581 related to Copper Tubing and Copper Capillary Tube.
06.11.2014 B592 (C68800)
06.11.2014 I need to know the chinese equivalent to Alloy 410S
06.11.2014 What is the ASTM equivalent for AS 3679 Grade 300 & Grade 350
05.11.2014 Looking for the steel equalvalent to- ASTM A570 grade 50
03.11.2014 What is the chemical and mechanical properties for B7B1B3 material? What is the equivalent of B7B1B3 material?
03.11.2014 Morning I am looking at marketing Chute linings I think it is VPN linings to mining Companies Iron ore and Coal
31.10.2014 12024 csn steel grade equivalent with ASTM
31.10.2014 Please let me know the Mechanicl properties and chemical composition of 9S20K free machining steel
31.10.2014 Please help me to find foreign equivalents of any world steel NCU236C
31.10.2014 q345d is equal to a500 grade b? Seeking equal to HSS7x7x5/16 tube
28.10.2014 why does steel contain carbon? does all the steel contain carbon
27.10.2014 What is an equivalent grade of Chinese Q235A and Q235B steel which is acceptable under ISO British American or European pressure equipment standards?
24.10.2014 ST-42 is Equivalent to which Chinese Standard
23.10.2014 Can we weld two ERW Tubes
Example - If i want 6 Meter tube ,I have two 3 Meter Tubes can I join two tubes by welding to get 6 meter tube
15.10.2014 Hello,
I was hoping you could provide me with some information about AR400 steel. I have been looking for a standard for it but not found anything. I need to find an equivalent grade and to do so need to know details about it to begin with. Any information and assistance you can give me is appreciated.
13.10.2014 We used a PMI gun to test some buried pipeline we need to tie into. The reading on the PMI gun was "La-c". What type material is this? Probably in the ground for 40 years.
10.10.2014 What is higher quality SK5 or SK7? My blades used to be made from SK5, now they are proposing to use SK7. I need these blades to be higher quality if anything. Can you please give me your opinion on this?
09.10.2014 What is the EN (PD 5500) equivalents for the following ASME materials :
SA-350 LF2
SA-333 6
09.10.2014 I am looking for a material/steel specification or grade called MS-7
07.10.2014 what steel equivalent to sc450 or jis G5101?
07.10.2014 which steel is better for plastic mold S136 Steel or EN31 Steel
07.10.2014 Is P460 steel acceptable for use ASME Sec VIII Div 1?
07.10.2014 What is the API or ASME equilivant to AS/NZS 3679.1 Grade 300?
03.10.2014 What is the SAE equivalent to "supervitac"
02.10.2014 What is the JIS equivalent to SPS60
02.10.2014 Does DIN 21CrMoV5-11 forgings for making Caster Rolls have any UNS number or ASTM or ASME designation?
30.09.2014 What is the ASTM equivalent to British Standards BS 1768 GRADE S steel?
29.09.2014 Suggest Equivalent material for X22CrMoV121V to use in power plant turbine blades
29.09.2014 Can you please supply european equivalent for Ge Stee:l specs B5F5B , B11B4C
29.09.2014 Acier Tors 275
26.09.2014 What are the room temperature mechanical properties of BS 1633 Gr C and if available, yield stress vs temperature
26.09.2014 is steel alloy 40B37 equivalent to AISI 4037
26.09.2014 En14APb is equivalent to what US steel?
25.09.2014 Physical and chemical composition of material ES-PM-FW0016
25.09.2014 I would like know about chemical properties,etching especially at pH=4,0-5,0 of S355JR2 steel
24.09.2014 I am qualifying a PQR on AISI 4131 Martenisitic Stainless Steel. Kindly confirm that stress relieving is required for these steels. If required what will be the heat treatment cycle. Please confirm
24.09.2014 BIS equivalent to AS3679-250
23.09.2014 Please advise on the difference on the standards between SS2:part2:1999 and BS4449:2005 on the requirements of reinforcement.
23.09.2014 I need welding electrode ZG270-500 or equalent rod made in india
23.09.2014 What welding consumable do i use to weld buil up on astm a 471 m/t? (C=.13,Si=.47,Mn=.93,Cr=.84,Mo=.21,Ni=1.92)THX
22.09.2014 Request to pls state the Chemical Composition and Equivalent Indian Standard of 64 gost 19903-74(08x18H 10T M-5d GOST 7350-77
22.09.2014 what is the chemical and mechanical property of steel plate Ct3cn-5
19.09.2014 What is ASTM equivalent for Chinese Q345D ?
18.09.2014 Request to pls state the Chemical Composition and Equivalent Indian Standard of SKD11
17.09.2014 what is the European equivalent to G350 steel (New Zealand)
15.09.2014 What material is B4A2A
14.09.2014 I need to know the chemical composition of CYB18A OR CYB18A-T
14.09.2014 what are the tensile and yield strengths for ML08AL steel?
11.09.2014 i have a part that uses A2017. i would like to know what is the closest material that can substitute this material which is in either 1000 series or 6000 series. thanks.
10.09.2014 Good day,
Can you please provide me with the Chinese equivalent for BS 3100 Gr A2.
Thank you
09.09.2014 What is difference between material 20g, Q245R (ASTM A 516), Q345R?
09.09.2014 I need to know some equivalents to 572 as below. Is S45C the same ?21.02.2013 astm a572-50 equivalent
08.09.2014 Equivalent steel grade to Z155CVD12.1?
05.09.2014 What is the Equivqlent of GOST 5632-72 & GOST 16523-97
05.09.2014 Is SAEJ 403 equal to ASTMA1008/CS/Type B/13? Were would I be able to get the information to prove that they are?
04.09.2014 Is St St 466 bio compatible
04.09.2014 astm equivalent din 1.0570
04.09.2014 steel grade 1.0978 s380mc what is the alternative or equivalent in south african standards
03.09.2014 What is MS.50002-CR05
02.09.2014 What_is_the_ASTM_equivalent_of_St_37&
02.09.2014 Gear :20 CrMnTi ,aging treatment. Body :Q345 , welding ; Shaft : 40Cr .
02.09.2014 what is the equivalent of CME 9 sym 7
01.09.2014 Hi, I would like to get the temperature dependent material properties of a572- grade 50, 55 and 60. Which material is better for high temperature applications (700 F)
01.09.2014 sp270c steel us equivalent
01.09.2014 Please supply full specs on EN10204-3.1
29.08.2014 Equivelant of Supraform cr260 or cr290
29.08.2014 K340 material comparison
28.08.2014 what is the chemistry of 38XC. what is the nearest equivalent
27.08.2014 What is meaning of SA 210 Gr A1? In ths what is the meaning of SA ,210 and Gr A1.What is its material composition. Why we don't use carbon steels at super heaters/alloy steels in water wall.
25.08.2014 rebar processing factory in philippines
19.08.2014 Material equivalent in South Africa for grade 1130 for a clevis pin
19.08.2014 Please let me inform the Indian Standard equivalent of steel EN 10025-5 S 355 J2W + N
18.08.2014 Indian equivalent of JSH590R steel, made by whom in India
18.08.2014 steel equivalent for DIN 1.2210 115Crv3
18.08.2014 What is the equivalent of Fe37 in Indian BIS STANDARD steel grade .As I am in need of SHS 80 X 80 3mm thk hollow section in India equivalent to Fe37. Waiting for your reply.
13.08.2014 Dear Sir,
I want to know about the material
Its chemical composition and Equivalent Grades.
12.08.2014 Hello
Could you tell me the American and British equvalent for Russian material Steel16ГС-6 GOST 5520-79
12.08.2014 Please tell me equivalent British standard and Indian standard grade of ST2K40 steel
11.08.2014 Necesito saber la equivalencia del material SNCM625 MOD, de la norma JIS a la AISI o SAE
08.08.2014 Is S20C steel the same as ASTM A36?
06.08.2014 What is a substitute material (available in the U.S. for 20MV6
05.08.2014 What is the equivalent grade for SCM430?
31.07.2014 What is the ASTM equivalent to 90MnV8G?
28.07.2014 What is the world equivalent steel for G 40.21 Grade 50W Class C
25.07.2014 What is GOST grade equivalent to IS:4454
25.07.2014 HES 11-04-013
24.07.2014 What is the equivalent steel to B4A2A?
24.07.2014 What is ASTM conversion for CAC408?
24.07.2014 What is ASTM conversion for FC25?
24.07.2014 What is ASTM conversion for AC4C-T6?
23.07.2014 what is equally grade of indian standard of din1014 material
22.07.2014 Please advise the equivalent Grade of steel for Sandvik 4LM and the Chemistry if possible
22.07.2014 Want to get documentation stating 1018-1022 steel is equivalent to SWRCH22A. Thanks
22.07.2014 K340 equivalent
21.07.2014 I need the data sheet of the 1.1499 steel it should be a nitrogen steel made in Germany very suitable for knife blades, I think 1.1499 should be a DIN classification, I don't know exactly its characteristics concerning the toughness (charpy or Joule) and its wear resistance, Thanks
18.07.2014 Are SPC270C and ASTMa1008-13 the same material?
18.07.2014 What is the equivalent Indian standard of AS3679Gr.250 steel?
18.07.2014 What is the USA equivalent of S355J2G3, S355J2G3H and S355J2H? And what does the H stand for? I was showing that some websites say 1024 and others A663 gr 45-80 or A675 gr 45-90, are they all three the same? Also, what is USA equivalent of S355JRG2?
17.07.2014 What is the difference between 1020 & 4140 bar stock
16.07.2014 AISI 1070 Steel, what are the equivalent materials and chemical compositions of these materials.
15.07.2014 Indian equivalent grade of CUZN40PB2 F37
14.07.2014 Dear Sirs,
Could you please tell me what the international steel grade equivalent for German standard WVS 1.2516.32 is?
Elements are
Element % age
Chromium 0.25 - 0.35
Carbon 1.12 - 1.20
Manganese 0.45 - 0.60
Silicon 0.15 - 0.30
Phosphorous < 0.30
Sulphur 0.07 - 0.10
Vanadium 0.07 - 0.12
Tungsten 1.00 - 1.10
Iron qs 100 %
Thank you
11.07.2014 din steel grades
10.07.2014 what is the difference of material Q235 & EN8?
09.07.2014 sir I want to know equivalent grade of rail track standard GOST 51685-2000 in chinese standard.
09.07.2014 Need North American steel grade equivalent for the following material: ESEN M1A159-RA Is HR RG 8620 an equivalent?
08.07.2014 Pentru ceva flanse se solicita ca materie:GEM.TLV 12232 (LH 380)
08.07.2014 Hi, I'm interested for informations about "Stainless Steel 304 grade". How does it calls in German ? Thank you.
07.07.2014 Steel API 60K
07.07.2014 steels equivalent grades of different countries
03.07.2014 What are the specifications for M-1504-1 carbon steel?
03.07.2014 Steel equivilant of 38NCD4
01.07.2014 what is the full form of wps tool steel , and what is the metal composition of wps mate
27.06.2014 Need North American steel grade equivalent for the following material: ESEN M1A159-RA
26.06.2014 s275jr equivalent grade in india
26.06.2014 Need information about material F-0348-TC58 (specification: LN1013-18)
23.06.2014 I need equivalent grade for Z10N38 and Z50NMC12 material and their composition and material properties.
17.06.2014 I need the equivalent grade for Gost Vst3sp2
13.06.2014 Equivalent en of russian 10x17н13м2т
11.06.2014 Equivalent EN grade for RMS 243 ?
11.06.2014 sps 12.9 vs arp 8740 steel in connecting rod applications....thanks in advance
11.06.2014 I need equivalent grade for Z10N38 and Z50NMC12 material and the composition please.
10.06.2014 What steel available in South Africa is equivalent to :- CME 9 SYM/ SIM 7
09.06.2014 Dear ,sir
I very happy to contact with you , but please I want to help me for something I have design for old helical gear (pinion-well) use in big gearbox for station pump and the designer factory in Italy use steel 18NICrMo5 by UNI 8550 , but I production this new gears in big company but use steel 18CRNIMo6 , if this steel different or same in chemical properties , i interest for take your opinion doctor , because you are experiences for this ask,
With my best wishes
09.06.2014 What is chemical composition of AB 2 PK steel & available equivalent in India.
06.06.2014 i need steel EN24 powder for my research. please help me
04.06.2014 what is the equivalent of 65 Mn steel in India
03.06.2014 What is equivalent material to SWCH10K steel material in Indian standard or his or SAE standard?
30.05.2014 Need to know about suppilers , selling GOST aluminium Amg6 .
28.05.2014 What steel available in South Africa is equivalent to :- CME 9 SYM/SIM 7
27.05.2014 28CDV6 equal grade
27.05.2014 Z50NMC12 equal grade
20.05.2014 I need either a equivalent or the same steel as DUCOL W30 end uder or supplier of this steel so I can come in contact with them I'm needing a price on the unit
16.05.2014 I am looking for a high temperature alternative for 1.4835 (253MA) on coil in thickness 0,15 - 0,5 and 1 mm. which is a grade developed by Avesta and currently only availble by Outokumpu. I am searching for other materials with the same or better specs or other suppliers for 1.4835 (253MA)
13.05.2014 I am a research scholar.I want to use EN-MCMgAl2Mn.What is the cost of the material per 1 kg.
12.05.2014 Please help me to compare the two materials, EN8 and ST 50-2 along with their chemical composition and mechanical properties
08.05.2014 What is the equivalent to Australian Standards 300 grade in Indian Standards?
05.05.2014 What is the ASTM equivalent of Q345R
05.05.2014 We have needs for steels, mostly bars, made by GOST-standars. Not analog western steels. Amounts are from 50 to 3000 kg / steel type. Certificates needed
02.05.2014 steel plants in ussr directory
02.05.2014 What is the difference between EN-9 and C-45
29.04.2014 steel grades and thier equivelant
29.04.2014 What the equivalent materials presently being used in ASTM for the following,
1. SS 41
2. SUS-32
3. SCM-22
29.04.2014 what is the equivalent of Q235B and Q345R in ASTM?
28.04.2014 din equivalent to astm
28.04.2014 astm 105, uk equivalent
28.04.2014 What type of steel material is 15 CP D6
28.04.2014 Steel 45X gost 4543-71 chemical composition
25.04.2014 mechanical properties of 4340
25.04.2014 h800la steel equivalent
25.04.2014 s31600 stainless composition
25.04.2014 steel designation standards comparison sheet for jis and is? Which is alternate material to SPHN2 in Indian standard
24.04.2014 Brass Material Specification
24.04.2014 What is the British or European equivalent steel spec for 30176?
24.04.2014 what is the alternative materials below:
400N/mm² TENSILE (Rm)
24.04.2014 what material electrode Rod ER55-B2-MnV equivalent on asme code
23.04.2014 ASTM Steel Specifications
23.04.2014 Steel Specification Equivalents 17-4ss
23.04.2014 what is another name for steel 1.4122
23.04.2014 Ref Mech Tubing A-519 grade 1016 vs. grade 1045. Would a grade 1045 have any noticeable difference than the grade 1026??
22.04.2014 c4c comparison to #35 steel
22.04.2014 st52 steel mechanical properties
22.04.2014 properties if steel a622
22.04.2014 aisi 1015 steel composition
21.04.2014 Need AMS# for stainless steels compliant with ISO 7153-1
21.04.2014 Is there a USA equivalent to French 30NCD17 steel that meets ASTM-A723 (2) / UNS K34035?
18.04.2014 astm material code list
18.04.2014 st52-3 steel equivalent
18.04.2014 835M30 steel equivalent
18.04.2014 what does the symbol 2x80x8 represent as a symbol on European steel dwgs ?
17.04.2014 What is the maximum Hydrogen content in 15B36 steel
17.04.2014 Werkstoff 1.2767 equivalent
17.04.2014 stkm16a steel equivalent
17.04.2014 13crmo44 material equivalent
17.04.2014 atos60 steel property
16.04.2014 L80 steel equivalent
16.04.2014 ductile iron related international specifications
16.04.2014 spec for s45c steel
16.04.2014 chemical composition of steel
15.04.2014 c-45 steel equivalent
15.04.2014 list of steel equivalent grades
15.04.2014 south african steel equivalent for grade e470
15.04.2014 specs for s45c steel forging
15.04.2014 ar400 material properties
15.04.2014 carbon steel grades comparison
15.04.2014 q235b gb 700 astm equivalent
15.04.2014 040a10 bs en steel equivalent
15.04.2014 Respected Sir,
Please provide Chemical composition & Equivalent Steel (AISI) of steel grade TMS 63000.
14.04.2014 astm a500 grade a mechanical properties
14.04.2014 S460QL1 steel equivalent
14.04.2014 ASTM Steel Specifications
14.04.2014 en16t steel equivalent
14.04.2014 en 10083 steel equivalent
14.04.2014 stkm11a steel equivalent
14.04.2014 i want material ASTM 565 Gr 616 rod in India or equivalent material
11.04.2014 south african steel grades
11.04.2014 7140 steel properties
11.04.2014 EN 10088-3 QT900 MATERIAL?
11.04.2014 1045 steel properties
11.04.2014 what is AISI 10B35 STEEL
10.04.2014 BD3 tool steel equivalents
10.04.2014 pressure vessel steel grades worldwide
10.04.2014 s355j2c steel cross reference
10.04.2014 a572 grade 50 equivalent
09.04.2014 material equivalents 2.0090.26
09.04.2014 m45 steel specification
10.04.2014 steel standard cross reference
09.04.2014 what is sg50 steel
09.04.2014 q235b steel equivalent astm
09.04.2014 similar steels to A675
09.04.2014 steel equivalent grades
09.04.2014 asme equivalent for 48CrMo
09.04.2014 swch japanese steel specification
09.04.2014 k100 steel properties
08.04.2014 stainless steel specifications 1.4713
08.04.2014 astm a514 steel properties
08.04.2014 sae 10B23M equivalent
08.04.2014 1018 Steel Properties
08.04.2014 s355j2g3 mechanical properties
08.04.2014 sp120 steel spec
08.04.2014 I want to know indian equivalent material for DIN 1.0040 Gr.USt 42.2
07.04.2014 Thank you for the feedback below. Is there any grade of DX51D+ that has properties close enough to ASTM A653 Grade 40 CS Type B galvanized steel material?
07.04.2014 S355JOZ15 equivelant to ASTM
07.04.2014 steel comparisons sae 1006 and sae 1008
07.04.2014 astm equivalent to sae 4135 steel
07.04.2014 werkstoffnummer für stahlguss mit zugfestigkeit 520N/mm2
07.04.2014 Is the chinese hot- rolled stainless steel grade GB/T 4237-2007, equivalent to ASTM SA240 Gr 304 ?
04.04.2014 JIS H4160 astm equivalent
04.04.2014 japanese material SWRCH 15K what is equivalent North American
04.04.2014 1.4652 Avesta equivalent
04.04.2014 Bs equivalent to JIS G 3132
04.04.2014 Jis g3313 astm equivalent
04.04.2014 EN steel to ASTM steel comparisons
04.04.2014 b50 steel equivalent
04.04.2014 JSH 440 W steel spec
03.04.2014 stainless steel specification equivalents
03.04.2014 bs 1633c 28a asme equivalent
03.04.2014 alumec79 spec sheet
03.04.2014 LF350 equivalent steel grades
02.04.2014 14C14S14 STEEL EQUIVILENT
02.04.2014 italian steel equivalents u85mw8
02.04.2014 5304 stainless steel equivalent
02.04.2014 q345b steel mechanical properties
01.04.2014 crm8 steel equivalent
01.04.2014 din 1.2358 EQUIVELENT FOR AISI
01.04.2014 10325 GP material steel equivalent
01.04.2014 European equivalence IS 513 Gr EDD
31.03.2014 benox steel properties
31.03.2014 EQUIVALENT FOR EN10083-1C22
31.03.2014 can i use 2209 wire to weld on 253ma material
31.03.2014 Material is specified in the Bill of Materials as Alloy Steel Chain as per BS 3113 Gr.60 which is withdrawn since 2001, and the supplier has proposed ASTM A391Grade 80. Please advise if this is equal or better for lifting bail purposes.
28.03.2014 What is the alternate material for C75S-QT
27.03.2014 material steel spec. 112
27.03.2014 S235jr Steel Equivalent
See here (WinSteel Light) ...
27.03.2014 A214 Mechanical Properties
27.03.2014 What is steel grade CMVSi925
27.03.2014 44smm28 steel equivalent
27.03.2014 material spec for 13A steel
27.03.2014 need US Standard Equivalent Specification for BS S106 nitriding steel
27.03.2014 steel specification GFT_5001 details. Material for auto component. Size dia 16 mm
27.03.2014 What metal is AL66N
26.03.2014 Ar400 Steel Specification
26.03.2014 EN designation of ASTM A792
26.03.2014 what steel is most like c1010
25.03.2014 astm a105 equivalent material
25.03.2014 aisi 8620 steel properties
25.03.2014 9 S 20 K Steel Equivalent
25.03.2014 410h stainless specs
25.03.2014 en8620 steel comparision
25.03.2014 hot rolled steel standards comparisons SS400
25.03.2014 STEEL 45X1, GOST-B-10230-75
25.03.2014 I need equivalent of AISI to China for 18CrNiMo7-6
25.03.2014 equivalent to grey iron
25.03.2014 steel specification EN10210 - S355 JH2 spec
25.03.2014 hsla vs carbon steel
25.03.2014 material grades commparison 1.4404
25.03.2014 uns c67600 equivalent
24.03.2014 zst340 steel specification
24.03.2014 equivalence acier z10x6
24.03.2014 grade material for mild steel hollow section
24.03.2014 werkstoff lh380
24.03.2014 Worldwide Equivalent Material to HBsC3 and specifically for Egypt
24.03.2014 steel equivalent s235j2w
24.03.2014 What is F-2 in steel spec
24.03.2014 P365GH werkstoff tabelle
24.03.2014 9310 material properties
24.03.2014 AMS 6280 steel specification
24.03.2014 astm a36 steel properties
24.03.2014 Please give me material composition of 50CrV4G steel alloy and its physical properties.
21.03.2014 Werkstoff lsmnpb30
21.03.2014 en30b equivalent steel
21.03.2014 ASTM equivalent to WN 1.4828 heat resistant steel
21.03.2014 st37k equivalent material
21.03.2014 a35 equivalent steel
21.03.2014 What is grade 70 Plate? What is ASTM 515 Plate? What are there compositions? How are these plates similar to A36 plate and BQ plate The name of ASTM A515 standard is 'Pressure Vessel Plates, Carbon Steel, for Intermediate-and Higher-Temperature Service'.
21.03.2014 Material Properties 1018 Steel
21.03.2014 what type of steel is CARRS 235
21.03.2014 What is Chinese equivalent for ASTM A311 Stress Proof
20.03.2014 sae 1020 steel properties
20.03.2014 astm a36 equivalent
20.03.2014 waht is north american equivalent for material ZCuZn40Pb2
20.03.2014 q235 steel specification
20.03.2014 Looking for information on the new harmonized material specification MS.50002-HR12
19.03.2014 au4g material equivalent
19.03.2014 what is the chemical composition of astm b339 grade c
19.03.2014 equivalent of sae 12
19.03.2014 30cnd8 steel equivalent material spec
19.03.2014 GOST 8851-75
19.03.2014 What is the equivalent steel in USA to France's Z160CDV12?
18.03.2014 russian steel grades 65-13
18.03.2014 ar500 steel chemical composition
18.03.2014 A715 GR 80 steel specification
18.03.2014 material equivalent to a572 gr 50 steel
18.03.2014 s355k2h material equivalents
18.03.2014 what is steel k7
18.03.2014 Please i"ll like to know what class of steel piping is better when fresh water is involved, either the B90H or the SS316L class
17.03.2014 Could you please advise the composition and properties of SPN204 (type 10) steel?
17.03.2014 f22 material equivalent
17.03.2014 astm sae equivalent
17.03.2014 the equivalent material to Grade 20 MnV 6
17.03.2014 etg 100 steel equivalent
17.03.2014 8740 steel properties
14.03.2014 what is grade 90-60 normalize and temper on 8620 material? what is this spec
14.03.2014 Steel Grades, Properties and Global Standards
14.03.2014 what is the yield strength of ASTM A747 steel
14.03.2014 A487 Grade 10B Wrought equivalent
14.03.2014 1045 steel composition
14.03.2014 Japan SK7 Steel Equivalent
14.03.2014 Japan Steel SK5 equivelent

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